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Note: This list is based on available resources and may have ships missing




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Derrick Barges

BD 9

BD 10

BD 11

BD 12

BD 14

BD 15



YBD 3 - Deperming Barge

YBZ 61 - Reclamation barge


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Flower Class Corvettes - Photos and Documents

Agassiz K129

Alberni K103

Algoma K127

Amherst K148

Arrowhead K145

Arvida K113

Asbestos K358

Atholl K15

Baddeck K147

Barrie K138

Battleford K165

Beauharnois K540

Belleville K332

Bittersweet K182

Brandon K149

Brantford K218

Buctouche K179

Calgary K231

Camrose K154

Chambly K116

Charlottetown K244

Chicoutimi K156

Chilliwack K131

Cobalt K124

Cobourg K333

Collingwood K180

Dauphin K157

Dawson K104

Drumheller K167

Dundas K229

Dunvegan K177

Edmundston K106

Eyebright K150

Fennel K194

Fergus K686

Forest Hill K486

Fredericton K245

Frontenac K335

Galt K163

Giffard K402

Guelph K687

Halifax K237

Hawkesbury K415

Hepatica K159

Kamloops K176

Kamsack K171

Kenogami K125

Kitchener K225

La Malbaie K273

Lachute K440

Lethbridge K160

Levis K115

Lindsay K338

Long Branch K487

Louisburg K143

Louisburg K401

Lunenburg K151

Matapedia K112

Mayflower K191

Merrittonia K688

Midland K220

Mimico K485

Moncton K139

Moose Jaw K164

Morden K170

Nanaimo K101

Napanee K118

New Westminster K228

Norsyd K520

North Bay K339

Oakville K178

Orillia K119

Owen Sound K340

Parry Sound K341

Peterborough K342

Pictou K146

Port Arthur K233

Prescott K161

Quesnel K133

Regina K234

Rimouski K121

Riviere du Loup K357

Rosthern K169

Sackville K181

Saskatoon K158

Shawinigan K136

Shediac K110

Sherbrooke K152

Smiths Falls K345

Snowberry K166

Sorel K153

Spikenard K198

St. Lambert K343

Stellarton K457

Strathroy K455

Sudbury K162

Summerside K141

The Pas K168

Thorlock K394

Timmins K223

Trail K174

Trentonian K368

Trillium K172

Vancouver K240

Ville de Quebec K242

Wetaskiwin K175

West York K369

Weyburn K173

Whitby K346


Woodstock K238


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Apollo Class Protected Cruiser







Arethusa Class Light Cruiser







Diadem Class Protected Cruiser







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Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships were not ships of the RCN. They have been included on this page as they had RCN gunners as part of their gun crews. This is not a complete list of all DEMS - ships are added to this section when information is found showing that a sailor of the RCN served on them.

Beaton Park


Bowness Park

Dorval Park

Dunlop Park

Jasper Park

Liscombe Park

Mohawk Park

Princess Joan

Queens Park

Rio Branco

Selkirk Park


Stanley Park

Tipperary Park

Windermere Park






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C Class Destroyers

Crescent R16 / 226

Crusader R20 / 228



Iroquois (Tribal) Class Destroyers (a.k.a. 280 Class)

Algonquin 283

Athabaskan 282

Huron 281

Iroquois 280



M Class Destroyers






S Class Destroyers


Vancouver F6A




Town Class Destroyers (RN vessels that were  loaned to RCN - manned by RN personnel - they were not commissioned into the RCN)

Caldwell I20

Chelsea I35

Georgetown I40

Leamington G19

Lincoln G42

Mansfield G76

Montgomery G95

Richmond G88

Salisbury I52





V Class Destroyers

Algonquin R17 / 224

Sioux R64 / 225



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Annapolis Class Destroyer Escort

Annapolis 265

Nipigon 266





Mackenzie Class Destroyer Escorts

Mackenzie 261

Qu'Appelle 264

Saskatchewan 262

Yukon 263





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Cormorant 20



DIVING TENDERS     Back to top of page     Home Page


Diving Tender # 2

Diving Tender # 3

Diving Tender #4

Diving Tender # 5

Diving Tender #6


Granby 180

Granby 180 ex HMCS Victoriaville


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Admiralty Wood Coastal Drifters - These wooden-hulled drifters were built along the same general lines as those of the RN. They were intended for minesweeping and patrol duty, and 14 served at Gibraltar (G), 6 at Bermuda (B) and 5 in West Africa (W) from 1918 to 1919. A further 18 were lent to the USN (U) during the same period. Like the TRs, they found ready employment as fishing vessels after the war, and a few served in the RN from 1939 to 1945. Three of the drifters, unnumbered were destroyed incomplete by fire at the Canada Steamship Lines plant at Sorel on 19 Jun 1917. While they flew the White Ensign, the CDs were not commissioned vessels but listed as tenders and therefore did not have the prefix HMCS before their name.


Their specifications as designed were: Displacement: 99grt/150 ton; Length: 99 ft; Beam: 19 ft; Draught: 10 ft; Armament: 1-6 pdr; Speed 9 kts

CD 1 (G)

CD 2 (W)

CD 3

CD 4

CD 5

CD 6

CD 7 (W)

CD 8 (W)

CD 9

CD 10

CD 11 (W)

CD 12 (G)

CD 13

CD 14

CD 15

CD 16

CD 17

CD 18

CD 19

CD 20

CD 21

CD 22

CD 23

CD 24

CD 25

CD 26

CD 27

CD 28

CD 29

CD 30 (U)

CD 31 (U)

CD 32

CD 33

CD 34

CD 35

CD 36

CD 37

CD 38

CD 39

CD 40

CD-41 (U)

CD 42

CD 43

CD 44 (G)

CD 45 (B)

CD 46 (U)

CD 47 (B)

CD 48

CD 49

CD 50 (U)

CD 51 (G)

CD 52

CD 53

CD 54

CD 55

CD 56

CD 57

CD 58 (U)

CD 59 (U)

CD 60 (G)

CD 61

CD 62

CD 63

CD 64

CD 65

CD 66

CD 67

CD 68

CD 69 (G)

CD 70

CD 71 (G)

CD 72 (G)

CD 73

CD 74

CD 75 (G)

CD 76 (G)

CD 77 (G)

CD 78 (U)

CD 79

CD 80 (G)

CD 81 (B)

CD 82 (B)

CD 83

CD 84

CD 85 (G)

CD 86

CD 87

CD 88

CD 89

CD 90 (B)

CD 91

CD 92 (B)

CD 93 (G)

CD 94 (U)

CD 95

CD 96 (U)

CD 97 (U)

CD 98 (U)

CD 99 (U)

CD 100 (U)


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The Fisherman's Reserve - At the outbreak of World War II, Canada's fledgling navy was not up to the task to patrol the vast area of coastline.  The Fisherman's reserve, authorized by the Canadian government in 1938, was mobilized and these fishing vessels, converted for use by the RCN, were called into service to patrol the Pacific coast.  These vessels, manned by fishermen who had received 30 days of training, were the first line of defence in the event of an invasion. While they flew the White Ensign, the vessels of the Fisherman's Reserve were not commissioned into the RCN. As the war progressed the the threat of an invasion grew less and less likely, the vessels of the Fisherman's Reserve to returned to their owners, sold or converted to for other duties. Steps were taken to disband the Fisherman's Reserve. Personnel were given the choice of transferring to the RCNVR or returning to essential industry. By the early part of 1944 the majority of the men had been transferred to the RCNVR or were discharged, and in Jan 1945, the last Fisherman's Reserve rating was demobilized.

Allaverdy FY06

Arashio FY 24

Aristocrat Z46

B.C. Lady FY07

Attentive FY 90

Barkley Sound FY23

Billow FY25

Bluenose FY41

Camenita FY41

Canfisco FY17

Cape Beale FY26

Cancolim Z10

Capella FY31

Chamiss Bay FY39


Comber FY37

Crest FY38

Dalehurst FY35

Departure Bay FY48

Early Field FY40

Ehkoli FY12

Fifer FY00

Flores Z25

Foam FY22

Glendale V FY35

Howe Sound I FY19

Joan W. II FY34

Johanna FY28

Kuitan FY14

Loyal I FY43

Loyal II FY22

Marauder FY03

Margaret I - FY29

Meander P04 

Merry Chase FY46

Mitchell Bay FY05

Moonlock FY16

Moresby III FY42

Nenamook FY13

Ripple II Z08

San Tomas FY02

Santa Maria FY08

Seiner FY32

Signal FY30

Smith Sound FY18

Spray FY33

Springtime V FY09

Stanpoint Z05

Surf FY24

Takla FY 27

Talapus FY11

Tordo FY20

Valdes FY21


Van Isle FY01

West Coast FY04

Western Maid FY36





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River Class Frigates 

Annan K404

Antigonish K661

Beacon Hill K407

Buckingham K685

Cap de la Madeleine K663

Cape Breton K350

Capilano K409

Carlplace K664

Charlottetown K244

Chebogue K317

Coaticook K410

Dunver K03

Eastview K665

Ettrick K254

Fort Erie K670

Glace Bay K414

Grou K518

Hallowell K666

Inch Arran K667

Joliette K418

Jonquiere K318

Kirkland Lake K337

Kokanee K419

La Hulloise K668

Lanark K669

Longueuil K672

Lasalle K519

Lauzon K671

Levis (2nd) K400

Magog K673

Matane K444

Meon K269

Monnow K441

Montreal K319

Nene K270

New Glasgow K320

New Waterford K321

Orkney K448

Outremont K322

Penetang K676

Port Colborne K326

Poundmaker K675

Prestonian K662

Prince Rupert K324

Ribble K525

Royalmount K677

Runnymede K678

St. Catharines K325

St. Pierre K680

St. Stephen K454

Ste Therese K366

Saint John K456

Sea Cliff K344

Springhill K323

Stettler K681

Stone Town K531

Stormont K327

Strathadam K682

Sussexvale K683

Swansea K328

Teme K458

Thetford Mines K459

Toronto K538

Valleyfield K329

Victoriaville K684

Waskesiu K330

Wentworth K331


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Gate Vessel 1

Gate Vessel 2

Gate Vessel 3

Gate Vessel 4

Gate Vessel 5

Gate Vessel 6

Gate Vessel 7

Gate Vessel 8

Gate Vessel 9

Gate Vessel 10

Gate Vessel 11

Gate Vessel 12

Gate Vessel 13

Gate Vessel 14

Gate Vessel 15

Gate Vessel 16

Gate Vessel 17

Gate Vessel 18

Gate Vessel 19

Gate Vessel 20

Gate Vessel 21

Gate Vessel 22

Gate Vessel 23

Gate Vessel 24





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References have these craft listed as HPC, HDC and HDPC. For the purpose of this website, the type identification HDPC, which is used in the Navy Lists, will be used here to identify these vessels.












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Lady Nelson






HYDROFOILS     Back to top of page     Home Page



ICEBREAKER     Back to top of page     Home Page


Earl Grey



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1st Canadian Flotilla

LCI(L) 117   121   166   177   249   266   277   285   298   301

2nd Canadian Flotilla

LCI(L) 115   118   135   250   252   262   263   276   299   306

3rd Canadian Flotilla

LCI(L) 125   255   270   271   288   295   302   305   310   311


LCI(L) 260   264


528th LCA Flotilla

LCA 736   850   856   925   1021   1033   1371   1372

529th LCA Flotilla

LCA 1057   1059   1137   1138   1150   1151   1374   1375


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Minesweepers (converted ocean tugs)








Anticosti Class Minesweeper - Mine Sweeping Auxiliary (MSA)

Anticosti 110

Moresby 112


Bangor Class Minesweepers

Bayfield J08

Bellechasse J170

Blairmore J314 / 193

Brockville J270 / 178

Burlington J250

Canso J21

Caraquet J38

Chedabucto J168

Chignecto (1st) J160

Clayoquot J174

Cowichan J146

Courtenay J262

Digby J267 / 179

Drummondville J253

Esquimalt J272

Fort William J311 / 195

Gananoque J259 / 184

Georgian J144

Goderich J260 / 198

Granby J264 / 180

Grandmere J258

Guysborough J52

Ingonish J69

Kelowna J261

Kenora J281 / 191

Kentville J312 / 182

Lachine J266

Lockeport J100

Mahone J159 / 192

Malpeque J148 / 186

Medicine Hat J256

Melville J263

Milltown J317 / 194

Minas J165 / 189

Miramichi J169

Mulgrave J313

Nipigon J154

Noranda J265

Outarde J161

Port Hope J280 / 183

Quatsino J152

Quinte J166

Red Deer J255 / 196

Sarnia J309 / 190

Stratford J310

Swift Current J254 / 185

Thunder J156

Transcona J271

Trois-Rivieres J269

Truro J268

Ungava J149

Vegreville J257

Wasaga J162

Westmount J318 / 187





Lake Class Minesweepers

Alder Lake J480

Ash Lake J481

Beech Lake J482

Birch Lake J483

Cedar Lake J484

Cherry Lake J485

Elm Lake J486

Fir Lake J497

Hickory Lake J488

Larch Lake J489

Maple Lake J490

Oak Lake J491

Pine Lake J492

Poplar Lake J493

Spruce Lake J494

Willow Lake J495







Minesweepering Sweeping Auxiliaries (MSA)

Rayon d`Or

Reo II

Ross Norman

Standard Coaster J10

Star XVI

Suderoy I Suderoy II Suderoy IV Suderoy V Suderoy VI
Venosta J11        


Minesweepers - Laid down for RCN - transferred to RN while under construction in Canada and re-named. 

HMS Courier / ex-Arnprior

HMS Coquette / ex-Bowmanville

HMS Felicity / ex-Copper Cliff

HMS Providence / ex-Forest Hill

HMS Lysander / ex-Hespeler

HMS Golden Fleece / ex-Humberstone

HMS Prompt / ex-Huntsville

HMS Mariner / ex-Kincardine

HMS Serene / ex-Leaside

HMS Regulus / ex-Long Branch

HMS Mood / ex-Mimico

HMS Marmion / ex-Orangeville

HMCS Lioness / ex-Petrolia

HMS Skipjack J300 / ex-Sole Bay

HMS Seabear / ex-St Thomas

HMS Flying Fish / ex-Tillsonburg

HMS Mary Rose / ex-Toronto





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Fairmile Motor Launches  -  Photos and Documents

70th Flotilla - Bermuda


71st Flotilla - Halifax L.D. Force


72nd Flotilla - Halifax M.L. Force


73rd Flotilla - Saint John, NB


75th Flotilla

Q066Q067Q069, Q070Q071

76th Flotilla - Halifax L.D. Force


77th Flotilla - St. John's, Nfld


78th Flotilla - Bermuda


79th Flotilla - Halifax L.D. Force


82nd Flotilla - Shelburne, NS

Q112Q113Q114Q115Q116Q117Q118Q119, Q120,


Transferred to Free French Navy - St. Pierre & Michelon - 15 Jan 1943


Flotilla assigned to unknown



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Arctic Patrol Vessel







Bird Class Patrol Craft

Blue Heron 782

Cormorant 781

Loon 780

Mallard 783



Harry DeWolf Class - Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessels (AOPS)

Frédérick Rolette

Harry DeWolf

Margaret Brooke

Max Bernays

William Hall






Nenamook Class Patrol Vessel














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Power Training Craft (PTC) former Fairmile Motor Launches

704 / Cougar ex Q104

706 / Beaver ex Q106

711 / Moose ex Q111

716 / Reindeer ex Q116

721 ex Q121

724 / Elk  ex Q124

762 / Wolf ex Q062

779 / Raccoon ex Q079


RCAF VESSELS     Back to top of page     Home Page



RESEARCH / SURVEY VESSELS     Back to top of page     Home Page



SAILING VESSELS     Back to top of page     Home Page




Oriole QW3 / KC480

Pickle QW7








Sail Training Vessels


Grilse / Goldcrest





Condor Class Sloop







Phoenix Class Sloop







SOUNDING VESSEL     Back to top of page     Home Page








SUBMARINES     Back to top of page     Home Page



C Class Submarines







H Class Submarines







6th Canadian Submarine Squadron/Division - Royal Navy Submarines assigned to Halifax for A/S training with RCN surface ships. They were not commissioned in the RCN

Acheron Alaric Alcide Alderney Alliance
Ambush Amphion Astute Auriga Aurochs
Ojibwa SS72 - Note: HMCS Ojibwa was part of the 6th SQN until the 1st Canadian Submarine Squadron came into being


Oberon Class Submarines

Ojibwa SS72

Okanagan SS74

Onondaga SS73





SUPPORT VESSELS     Back to top of page     Home Page



Cape Breton 100 Cape Scott 101      


Preserver F94 Provider F100      



Provider 508

Preserver 510

Protecteur 509




Mastodon Moonbeam Sunbeam    


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TORPEDO BOATS     Back to top of page     Home Page


Motor Torpedo Boats







D Class Motor Torpedo Boats - 65th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - Photos and Documents

MTB 726

MTB 727

MTB 735

MTB 736

MTB 743

MTB 744

MTB 745

MTB 746

MTB 748

MTB 797


G Class Motor Torpedo Boats - 29th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla

MTB 459

MTB 460

MTB 461

MTB 462

MTB 463

MTB 464

MTB 465

MTB 466

MTB 485

MTB 486

MTB 491






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Patrol Vessel / Minesweeping Trawlers












TR - Minesweeping Trawlers - These large minesweeping trawlers were copies of the RN's Castle class. It is unknown exactly how many entered into service in the RCN,  but the number is likely about 45. TR 37, 39, 40, 51, 55, 56 and 58-60 were lent to the USN from November, 1918 until sometime in 1919. Little used, the TRs found willing buyers as replacements for fishing tonnage lost during the war, and a good many were absorbed into the RN as auxiliary minesweepers during the Second World War. Two of them appear in the 1940s roster of the RCN as Andrée Dupré and Macsin. With the exception of the two commissioned during WW2, the TRs, while they flew the White Ensign, were not commissioned ships and did not have the prefix HMCS in their names.

TR 1

TR 2

TR 3

TR 4

TR 5

TR 6

TR 7

TR 8

TR 9

TR 10

TR 11

TR 12

TR 13

TR 14

TR 15

TR 16

TR 17

TR 18

TR 19

TR 20

TR 21

TR 22

TR 23

TR 24

TR 25

TR 26

TR 27

TR 28

TR 29

TR 30

TR 31

TR 32

TR 33

TR 34

TR 35

TR 36

TR 37

TR 38

TR 39

TR 40

TR 41

TR 42

TR 43

TR 44

TR 45

TR 46

TR 47

TR 48

TR 49

TR 50

TR 51

TR 52

TR 53

TR 54

TR 55

TR 56

TR 57

TR 58

TR 59

TR 60


Western Isles Class A/S Trawlers (RN vessels that were  loaned to RCN - manned by RN personnel - they were not commissioned into the RCN)

Anticosti T274

Baffin T275

Cailiff T276

Ironbound T284

Liscomb T285

Magdalen T279

Manitoulin T280

Miscou T277




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Glen Class Tugs - Steel Hulled - Long House Type - 1943

Glenada W30

Glendower W24

Glenora W26

Glenmont W27

Glenlea W25


Glen Class Tugs - Steel Hulled - Short House Type - 1943

Glenbrook YTB 501

Glencove W37

Glendyne W68 / YTB 503

Glenevis W65 / YTB 502

Glenlivet W43 / YTB 504

Glenside W63 / YTB 500






Glen Class Tugs - Steel Hulled - 1943

Gleneagle W40

Glenella W41


Glenkeen W67

Glenvalley W44


Glen Class Tugs - Wooden Hulled - 1943

Glendevon W38







Glen Class Tugs - 1975

Glenbrook YTB 643

Glendale YTB 641

Glendyne YTB 640

Glenevis YTB 642

Glenside YTB 644




Saint Class Tugs

St. Anne W36






Saint Class Tugs

St. Anthony

St. Charles

St. John




Ville Class Tugs


Auburnville W50



Blissville W56



Eckville W58




Hodgeville W53







Lakeville W21





Mannville W57





Otterville W32 / YTS 590

Parksville W49




Radville W52


Shawville WPT34

Streetsville W55





Ville Class Tugs - 2nd generation

Lawrencevill (2nd)

Listerville (2nd)

Marysville (2nd)

Merrickville (2nd)

Parksville (2nd)


YACHTS     Back to top of page     Home Page



Steam Yacht













YARD CRAFT     Back to top of page     Home Page


YFM (Yard Ferry Medium) - Built as YFMs, these vessels, at different points throughout their service, were re-classed as YAGs, YFBs, YFP, YMRs and YPTs. Some were also given names which are indicated in brackets.

306 (Grizzly)

308 (Wolf)


312 (Otter)

314 (Caribou)




319 (Badger)

320 (Lynx)



Sechelt YDT 610

Sikanni YTP 611

Sooke YDT 612

Stikine YTP 613


YFL (Yard Ferry Light) - West Coast (1944 - 6 vessels)


YFL 12






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WEATHER SHIPS     Back to top of page     Home Page


Former River Class Frigates


St. Catharines

St. Stephen