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Looking For Lost Wingers



 If you are looking for old wingers from your time in, send me an EMAIL with your name, their names, the ships, your contact email information and any amplifying info and it will be posted here.


Bennett, Robert, LSQMII - looking for shipmates who sailed in HMCS NOOTKA between Dec 1954 & Mar 1956. We have a small group in the London, Godrich area that meet for dinner or coffee 3-4 times a year and will welcome old shipmates. Email:  (Posted 09 Feb 2017)


Brooks, John - Looking for a P2HT (Shipwright) who served in HMCS CHAUDIERE in 1967 named Jim Patterson. At the time he was on CHAUDIERE, Jim was a LSHT.  His brother Don Patterson, B.E.M. (now deceased), also served in HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Email:  (Posted 07 Jan 2017)


Riedlinger, Jack, ABRP - Looking for shipmates from HMCS SAGUENAY 1965-1966. Email:  (Posted 15 Nov 2016)


Corrigan, William (Bill) - Looking for shipmates from HMCS GATINEAU and HMCS MARGAREE from the 1960s.  Email:  (Posted: 31 Jul 2016)


Reid, John, ABRM1, HMCS VICTORIAVILLE - I am trying to locate Al Moffat who was on the VICTORIAVILLE at the same time I was. Al always carried a 35mm camera. Lost touch with him when my hitch was up and I returned to school. Anyone know where he is?  Email:  (Posted 29 Jul 2016)


Gilmour, John W., LSSN - Looking for wingers from HMCS ST. CROIX, HMCS OUTREMONT, HMCS GATINEAU, HMCS MARGAREE and HMCS KOOTENAY during 60's. Also Jim (Dinger) Bell from HMCS ST CROIX early 61-62.  Email:  (Posted 22 Jun 2016)


Brooks, John - Looking for wingers from HMCS CHAUDIERE, HMCS CAPE SCOTT, HMCS NIPIGON 1965 - 1970.  Email:  (Posted 28 Mar 2016)