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Ceremonial Divisions - HMC Dockyard, Halifax

From the collection of Robert Macklem

Courtesy of Kelly Macklem

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Welcome to "For Posterity's Sake" - a site dedicated to the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Forces (Navy) and the ships they served and lived in. This is a personal website and is not affiliated with the Government of Canada or the Department of National Defence.


The goal of this site is to preserve and share the history of those who have sailed in the ships of the RCN and C.F. The history we all have buried in our basements or closets in boxes and photo albums - photos of grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles who have also taken pictures and told stories of there time in. This is the history you will not find on the government's historical pages - and its these photos and stories that we all have that I'm hoping to preserve here for posterity's sake.


If you would like to submit photos or stories to be posted here, please send me an EMAIL ( )  (Note: the link to initiate/generate an email for a submission may not work for web based email servers such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc - If the auto link does not work, copy and paste the address above into your address line of your email software)


With the help of all sailors past and present and their families this page can be made into a historical site for future generations to learn about our proud past.  May you always have fair winds and following seas!


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“Few of their countrymen knew and even fewer now remember the desperate fight waged on the cold and cruel northern seas. But had it failed, the results would have been catastrophic. The clear measure of devotion and courage of these men shall always be that in that dark and bloody winter of crisis they did not fail.” - Captain John Waters Jr. 



"The Canadian Navy … trained men with men who were scarcely trained themselves. It did everything under the pressure of desperate urgency. It learned to fight a war while fighting it. By all the rules, it should have been the most unholy hash to come out of the war. Somehow, things have turned out differently." - The Guelph Mercury 16 Nov 2015


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Marks of Rank and Trade Badges


Trade Badges


Marks of Rank of Officers. Distinguishing Badges of Petty Officers & Ratings. Royal Canadian Navy


Badges and Rate of Pay RCN



Booklets, Magazines, Manuals and Misc. Documents


- A Pictorial Record of HMC Ships Huron and Iroquois Under U.N. Command 1954 - 1955

- Ambrosia - Scrapbook of the 6th Canadian Sub Sqn - 1955-1966

- An Album of Modern Naval Craft - by John Player & Sons


- Basic Field Manual - Combined Radiotelegraph (W/T) Procedure - 1943


- Canada's Battle of the Atlantic - March 1942

- Canada's Navy

- Canadair CL-84-1 V/STOL Aircraft

- Canadian Geographical Journal Nov 1943

- C&POs Mess Dinners

- Careers and Education in the RCN - 1962

- Construction of Fire Tugs - Memo - 1944


- "D" Day on a Canadian Destroyer - 18 Jun 1944 

- Dolphin Code

- Drill Manual for 3-Inch Q.F. Guns on H.A. Mounts


- Education in the RCN


- Falcon Code

- Fleet Composition - 1962

- Fighting Ships

- Force J - Communications Orders and Operational Instructions - D-Day


- Grant Macdonald's Navy - Fresh Water Magazine Vol 6 No. 1, 1991


- Major Landing Craft - Signal Pamphlet - 1942

- Maritime Forces Pacific Information Booklet - 01 Sep 1976

- Naval Customs and Social Usage

- Neptune's Notes (Venture Training Manual # 1)


- Oberon Class Sub - Training Notebook, Chapter 11 - Electrical


- Pay and Allowances


- RCN Commandments

- RCN Naval Assembly 1967

- RCN Naval Assembly 2010

- RCN Navy Day - 26 Jul 1952

- RCN Recipe Manual


- Sentinel Magazine - Oct 1966

- Signal Card 1937

- Signal Card 1951

- SNFL Code


- TG 301.0 Visit to New Orleans, Louisiana 01 - 07 Mar 1968

- The Prince Ships 1940-45 - CFHQ Report Number 5 - 31 Oct 1965


- Wartime Co-operative Shipbuilding

- Welcome Aboard - A RCN public relations booklet - 1963


- 1st Canadian Training Squadron - Welcome Aboard Booklet

- 4th Canadian Destroyer Squadron - Welcome Aboard Booklet


What's New



22 Apr 2017 - HMCS Unicorn (Naval Reserve Division) - a page has been created for her and two RCNVR recruit photos added to her photo gallery.


22 Apr 2017 - HMCS Chilliwack K131 - A ship's company photo from the collection of Robert Macklem


22 Apr 2017 - HMCS St Boniface J332 - A ship's company photo from the collection of Robert Macklem


22 Apr 2017 - HMCS Penetang K676 - A Weapons dept photo has been added to her ship's company photo page.


22 Apr 2017 - HMCS Calgary K231 - A ship's company photo has been added


22 Apr 2017 - HMCS West York K369 - A ship's company photo dated Apr 1945 has been added


20 Apr 2017 - HMCS Skeena 207 - Her commissioning book has been added to the Ship's Books and Booklets section


19 Apr 2017 - HMCS Grilse SS71 - Her commissioning book has been added to the Ship's Books and Booklets section


19 Apr 2017 - HMCS Fraser H48 - A photo of James McKinley Johnston, MPK 25 Jun 1940 has been added to the Ultimate Sacrifice Section of her page.


15 Apr 2017 - LCI(L)-262 - Sixteen photos of her crew have been added to her photo and document gallery


14 Apr 2017 - HMCS Onondaga SS73 - A crew photo from 1993 has been added


14 Apr 2017 - HMCS Athabaskan G07 - Two letters from OS Berkeley to his family have been posted in her photo and document gallery.  OS Berkeley was one of those lost when Athabaskan G07 was sunk.


11 Apr 2017 - HMCS Naden - Seventy-nine Radar Plotter course photos from the period of 1949-1966 have been added to her photo and document gallery


08 Apr 2017 - HMCS Kootenay - A ship's company photo circa 1964-65 has been added


06 Apr 2017 - HMCS Calgary - Her commissioning book has been added to the Ship's Books and Booklets section


05 Apr 2017 - HMCS Saguenay - 80 photos from the collection of James A. Senior have been added to her photo and document gallery


04 Apr 2017 - HMCS St Croix - A ship's company photo has been added


03 Apr 2017 - HMCS Shawinigan - A photo of Michael O'Gorman has been added to the Ultimate Sacrifice section on her page.


03 Apr 2017 - HMCS Valleyfield - A photo of Percival Roy Harding has been added to the Ultimate Sacrifice section of her page.


03 Apr 2017 - HMCS Athabaskan - A photo of Alfred George Berkeley has been added to the Ultimate Sacrifice section of her page.


28 Mar 2017 - Grant Macdonald's Navy - Fresh Water Magazine Vol 6 No. 1, 1991 has been added to the Booklets, Manuals and Misc. Documents section. This magazine is a special themed edition featuring the wartime art of Grant Macdonald, Lt (SB), RCNVR


26 Mar 2017 - Ambrosia - Scrapbook of the 6th Canadian Sub Sqn - 1955-1966 - Has been added to the Diesel Boats Forever page and Booklets, Manuals and Misc. Documents section


Credits / Resources


1)  The image of the poppy throughout this site was obtained from a site dedicated to the Diggers, 42 Battalion AIF

2)  Ship's Badges (post 1949) - Unless otherwise specified, pictures of ships badges are from the website

3)  Casualty Lists - Unless otherwise specified, casualty lists are from The Naval History Net - Ship Histories, Convoy Escort Movements, Casualty Lists 1939-1947 by Don Kindell and Lt-Cdr Geoff Mason RN, Rtd

4)  MTB Flotillas - Crew photos and crew names listed for the photos are from the the MTB Gallery of the Naval Museum of Manitoba

5)  Fairmiles Motor Launches - Jerry Proc's website was the main source of information found on the Fairmiles.  The research posted on his site is:  THE FAIRMILES - CANADA'S LITTLE SHIPS by Spud Roscoe VE1BC Edited by Jerry Proc

6)  Information on U-Boats sunk by Canadian ships is from German U-Boat Casualties in World War 2

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10)  RCN Fairmiles

11)  A History of the West Coast Canadian Forces Auxiliary Fleet by Matthew Chapman

12)  RCMP Marine Service Historical Review

13)  Clyde Built Ships

14)  Ship Building History

15)  A List of the Ships Scrapped or Broken Up By Capital Iron & Metals Ltd. in Victoria BC.

16)  The Bosun's Watch - The Fleetwood Steam and Sailing Trawler website

17)  Lists of convoys that RCN ships were escorts for are from Arnold Hague Convoy Database

18)  The Ultimate Sacrifice by Robert D'Aoust

19)  Designs of Distinction - Unofficial Insignia of the RCN 1910 - 1948 by David J. Freeman



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