Flower Class Corvette




Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell


Laid down: 25 Oct 1940

Launched: 05 May 1941

Commissioned: 06 Sep 1941

Paid off: 29 Jun 1945

Fate: Broken up at Hamilton, Ont., in 1946


Built at Port Arthur, Ont., she was commissioned at Montreal on 06 Sep 1941. MORDEN arrived at Halifax on 16 Sep 1941. She joined Newfoundland Command and left St. John's 23 Nov 1941 to escort SC.56, her first convoy, to Iceland. She continued on to the U.K., however, to carry out two months' refit and repairs at Southampton. She left the Clyde on 05 Mar 1942, to pick up westbound convoy ON.73, and was thereafter continuously in service as an ocean escort until the fall of 1943 - from Aug 1942, as a member of EG C-2. 


The following is from the memoirs of Larry Restall "We detected surfaced sub (later found to be U-756) attempting to break into convoy at night. I was on the after gun crew during action stations firing at the sub which dived. We attempted to ram but the sub was able to submerge. Passed over sub and dropped a pattern of depth charges. According to German records the sub never reported again."


On 22 Oct 1942, the SS Winnipeg was torpedoed and sunk by U-443 while enroute from Liverpool to Saint John, NB. HMCS MORDEN rescued all who were aboard her. After a brief refit at Lunenburg in Jun 1943, and workups at Pictou, she sailed for Plymouth to join EG 9. She left Devonport on 15 Sep 1943 to join the group on patrol south of the Sicily Islands, but the group was ordered to the assistance of combined convoy ONS.18/ON.202 which lost six merchant ships and three of its escort. In Oct 1943 MORDEN rejoined EG C-2 and was given an extensive refit at Londonderry between late Nov 1943 and the end of Jan 1944. The work done included the lengthening of her fo'c's'le. She left 'Derry for the last time on 14 Nov 1944. In May 1945, on completion of a long refit at Sydney and Halifax, she joined EG W-9 of WLEF and left New York on 23 May 1945 as local escort to HX.358, the last HX convoy. Paid off on 29 Jun 1945, at Sorel, she was broken up at Hamilton in 1946.


U-Boats Sunk:  U-756 (Kptlt Klaus Harney) sunk on 01 Sep 1942 by HMCS MORDEN K170 in position 57-41 N, 31.30 W. Sunk with all hands. 43 men lost.



Photos and Documents          The Ship's Bell



Commanding Officers


Lt John James Hodgkinson, RCNR - 06 Sep 1941 - 02 Jun 1943

Lt Erin Claude Smith, RCNVR - 03 Jun 1943 - 14 Oct 1943

Lt W. Turner, RCNR - 15 Oct 1943 - 02 Jan 1944

Lt Erin Claude Smith, RCNVR - 03 Jan 1944 - 21 May 1944

Lt Kenneth Benjamin Cully, RCNVR - 22 May 1944 - 18 Feb 1945

Lt Fred Royal Spindler, RCNVR - 19 Feb 1945 - 29 Jun 1945



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


MAY, George Edward

Stoker PO, RCNR

MPK - 14 Oct 1942

Lost on passage aboard Caribou when returning to HMCS MORDEN from leave



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Allerton, Ronald Kent Jackson, SLt, RCNVR - 29 Apr 1942


Brault, Jean Rene, Lt, RCNVR - 01 May 1943


Choate, John James Joseph, Lt, RCNVR - 29 Jan 1945

Handy, Blake Herbert, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 16 Apr 1944


Inman, William Robert, Lt, RCNVR - 31 Jul 1943


Lamar, Frederick Harry, Lt, RCNVR - 11 Mar 1944


Langlais, Pierre Henri Claude, SLt, RCNVR - 05 Feb 1945

Nicholson, Jim


Welch, Arnold Philip, Lt, RCNVR - 28 May 1945


Williams, Stafford Manning, Lt, RCNVR - 15 Jul 1943



Photos and Documents







(MDN001) The 4-inch gun of HMCS MORDEN  //  Credit: Ken Macpherson / Naval Museum of Alberta

(MDN002) HMCS MORDEN as seen from HMCS Kamloops circa 1942-1943  //  Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell

(MDN003) HMCS MORDEN K170 during acceptance trials August 1941  //  Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell

(MDN004) HMCS MORDEN'S depth charge storage area  //  Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell

(MDN005) HMCS MORDEN in the North Atlantic  //  Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell





(MDN006) HMCS MORDEN K170 on the Foyle River circa 1943-1944  //  From the collection of Kenneth Medford, DSM  //  Courtesy of Gary Medford

(MDN007) Gunshield art of HMCS MORDEN K170, eagle sweeping over a U-Boat, talons ready to pick up it’s prey  //  Roger Litwiller Collection, courtesy Raymond Leslie Reid, RCNVR. (RTL-RLR010)

(MDN008) 357 Rescued by HMCS MORDEN  //  From the collection of François Messier, AB, RCNVR  //  Courtesy of Denis Messier






(IK11-IK13) HMCS MORDEN'S gunshield art - painted by LS Ian Kerr

From the collection of Ian Kerr, LS, RCNVR





(LR08) Larry Restall on HMCS MORDEN.  Note the gunshield art painting to the right of the photo

(LR09) A few of the crew of HMCS MORDEN






(LR09-LR12) Survivors from SS Winnipeg, sunk by U-443 on 22 Oct 1942, rescued by HMCS MORDEN K170


From the memoirs of Larry Restall - "Picked up 194 survivors from torpedoed liner SS Winnipeg in 13 lifeboats Picked up two gunners from torpedoed ship. Picked up one man completely soaked in black oil with only his eyes visible


From the collection of Larry Restall, Radar Operator, RCNVR


Courtesy of Clay Restall






(DD93-DD95) HMCS MORDEN K170 approaching HMCS OWEN SOUND K340

From the collection of Dan L. Dunbar, AB, RCNVR

Courtesy of Dan Dunbar