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HMCS Galt K163

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Laid down: 27 May 1940

Launched: 28 Dec 1940

Commissioned: 15 May 1941

Paid off: 21 Jun 1945

Fate: Broken up at Hamilton, Ont., in 1946


Built at Collingwood, Ont., Galt was commissioned on 15 May 1941, at Montreal. After she arrived at Halifax on 06 Jun 1941, she was assigned in Jul 1941 to NEF and left St. John's on 25 Aug 1941 with SC.41, her first convoy, for Iceland. She was to serve on that route until Jan 1942. In Feb 1942 she commenced a refit at Liverpool, N.S., which was completed on 11 May 1942, and after working up in June was assigned to EG C-3. She arrived at Londonderry for the first time on 05 Jun 1942 with convoy HX.191, and served on the "Newfie-Derry" run for the balance of the year. She arrived Jan 1943, at Liverpool, N.S., for another refit which was completed at Halifax in mid-Apr 1943, worked up in St. Margaret's Bay and, in Jun 1943, joined EG C-1. She left Halifax 13 Mar 1944, for New York for yet another refit, the one including fo'c's'le extension, completing early in May 1944, and a month later left Halifax for Bermuda to work up. On her return she was allocated for the balance of the war to EG W-5, WEF. Galt was paid off 21 Jun 1945 at Sorel, and broken up at Hamilton in 1946.


Ship's company photos


Commanding Officers

Lt Alexander Donald Landles, RCNR - 15 May 1941 - 10 Mar 1943

Lt Archibald Miller Kirkpatrick, RCNVR - 11 Mar 1943 - 30 Mar 1944

Lt Edward Penniston Taylor, RCNVR - 31 Mar 1944 - 24 Apr 1945

Lt James Garfield Lorriman, RCNVR - 25 Apr 1945 - 19 Jun 1945

Lt Edward Penniston Taylor, RCNVR - 20 Jun 1945 - 21 Jun 1945


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Duffy, Mervyn Ross







Erlendson, John Hjaltalin


Ferster, Raymond Francis






Guildford, Thomas Kerr







Regamey, Marc Stephen







Stevens, John E.


Taylor, Edward


Tytler, Donald Milne





Former Crew Members

Bacchus, Robert Frederick Lewis, Slt, RCNVR - Jan 1945


Burns, Ronald Mavius, Lt, RCNVR - 11 Jul 1943


Chayer, Albert George, A/Wt (E), RCNR - 29 Mar 1944


Child, Frederick John, Lt, RCNVR - 15 May 1941


Digby, Les -1945


Dinsmore, Bill - 1945

Gower, Graham Frewer, Slt, RCNVR - 31 Mar 1942


Howard, Frank, AB - 1945


Laight, Douglas Jack, L/Sto


Landles, Alexander Donald, Lt, RCNR - 10 Apr 1941 (Stand by) CO


Langlois, Philippe Albert, Lt, RCNVR - 11 Mar 1943


Moore, Robert Frederick, Slt, RCNVR - 05 Feb 1944

Seatle, James Wilson Redhead, RCNVR - 15 May 1941


Stewart, Robert Eldon, Slt, RCNVR - 17 Mar 1944


Ward, Charles Kenneth, Slt, RCNVR - 02 Jul 1942


Wenman, John Godfrey, Slt, RCNVR - Jan 1942


Wilson, Ernest, Mate, RCNR - 19 May 1941


Winter, Ernest Hayward, Radar Operator - The Memory Project


Photos and Documents


The messdeck of HMCS Galt 1945. The caption for this official RCN photo reads: "Just to show you that all those stories about big, tough sailors can't be true, here is a picture of the HMCS Galt Sewing Circle… Patching a torn kit bag at a machine donated by the ship's sponsor, the Sister Susie Club of Galt, are, left to right - Able Seamen Frank Howard of Hamilton; Bill Dinsmore, Centre Island, Toronto, and Les Digby, Toronton. The Sister Susie Club also has presented the ship with a washing machine and a vast assortment of woollens, much needed at sea in the North Atlantic"

Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

Gunshield art on HMCS Galt K163

From the collection of Larry Hartman

Courtesy of Ray Hartman

HMCS Galt K163 chasing a sub

From the collection of Larry Hartman

Courtesy of Ray Hartman

HMCS Galt K163

From the collection of Eric Baird

Courtesy of Roger Clarke

HMCS Galt K163

Burlington WWII veteran recalls life on the waters of the Atlantic

Source: 06 Nov 2013 

HMCS Galt K163

From the collection of Robert Gordon Coleman

Courtesy of Sue Horsley