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Diesel Boats Forever - Subs and Submariners of the RCN


This page is for information on the RCN's submarines.  Being a Skimmer, I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject of our subs and will depend on submissions from those who are qualified to speak about them - mainly our submariners. Photos of the subs and their crews will appear on the pages for each sub. What you will find here are course / group photos, specific sub related links and other info. To submit photos, stories, links, sub related announcements, etc, send me an EMAIL.



RCN Submarines


1914-1920  -  CC1     CC2


1919-1922  -  CH14     CH15


1945  -  U-190     U-889


1955-1966 - Acheron    Alcide    Alderney    Alliance    Ambush    Amphion    Anchorite   Andrew    Artemis    Astute    Auriga    Aurochs    Tally Ho    Thule    Tudor (Royal Navy submarines under operational control of the RCN for A/S training)


1961-2000  -  Grilse SS71     Ojibwa SS72     Okanagan SS74     Onondaga SS73     Rainbow SS75     Olympus (Training Sub)


1998 - Present  -  Chicoutimi SSK 879     Corner Brook SSK 878     Victoria SSK 876     Windsor SSK 877



History Makers of the RCN:  Submariners


Maitland-Dougall, William, Lt, RCN


Sherwood, Frederick Henry, LCdr, RCNVR



Basic Sub Course Photos - Oberon Class


Basic Sub Course Photos - Victoria Class


Basic Sub School Staff - Photos


OPCERT Submarines - Course Photos - Crse 0602     Crse 0701     Crse 0702


Sub Cert Course - Trades - NET(6) QL6A "O" Class Submarine Equipment Serial 9101





Ambrosia - Scrapbook of the 6th Canadian Submarine Squadron Division at Work and at Play 1955 - 1966

Submariners Association of Canada

Upholder/Victoria Class Propulsion - RN Subs (Barrow Submariners Association)