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Located in the community of Sandy Point, NS, the naval station HMCS Shelburne was opened by the RCN in Dec 1941. It consisted of a deepwater pier and associated facilities, as well as barracks and residences. As part of the post WW 2 forces reductions, HMCS Shelburne was closed in 1946. The creation of the SOSUS network required a naval facility to be constructed in southern Nova Scotia. As a result, HMCS Shelburne was reactivated on 01 Apr 1955 as a jointly operated RCN/USN Oceanographic Research Station. On 01 Feb 1968, as a result of the "creation" of the Canadian Armed Forces, HMCS Shelburne was renamed CFS Shelburne. As a result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and technological advances that allowed for remote operation of sensors from greater distances, CFS Shelburne was shut down on 01 Aug 1994 and the facilities transferred to HMCS Trinity at CFB Halifax. CFS Shelburne was formerly decommissioned as a military facility on 13 Mar 1995.