River Class / Prestonian Class Frigate




Post wartime badge

HMCS STETTLER 311 - 1964

Source: City of Vancouver Archives: Photographer: Walter E. Frost


Laid down: 31 May 1943

Launched: 09 Oct 1943

Commissioned: 05 Jul 1944

Paid off: 09 Nov 1945

Re-commissioned: 27 Feb 1954

Paid off: 31 Aug 1966

Fate: Broken up at Victoria, B.C., in 1967


Built by Canadian Vickers Ltd., Montreal, Que, STETTLER was commissioned 07 May 1944, at Montreal. She arrived at Halifax on 28 May 1944 then carried out workups in Bermuda in Jul 1944. On her return to Halifax she was assigned to EG 16. On 07 Mar  1945, she left for Londonderry, EG 16's new base, and was thereafter employed in U.K. waters except for two round trips to Gibraltar in May and Jun 1945. She left 'Derry for home on 16 Jun 1945, the last Canadian warship to do so, and began tropicalization refit at Shelburne. Work was suspended in Aug 1945 and the ship was paid off 09 Nov 1945. She was sold but later recovered and converted to a Prestonian class ocean escort, being re-commissioned on 27 Feb 1954. In the Spring of 1966, STETTLER participate in exercise Maple Spring along with HMCS GRILSE and HMCS ST CROIX, with port visits along the east coast of South American. She subsequently moved to the west coast, and was finally paid off there on 31 Aug 1966. She was purchased by Capital Iron and Metal, Victoria, BC, in 1967 to be broken up. Shortly after purchase the price of scrap metal plummeted and she was not broken up late 1971, early 1972.



RCN Memories:     The Cook and the Duty Watch


Photos and Documents



Commanding Officers


LCdr Dudley Gawen King, RCNVR - 07 May 1944 - 09 Nov 1945

Cdr Gordon Cheeseman Edwards, RCN - 27 Feb 1954 - 02 Sep 1955

LCdr George Richard MacFarlane, RCN - 03 Sep 1955 - 09 Sep 1957

LCdr M.H. Cooke, RCN - 10 Sep 1957 - 11 Aug 1959

LCdr R.A. Evans, RCN - 12 Aug 1959 - 08 Mar 1961

LCdr Henry William Vondette, RCN - 09 Mar 1961 - 18 Oct 1962

LCdr R.F. Gladman, RCN - 19 Oct 1962 - 23 Aug 1964

LCdr Thomas Arthur Irvine, RCN - 24 Aug 1964 - 08 May 1966

Lt Sidney Charles Gould, RCN - 09 May 1966 - 31 Aug 1966



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Adderson, John W.

Balfour, James P

Bandoian, John V.

Bannister, Henry L.

Barnes, Jerry T.

Bartram, Vincent J.

Bemister, Herbert G.

Boughton, Donald R.

Bourdon, Arthur J. R.

Broster, G. Arnold

Brown, Donald L.

Buchan, William

Bushen, Lee P.

Butchart, Arthur A.

Campbell, David

Canning, Isaac G.

Colegrave, Bruce E.

Cunningham, Norman A.

Dale, T. Leslie

Dawson, Stuart T.

DeCosta, Wilfred H.

Desrosiers, Frederick C.

Draper, James R.

Driemel, Harry H.

Dunahee, Harvey J.

Eccles, Brian G. W.

Edmundson, Kenneth D.

Fahey, Robert G.

Fast, Frank V.

Forrester, Charles M.

Fox-Decent, Norman

Francis, William L.

Fraser, Robert

Goldring, Gerald A.

Gore, Andrew E.

Gould, Sidney C.

Grant, Richard R.

Grant, Roy D.

Greco, Vincent C.

Grinstead, Martin P.

Halderson, James

Harrison, Kenneth

Henderson, Gordon

Hendry, Ian G.

Hicks, Stanley V.

Hinton, Peter R.

Hobbs, John E.

Holmberg, Warren K.

Irvine, Thomas A.

Janson, Frederick N.

Jones, Gordon G.

Kirby, Richmond H.

Kostiuk, Bohdan J. P.

Ledwos, Edward L.

Lesiuk, Dmeytro

Logie, David

MacDonald, Duncan H.

MacFarlane, George R.

MacKinnon, Bruce E.

Malak, John

Manifold, C. Robin

McCartney, David G.

McCormick, Peter K.

McGowan, Harold A.

Miskimins, Byron J.

Moore, Jim F.

Nickel, Daniel B.

O'Neill, John D.

Panteluk, William

Parsons, Harvey

Pfister, Robert L.

Phillips, Edward C.

Robertson, James W.

Rombough, Wallace O.

Seip, Harry E.

Seright, Harry

Smith, Gordon J.

Sommerville, Wilfred J.

Sophonow, ________

Spencer, Alan

Stolee, Erling B.

Thompson, Ross E.

Thomson, Donald G.

Tooms, Arthur

Vondette, Henry W.

Weigand, Edwin V.

Wilson, Malcolm D.

Woodruff, David S.

Woolford, John

Yanow, Robert D.



Former Crew Members


Bedster, Arthur - 1965-1966


Brown, Clifford Francis, Lt, RCNVR - 10 May 1944


Brown, Harry Morley, SLt, Torpedo Officer, RCNVR - 10 Apr 1944 / 07 May 1944


Crowley, William, Lt (E), RCNR - 12 Feb 1944 / 07 May 1944


Dalton, Alfred Glen, A/Lt, RCNVR - 31 Jul 1944


Francis, Allan Frederick, SLt, RCNVR - 02 Mar 1945


Gagnon, Maurice, Lt, RCNVR - 20 Mar 1944 / 07 May 1944


Goyder, David, SLt, RCN - Dec 1963 - Aug 1966


Grant, Roy, CK, V87042, RCNVR


Hughes, Cyril


King, Dudley Gawen, A/LCdr, RCNVR - 20 Mar 1944 CO


La Fave, John 33169-H


Marsh, Robert McCann, Lt, RCNVR - 07 May 1944 / 21 Apr 1945


Mitchell, Mike


Ouimet, Armamd, Lt, RCNVR - 01 May 44 / 07 May 1944


Padget, Robert Loren, Lt (E), RCNVR - 13 Mar 1945


Paries, Emil T., ABRP


Parrott, Dean Allan, Lt, RCNVR - 03 May 1945


Phemister, William Ian, SLt (E), RCNVR - 19 Apr 1944 / 07 May 1944


Quinn, Hubert Fredrick, Lt (El) (R), RCNVR - 03 Mar 1945


Robinson, John William David, Lt, RCNVR - 27 Jan 1945


Rogers, John Peter, Lt (E), RCNVR - 21 May 1944


Simpson, James Wright, Paym/Lt, RCNVR - 06 Jun 1944


Sparrow, Ken, ER, 39776E, RCN


Torrie, Allan Macdonald, SLt, RCNVR - 10 Apr 1944 / 07 May 1944


Vowels, Gerry 


Zilinsky, Larry - Apr 1965 - May 1966



Photos and Documents







(STR001) Postcard of HMCS STETTLER K681  //  From the collection of William (Bill) Carey  //  Courtesy of William (Bill) Carey / Jeff Tripp

(STR002) HMCS STETTLER K681 Second World War jacket patch  //  It is not known if this was based on an unofficial ship's badge or if it was a unique design for a jacket patch  //  Courtesy of Brent Walker

(STR003) HMCS STETTLER K681 silk scarf  //  From the collection of Warren Holmberg  //  Courtesy of Ron Holmberg








(STL004) HMCS STETTLER 311 alongside HMCS Ontario circa 1957-1958  //  From the collection of Steve Hlasny  //  Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

(STR005) HMCS STETTLER 311 - undated

(STR006)HMCS STETTLER 311 - 1965  //  Courtesy of Hugh Muir








(GB76) HMCS STETTLER 311 - date unknown

(GB77) HMCS STETTLER 311 - date unknown

(GB78) HMCS STETTLER 311 - date unknown

(GB79) Sailors from HMCS STETTLER 311 ashore at the Kam Inn, Hilo, Hawaii - date unknown

(GB80) HMCS Settler's Spring Cruise - Jan - May 1957



(GB81) Concert progamme on board HMCS STETTLER during her 1957 Spring Cruise - 14 Apr 1957

From the collection of Gordon Arnold (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson