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Naval Customs and Traditions



Naval Customs and Traditions and how they are applied to daily life will vary from base to base and ship to ship.  These ancient rules, regulations and guidelines influence the daily life of a sailor - with many not even knowing why things are done as they are.  The origins of some of the Navy's customs and traditions are lost to time but a few documents survive to give us an idea of the life of our predecessors and why we do, act and talk as we do.  The documents below will hopefully help keep the history of these customs and traditions alive for future generations.


A Few Naval Customs, Expressions, Traditions, and Superstitions Second Edition by Cdr W.N.T. Beckett, M.V.O., D.S.C., Royal Navy


C&POs Mess Dinners


Customs of the Navy - 1956 by Lt A.D. Taylor, RCN


Naval Customs and Social Usage by Cdr F.E. Grubb, RCN


Naval Mess Dinners by Commanders F.M. McKee and A.B. Harris, RCN


Neptune's Notes (Venture Training Manual # 1)