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HMCS U-190

Former German U-Boat U-190

Following its surrender, the German submarine U-190 proceeded to Bay Bulls, Nfld, under escort by RCN vessels


Credit: Library and Archives of Canada / PA 112877

Courtesy of Dave Bennett, President, the Crow's Nest Military Artifacts Association

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Badges associated with U-190

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Laid down: 07 Oct 1941

Launched: 08 Jun 1942

Commissioned: 24 Sep 1942

Surrendered to RCN 11 May 1945

Commissioned into the RCN: 19 May 1945

Paid off: 24 Jul 1947

Sunk: 21 Oct 1947


U-190 was launched 08 Jun 42 and commissioned 24 Sep 1942. Her specifications on completion were: Specifications: Displacement: 1120 / 1232 tons, Length: 252 ft, Beam: 22 ft, Draught: 19 ft, Speed: 18 / 7 kts, Armament: 6-21" TT, 2-37mm (1xII) 4-20mm(2xII). She sailed from Norway on her last patrol 23 Feb 1945. At approx 0635hrs on 16 Apr 45, U-190 sank HMCS Esquimalt J252 at 44d-26, 63d-10W.  At the end of hostilities on 11 May 1945, U-190 reported its position as 42-35N, 43-05W, at 1001GMT. HMCS Victoriaville K684 and HMCS Thorlock K394 were detached from inbound convoy ON.300. U-190's lights were sighted at 2303GMT some 500 miles east of Cape Race. HMCS Thorlock went alongside at 2340GMT on 11 May 1945. It was found that they had followed orders by jettisoning secret documents in weighted bags, and by disposing of all ammunition - even the acoustic torpedoes. The White ensign flew from U-190 at 0001GMT on 12 May 1945. All of U-190's crew with the exception of 9 engine room personnel and 3 upper deck watch keepers were transferred to the corvettes. By 0200 the contingent was steaming at 9kts for the Bay of Bulls Nfld., where it arrived at 0600GMT on 14 May 1945. HMCS Prestonian K662 delivered the fifty-four prisoners to Halifax on 16 May 1945. Subsequently taken to Halifax, U-190 commissioned into the RCN on 19 May 1945 as HMCS/M U-190, Lt D.W. Pope, RNR, took command of the boat 25 Jun 1945 before she left St. John's, Pope's XO was Lt KC Tyron RCNVR, senior Canadian aboard, testing & evaluation were carried out. She was Paid off on 24 Jul 1947 and  21 Oct 1947, U-190 was sunk by Canadian Naval a/c near the position where she had sunk HMCS Esquimalt. The intent at the time was to have Naval a/c, 8 Seafires, 8 Fireflies, 2 Ansons, and 2 Swordfish attack U-190 with rockets and this was to be followed by HMCS Nootka R96, HMCS Haida G63 and HMCS New Liskeard J397 which would bombard U- 190 with 4.7-inch guns and Hedgehog. Almost before the ships had a chance to enter the act, U-190 pointed its bows into the air after the first rocket attack and slipped silently beneath the sea.


Commanding Officers

Lt M. Wood, RNVR - 14 May 1945 - 24 May 1945

Lt Kenneth George Tyron, RCNVR - 25 May 1945 - 24 Jun 1945

Lt D.W. Pope, RNR 25 Jun 1945 - 27 Nov 1945

LCdr W.F. Hardy, RCNVR - 28 Nov 1945 - 17 Jan 1946

Lt James Rodney Johnston, RCNR - 18 Jan 1946 - 24 Jul 1947


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Gray, George S.







McPhee, George Lorimer


Served in U-190 as XO






Former Crew Members

Addell, R.W.


Alexander, B.


Arsenault, R.


Benham, G.


Bond, J.A.


Boyce, D.A.


Burbrick, T.W.


Crowley, E.T.


Currie, D.S.


Deadman, E.


Dennis, T.W.


Foster, R.C.


Fryer, F.


Gavin, F.


Gillham, L.


Jones, E.


Kerr, R.


Larking, G.


Lusher, J.


McMillan, A.


McKenna, R., Lt


Merriman, B.


Moffat, J.


Murcua, A.


Newsome, J.


Oliver, L.


Peacock, J.


Rodwell, H.F.


Rogerson, E.


Sparks, R.


Tipple, R.


Wilsie, D.


Photos and Documents



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