Stamps, Envelopes and Censor markings



Every sailor sent letters home - in peacetime and wartime.  In peacetime, the envelopes themselves could tell you a sailor's career as they were drafted from ship to ship to base, etc. During wartime it was a bit more difficult.  Ships names and places had to be left off - and all correspondence was subject to review by censors - which would then be stamped as having being reviewed / approved by the censor.  The censor number ie DB/512 is supposed to indicate the ship - but to date, no catalog of censor numbers has been found.


Canada Post has issued commemorative stamps for many things - including special occasions for the RCN. Those commemorative issues will be included on here as they are submitted.


This page will cover research (by others) into the world of wartime letter covers and censor markings as well as peacetime letter covers and First Day Covers.



Envelope Covers - Small Boats - by Peter McCarthy, Philatelic Postal Historian


Envelope Covers - Ships of the RCN - by Peter McCarthy, Philatelic Postal Historian





RCN First Day / Commemorative Covers




The stamp shows three individuals wearing the period of dress of the navy in 1910, the 1940's and the current new uniform that they were about to issue in 1985/6. 


Fast forward some 25-30 yrs - I head from someone that said he knew a guy who was a model for the drawing. I thought that was cool. I found him (the model) on DND email and sent him an email. He remembered it and said that all the people that modelled were still in the Halifax area and he named them. The girl was a military bandsman (sic) that I'd met as a Naval Reservist in the Massed Bands in 81 and 82 in Halifax. So I sent him my FDC and asked if he could get his old friends to sign the cover. He did! Capt (then PO2) Folkins is the guy in 1910, CPO2 Paul Edwards is the WW11 Naval officer and CPO2 Dianne DeRosenroll is the female sailor.


Courtesy of Bruce Walter



HMCS TRENTONIAN commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the RCN



Courtesy of Bruce Walter



First Day Cover Commemorating William Hal being award the Victoria Cross


William Hall was serving in the RN when he was awarded the VC.  He is included here as he was a Canadian serving in the RN.






Navy Stamp Issue Commemorating Lt Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC, RCNVR and Lt-Cdr (A) Eugene Esmode, VC, DSO, RN being awarded the Victoria Cross.






Tracing the career of LSCRI Russell Toni Matthews, RCN by the address from envelopes of letters he kept


Very little is known about Russell Matthews, but the letters he kept were instrumental in understanding his time in the Navy


NADEN - 20 Oct 1949


STADACONA - 30 Dec 1949



STADACONA - 16 Jan 1950

Comm School Halifax


STADACONA - 16 sep 1950


NOOTKA - 11 Dec 1950


NOOTKA - 13 Jul 1951


GLOUCESTER - 03 Nov 1951


GLOUCESTER - 30 Apr 1952


ALBRO LAKE - 24 JUN 1952


ALBRO LAKE - 09 Jan 1953


MAGNIFICENT - 14 Jan 1953


MAGNIFICENT - 06 Apr 1953


MAGNIFICENT - 14 Dec 1953


MAGNIFICENT - 04 Jan 1954


STADACONA - 18 Jan 1954