First World War Casualties





Casualty Listing by Ship


The names on this page have come from the CVWM and Royal Navy Casualty Lists. If there are any omissions, please send an email to with a subject of First World War Casualty Lists - RCN with the necessary info for inclusion on this page.


Not all those listed on this page have entries in a Book of Remembrance.  Some may have been civilian crew on vessels chartered by the RCN. Those not listed in a Book of Remembrance have an asterisk preceding their name.



8, H.M. Drifter


STROUD, Allan Bertram, Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR3759, (STRATHBRIE for) HM Drifter 8, 20 Sep 1918, buried Sierra Leone




PEDDLE, Francis Joseph, Leading Seaman




BIGG, Spencer, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR5372, 10 OCT 1918




FORMBY, William K, Wireless Telegraph Operator, RNCVR, 19 Jul 1917, illness. 


Webmaster's note:  - Tel Formby died at Lazo BC, so it is likely that he was serving at CAPE LAZO Wireless Station when he died.


APLEY, H.M. Trawler


LANCASTER, James, Ordinary Seaman (Act/Trimmer), RNCVR, VR3003, 06 Dec 1917, ship lost


BEN LAWERS, H.M. Trawler


FERGUSON, James, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3912, 21 Aug 1918, drowned




GAGE, Gordon William, Ordinary Seaman


BORNEO, H.M. Trawler - ship lost 18 Jun 1917


BELL, David, Ordinary Seaman


THOMPSON, Robert Dick, Ordinary Seaman


CALGARIAN, H.M.S., Armed Merchant Cruiser


BRUCE, Walter, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3198, 10 Jan 1917, illness


CANADA, H.M.C.S., Auxiliary Patrol Ship


DEBATTISTA, Giuseppe, Stoker 2c, RNCVR, VR4872, 27 Jan 1919


GEORGE, Joseph H, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR431, 12 Sep 1915, drowned, Sydney Harbour, NS


MACDONALD, Charles Tupper, Able Seaman


NICKERSON, Walter, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR562, 13 Apr 1915


CARTIER, H.M.C.S., Auxiliary Patrol Ship


JONES, Robert, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR4654, 16 Feb 1918


CD-7, RCN, Admiralty type wooden coastal drifter


KING, George H, Chief Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR 3461, CD.7, 12 Sep 1918, illness


CD-60, RCN, Admiralty type wooden coastal drifter


HULME, John M, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR 3446, CD.60, 30 Sep 1918, drowned


CD-96, RCN, Admiralty type wooden coastal drifter


HAIRE, Thompson, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR2574, Canadian Drifter CD-96, 03 Sep 1918


D.3, H.M. Submarine


MAITLAND-DOUGALL, William McK, Lieutenant, RCN, 15 Mar 1918, ship lost


DIANA, H.M.C.S., Sail Training Vessel


FLETCHER, John Henry, Signalman, RNCVR, 61248, 22 Apr 1916


Dockyard, H.M.C., Halifax


McDONALD, Charles Tupper, Able Seaman, RCN, 570, 26 Feb 1915, illness, pneumonia, 




FORREST, John R, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR4909, 29 Jan 1918, ship lost


ESSEX, H.M.S. Monmouth Class Armoured Cruiser


TILSON, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3266, (HMS VIVID for HMS ESSEX), 15 Feb 1919


FOYLE, H.M.S., Laird type River Class Destroyer


WOODLEY, Edward A, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR2688, 15 Mar 1917, ship lost


FRASER, H.M. Trawler


JONES, William John, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3269, 17 Jun 1917, ship lost


GALIANO, H.M.C.S., Battle Class Trawler


AIRD, James, Able Seaman


AITKEN, Peter, Able Seaman


BATE, George Douglas Stanley, Ship's Cook 3rd Class


BENTLEY, William James, Leading Seaman


DOBBYN, Matthew, Stoker 1st Class


BRUNTON, Emma Mary - Civilian Passenger


EBBS, Wilfred Arthur, Able Seaman


EDMONDS, Peter Whitton, Engine Room Artificer 4th Class


GILBERT, Joseph, Boatswain


GREENSHIELDS, Frank, Chief Engine Room Artificer


HANBURY, Charles Lambert, Stoker 1st Class


HUME, Arthur Edward, Stoker 1st Class


JEWKES, Arthur Lawson, Able Seaman


JONES, Alan Owen, Able Seaman


KANEEN, Thomas Freer, Leading Stoker


KING, William Jones, Able Seaman


MacLEAN, Neil, Leading Seaman


McGUFFIN, Hudson, Ordinary Seaman


McLEOD, Roderick, Boy Seaman


MERCER, Harold, Engine Room Artificer 4th Class


MUNRO, Alexander Eric Paul, Leading Seaman


MUSTY, George Henry, Stoker 1st Class


NEARY, Michael J. Wireless Telegraph Operator 4th Class


NEWTON, Roy Ernest, Boy Seaman


ORDANO, Austin Rodolphe, Able Seaman


PETERS, Frederick George, Boy Seaman


POERE, Edward Christopher, Leading Seaman (a.k.a. Power, Edward Christopher)


POPE, Robert Mayes, Lieutenant


PRICE, Noel Gwynne, Leading Stoker (a.k.a. Price, Noel George)


REEVES, Alfred James, Ship's Cook 1st Class


STAFFORD, William John, Able Seaman


STIRRUP, Harold, Stoker 2nd Class


TABONE, Michael, Victualling Petty Officer


THERIAULT, William Garfield, Stoker 2nd Class


VINNICOMBE, James, Chief Petty Officer Boatswain


WALLACE, William, Boy Seaman


WATSON, Philip Alexander, Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class


WHITWORTH, Frederick, Leading Stoker


WILLIAMSON, George, Victualling Petty Officer


YOUNG, John, Stoker 1st Class


GARTH CASTLE, H.M. Hospital Ship


McLeod, William, Stoker, RNCVR, VR3941, 02 Apr 1918


GOELAND II, H.M. Trawler


WALKER, Frederick H, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3296, 27 Jul 1917, died in UK


GOOD HOPE, H.M.S., Drake Class Armoured Cruiser - Ship lost 01 Nov 1944 - Battle of Coronel


CANN, Malcolm, Midshipman


HATHEWAY, John Victor W., Midshipman


PALMER, William Archibald, Midshipman


SILVER, Arthur Wiltshire, Midshipman


GRILSE, H.M.C.S., Armed Yacht


ASHWIN, Gilbert, Leading Seaman


CLEMENTS, Ernest Wireless Telegraph Operator


HARRIS, Albert John, Able Seaman


McAULIFFE, Henry William, Signalman


TRIMBEE, Walter Ernest, Chief Petty Officer


WILKINSON, Robert, Artificer Engineer


GUELPH, H.M.C.S., Patrols Depot Ship


BRIAN, Frederick ERA 2c, RCN, 20837, 08 Nov 1918


HENDERSON, John Howard, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR5575, 25 May 1918


MacKENZIE, Roderick Jone, Chief Writer, RNCVR, VR3357, 06 Sep 1918


McIVER, Donald, Leading Seaman, RNCVR, VR768, 17 Nov 1918


GUNNER, H.M.S., Naval Base, Granton, Scotland


Des ROCHES, Phileas Emanuel, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR3219, 26 Sep 1919


HOCHELAGA, H.M.C.S., Auxiliary Patrol Ship


BUTLER, William, Chief Petty Officer, RNCVR, 2048, 20 May 1920


INDEFATIGABLE, H.M.S., Indefatigable Class Battlecruiser


DE QUETTEVILLE, Stanley N, Engineer Lieutenant, RCN, 31 May 1916, Jutland, ship lost


LANSDOWNE, H.M.C.S., Naval Base, Sydney, NS


BUTCHER, Richard, Stoker 1C, RNCVR, VR1797, 24 Oct 1918


CLARKE, James, Warrant Engineer, 16114, RCN, 12 Sep 1918


DAVIS, Lemuel Wilbr, Sick Bay Steward, RNCVR, VR6850, 04 Oct 1918


HENBURY, Russel, Steward, RNCVR, VR2319, 25 Oct 1918


LAKE, Geoffrey, Lieutenant, RNCVR, 25 Oct 1918, illness


LOCH EYE, H.M. Trawler


KEECH, Reginald, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR 3259, 20 Apr 1917, ship lost


NIGHTINGALE, Willie J, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR 3260, 20 Apr 1917, ship lost


LUCKNOW, H.M. Trawler - Ship lost 18 May 1917


DODDS, Gordon, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR 2943, 18 May 1917, ship lost


PETERS, Thomas E, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR 3161, 18 May 1917, ship lost


SKELDON, Horace, Ordinary Seaman




CLEVELAND, George Cecil, Boatswain


DUNN, William Philip, Petty Officer


HENDRY, Hugh, Stoker Petty Officer


MARGUERITE, H.M.S., Arabis Class Sloop


BRUCE, Harry Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3945, 22 Jan 1919


MUSQUASH, H.M.C.S., Trawler-Sweeper (Converted Ocean Tug)


BREEN, James Irvin, Stoker 1st Class


BREEN, Samuel Gordon, Stoker 1st Class


LEMIEUX, Philip Pantalion, Chief Engine Room Artificer


PIEROWAY, Edward, Boy Steward


ROBERTSON, Donald, Signalman, RNCVR


NEW DAWN, H.M. Drifter


GOYINS, Nicholas E, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR 4138, 31 Mar 1918, ship lost, DOW


NIOBE, H.M.C.S., Diadem Class Protected Cruiser / Depot Ship


ALLOWAY, Seth S, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR 2401, 08 Jun 1916, illness


BEARD, Ernest E, Petty Officer Stoker, RNCVR, VR1731, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


BILODEAU, Leo Phillippe, Chief Writer, RNCVR, VR2212, 15 Mar 1920


BOTRILL, Herbert, Signaller, RNCVR, VR6457, 06 Jan 1920


BOWCOCK, Walter, Blacksmith, VR/1027, RNCVR, 12 Oct 1917


BOWCOCK, Walter, Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR1027, 12 Oct 1917, illness


BROWN, James, Warrant Victualling Officer, RCN, 17008, 16 Nov 1915, illness


BROWN, John, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR3184, 22 Jan 1918


BROWN, William, Warrant Officer, RCN, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


BURKE, John Edward, Officer's Steward 1st Class, RCN, 4747, 25 Apr 1921


BURNETT, Rodney O, Carpenter, RCN, 17017, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


CAMERON, Napoleon, Stoker 1C, RNCVR, 6742, 08 Dec 1920


CARTER, Frank, Gunner, RNCVR, VR2269, 13 Nov 1920


CARVER, William, Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR2090, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


CHICK, Sidney, Leading Signalman, RNCVR, VR1786, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


COTTER, Alexander, Signalman, RCNVR, VR183, 22 Nov 1918


DAVIES, Albert Edward, Chief Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR2298, 03 Jun 1921


De Grish, Petty Officer, RCN, 20 DEC 1918


FOAKES, William, Leading Seaman, RNCVR, VR2080, 22 Sep 1917


FOSTER, Harvey, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR5319, 21 Jun 1918


GARDNER, Walter, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR5091, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


GILLAN, Charles Randolph, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR5664, 16 Mar 1919


GOODWIN, Charles, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR2369, 04 Jun 1919


GREENWOOD, William, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR7144, 12 Nov 1918


GROGAN, William H, PO, 60050, (ex-RN 179711), 27 May 1915, drowned


HAISELL, William, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR1984, 27 Jun 1917


HALLOWAY, HUBERT JOHN, Chief Petty Officer, VR1888, 17 May 1920


HOFFFMAN, Peter, Stoker 2c, RNCVR, VR6805, 17 Feb 1920


JOHNSON, Walter, Stoker 1c, RNCVR, VR1982, 05 Nov 1918


KEARNEY, Patrick, Stoker, RNCVR, VR1143, 31 Dec 1916


* KELSEY, Patrick, Stoker, RNCVR, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion. Stoker Kelsey is listed on the RN casualty lists and the NSARM Halifax Explosion Dead as a Stoker, HMCS NIOBE - from Bermondsey, England. He is not listed in CVWM.


KINGSTON, Thomas, Artificer Engineer, RCN, 10 Dec 1918


KOERNER, William Bernard, Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR1070, 29 Oct 1919


* LONELY, William, Able Seaman, RNCVR, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion. AB Lonely is listed on the RN casualty lists and the NSARM Halifax Explosion Dead as an AB, HMCS NIOBE - originally from Ontario. He is not listed in CVWM. 


LUCK, George, Leading Seaman, RCNVR, VR6901, 23 May 1921


MACDONALD, George James, Stoker 1st Class, RCNVR, VR2395, 04 May 1918


MACKINNON, Norman Scott, Chief Skipper, RCN, 28 Feb 1918


MADDEN, Michael, Chief Sick Berth Steward, RCNVR, VR1010, 08 Nov 1918


MATHIAS, Percy Arthur, Boy Seaman, RNCVR, VR7142, 22 Nov 1918


MATTISON, Albert Charles, Boatswain


McDonald, John Franklin Forbes, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR5979, 12 Apr 1918


McGOUGH, Henry John, Skipper, RCN, 03 Mar 1922


McMILLAN, Charles, Leading Seaman, RNCVR, VR2496, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


Morgan, William Garfield, Chief Writer, RNCVR, VR2210, 10 Dec 1917


MURRAY, James A, Ty/Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


NICKERSON, Freeman B, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR1891, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


PATERSON, Andrew Burns, Petty Officer, RCN, VR1741, 10 Mar 1917


PITMAN, William, Mate, RNCVR, VR440, 24 Jul 1920


ROWDON, Victor Kirby, Wireless telegraph Operator, RNCVR, VR489, 29 Sep 1918


RUST, George White, Able Seaman, RNCVR, 3211, 07 May 1919


SADLER, David R, Signalman, RNCVR, VR229, 09 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion - DOW


SAMS, Edward, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR1957, 17 Apr 1918


SARAHS, William Henry, Petty Officer, RCN, CNC/60131,07 Jul 1915


SARGENT, George, Engine Room Artificer 4th Class, RNCVR, VR772, 23 Jan 1919


SAUNDERS, Albert, Able Seaman


SHAPCOTT, Thomas R., Ship's Cook 1st Class, RNCVR, VR2314, 28 Nov 1918


SIM, James, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR5640, 06 Dec 1917


SINGLETON, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, VR3033, 25 Mar 1918


SIXSMITH, John, Warrant Officer, RCN, 60557, 30 Sep 1920


SMITH, Henry, Stoker 1st Class, RNCVR, 4908, 27 Apr 1918


STIRRETT, Ernest Z, Surgeon, RNCVR, 23 Jun 1917, illness


THOMSON, Frederick Twiss, Assistant Paymaster, RNCVR, VR465, 31 Mar 1918


THORPE, Charles, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR6029, 17 Jun 1918


VEALS, George, Wireless Telegraph Operator, RCN, VR386, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


WALSH, Samuel, Stoker, RCN, 20553, 01 Sep 1915, illness


WILLIGAR, Lloyd, Ordinary Seaman


WILSON, Carl Cecil, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR1561, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


WRY, Arthur H, Ty/Skipper, RCN, 0 3 Dec 1917, illness


YATES, George R, Stoker, RNCVR, VR 5480, 06 Dec 1917, Halifax Explosion


PEKIN, H.M.S., Auxiliary Patrol Vessel Base, Grimsby, UK


GARWOOD, Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3085, 11 May 1918, died in UK


PEMBROKE, H.M.S., Naval Base, Chatham, UK


ARSENAULT, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3512, 16 Jun 1917


COOKE, Knight, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR 3412, 0 3 Sep 1917, bombing of Chatham Barracks, DOW


STANLEY, William Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3887, 28 Dec 1917


PETREL, H.M.C.S., Auxiliary Patrol Ship


FREEMAN, Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, RCN, Petrel, 7 May 1915


RAINBOW, H.M.C.S., Apollo Class Protected Cruiser / Depot Ship


BRIDGEWATER, Harold Ernest, Paymaster SLt, RNCVR, 22 Oct 1919


BURROUGHS, George, Petty Officer Stoker, RCN, 20017, 16 FEB 1917


COLLINS, John Austin, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR6024, 24 May 1918


EVANS, Henry, Boy, RNCVR, VR1262, 31 Dec 1917. RN Casualty list shows HMS OTRANTO, died in BC ??


HAWKINS, George, Leading Seaman (RFR B 3407), 213881, 22 Sep 1914, illness


HOLMES, Edward C, Ship's Cook 1c, RCN, 40040, 25 Jun 1915, illness


JOHNSTON, Clarence Burdett, Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR1313, 30 Dec 1920


KIRKPATRICK, Frederick Douglas, Boy Seaman, RNCVR, VR6150, 30 May 1918


KNAPP, Cornelius, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR2016, 04 Apr 1918


LEONARD, Malcolm H., Leading Stoker, RNCVR, VR5039, 31 Oct 1918


PATTERSON, Andrew, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR6097, 26 Apr 1918


SEALEAF, Alfred (Served as John O'Brien), Able Seaman, Stoker, RCNVR, VR3467, 24 Sep 1918


SMITH, Edward, Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry, died - 27 Apr 1917


SMITH, Harry L., Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR1705, 27 Feb 1918


WILKES, Charles William, Leading Stoker, RCN, CNC/60079, 15 Nov 1915


RED CAR, H.M.S., Minesweeper


BIRNIE, Arthur W, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3187, 24 Jun 1917, ship lost


Royal Naval Air Service


JOHNSTON, WILLIAM, (F SLt) Sub-Lieutenant, RNCVR, Royal Naval Air Service, 17 Nov 1918, buried in Poland


RUBY, H.M.S, Acorn Class destroyer


BARRY, William J, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3933, 17 Oct 1917, ship lost


SAPPER, H.M. Trawler


EVANS, John C, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR3626, 29 Dec 1917, ship lost


SUTTON, Thomas W, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3527, 29 Dec 1917, ship lost


SEAGULL, H.M.C.S., Patrols Depot Ship, Halifax


BALL, George Beverley, Wireless Operator, RNCVR, VR545, 14 Nov 1918


COFFIN, Kemble Preston, Stoker, RNCVR, VR6521, 09 Nov 1918


NEYS, Henry Ward, Stoker 1c, RCNVR, VR6140, 19 Dec 1918


NICHOLLS, David, Ship's Cook 1c, RNCVR, VR5960, 10 Dec 1918


PARKER, Russell Washington, Stoker Petty Officer, RNCVR, VR5174, 15 Oct 1918


RAVEN, James Albert, Engine Room Artificer 3c, RNCVR, VR1973, 24 Nov 1918


SHEARWATER. H.M.C.S., Condor Class Sloop


BIRD, John, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR98, 24 May 1916


CAMPBELL, Leslie, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR1362, 21 Oct 1918


HENDERSON, John Henry, Boy Seaman, RNCVR, 24 Jan 1918


LOOMES, Vincetn Hetherington, Leading Signalman, RCN, ONC/614, 24 JUL 1916


McGRATH, Francis, Able Seaman, RCN, 380, 04 Jan 1916, illness


McLennan, Roderick Alexander, RNCVR, VR100, 02 Nov 1916


STADACONA, H.M.C.S., Auxiliary Patrol Ship


HOWARD, William Miles, Able Seaman


McDONALD, Daniel, Able Seaman




* BRANNEN, Horatio Harris


* d'ENTREMONT, Albanie Anthanase / ?Athanase


* d'ENTREMONT, Anselme Joseph Guillaume


* LOMOND, Gowan (or Goward), 2nd Engineer


* PERCEY, Robert, Cook


STEPHEN FURNESS, H.M.S., Armed Boarding Steamer


LAWES, Harold B, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR 2614, Stephen Furness, 13 December 1917, ship lost


MEEHAN, Henry L, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR 2598, Stephen Furness, 13 December 1917, ship lost


ROMANS, William F, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR 2653, Stephen Furness, 13 December 1917, ship lost


WATT, Robert D, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR 2532, Stephen Furness, 13 December 1917, ship lost


WIGMORE, Albert Edward, Able Seaman, RCNVR, VR 2524, Stephen Furness, 13 Dec 1917, ship lost


Unit - shop or base unknown


Le MAITRE, George, Ordinary Seaman, ONC/761, RCN, 31 Oct 1919




TAYLOR, George Melbourne, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3106, 11 Feb 1917


VIVID, H.M.S., Naval Base England


CHEW, William, Stoker 2c, RNCVR, 16 May 1918


COATES, Alfred, Leading Seaman, RNCVR, VR2971, 09 Mar 1919


JONES, Lawrence Charles, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3150, 18 Mar 1918


O'HARA, Earl, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR3039, 18 Dec 1918


PEDLEY, George, Ordinary Seaman, RNCVR, VR2890, Illness - pneumonia, 15 Feb 1917


NORTON, Charles Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, RCNVR, VR3397, 30 Mar 1918, illness - pneumonia


W.H. LEE, Derrick Tug


NICKERSON, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNCVR, VR2237, 20 Jul 1918