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Herbert Russel Knight, M.I.D.


Leading Seaman, V19140, RCNVR


Born: 08 Oct 1920, Cottom, Essex, Ontario


Died: 16 Apr 1945 at sea (approaches to Halifax Harbour)


Book of Remembrance


KNIGHT, Herbert Russel, M.I.D., LS, V19140, RCNVR, killed - 16 Apr 1945, HMCS ESQUIMALT - Son of Thory and Linnie Knight;  husband of Louise Knight, and father of Herbert James Knight (born 02 May 1945) all of Leamington, ON.


LS Knight was originally qualified as a Submarine Detector (SD). In Jan 1944 he was re-mustered to the Seaman Division. LS Knight is buried in the Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, Leamington, ON.


Knight Lake (see map below) in Eastern ON, located about 30 minutes northwest of Atikokan, ON on highway 622 was named in honour of LS Herbert Knight


Citation for Mentioned in Despatches:  KNIGHT, Herbert Russell, Leading Seaman, V19140, Posthumous, Mention in Despatches, RCNVR, HMCS ESQUIMALT - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 5 January 1946 and London Gazette of 1 January 1946. "After the torpedoing of HMCS Esquimalt, Leading Seaman Knight found himself on a carley float which was overcrowded and without hesitation swam to another. Later, he re-entered the water and took a leading part in getting two of the floats secured together. His subsequent death is believed to have been partly due to these exertions and the additional time in the water. His bravery, resource and devotion to duty were in keeping with the high standards of the Canadian Naval Service.


 ** Note: The actual citation reads "Robert Russel Knight". It has been corrected here in order to pay proper respects to LS Herbert R. Knight.


Ships served in:

WINDSOR DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted 01 Oct 1949. Commenced active service 03 Nov 1940

HMCS BADDECK - Served in Baddeck 18 May 1941 - 27 Jul 1941 as an OS, RCNVR. Commissioning crew.

HMCS ANNAPOLIS - Served in Annapolis 19 Aug 1941 - 05 Jun 1942 as an OS and AB, RCNVR. Rated AB 03 Nov 1941

HMCS HOCHELAGA II (Harbour craft) - Served in to Hochelaga 14 Jun 1942 - 22 Jun 1942

ML Q075 - Served in Q075 23 Jun 1942 - 01 Dec 1942 as an AB, RCNVR

ML Q053 - Served in Q053 05 Dec 1942 - 04 Feb 1943 as an AB, RCNVR

HMCS SWIFT CURRENT - Served in Swift Current 13 Feb 9143 - 24 May 1943 as an AB, RCNVR

HMCS HOCHELAGA II - Served in Hochelaga II 09 Sep 1943 - 13 Oct 1943 as an AB, RCNVR

HMCS ATHOLL - Served in Atholl 14 Oct 1943 - 22 May 1944 as an AB, RCNVR

HMCS ESQUIMALT - Drafted to Esquimalt 25 May 1944 as an AB, RCNVR. Rated LS 15 Jan 1945







(HK01) OS Herbert Knight  (HK02-HK04) Certificate of Service  (HK05) Casualty Report








(HK06) Letter to LS Knight's widow informing her of the circumstances of his death - for which was was posthumously awarded Mentioned in Despatches. (HK07) Article from the Leamington Post on the funeral for LS Knight - 26 Apr 1945  (HK08) Article from the Leamington Post on Herbert Knight being awarded M.I.D - 14 Feb 1946 (HK09) Article on LS Knight's actions when HMCS ESQUIMALT was sunk - Toronto Star - 10 May 1945  (HK10) Newspaper article on the sinking of HMCS ESQUIMALT by U-190  (HK10) Newspaper article U-190's pending demise as a target ship - The Windsor Daily Star 17 Jul 1947



Ship's Company photo - Halifax, March 1945


This photo is also posted on the Ship's Company Photo page for HMCS ESQUIMALT



Funeral service for the casualties from HMCS ESQUIMALT






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