Escort Maintenance Ship





HMCS CAPE BRETON 19 Aug 1961 at dock in BC

Photographer: Walter E. Frost

Source: City of Vancouver Archives

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Battle honours and awards:  Arctic  1944,   Normandy  1944,   Atlantic  1944-45



Laid down: 05 Jul 1944

Launched: 07 Oct 1944

Paid off: 1952

Transferred to the RCN: 1952

Commissioned: 31 Jan 1953

Paid off: 25 Aug 1958

Re-commissioned: 16 Nov 1959

Paid off:: 10 Feb 1964

Fate: Sunk as an artificial reef 20 Oct 2001


A modified Fort type cargo ship, HMS FLAMBOROUGH HEAD was built by Durrard Dry Dock Co. Ltd. Launched at Vancouver in 1944, she served in the RN until paid off in 1952. FLAMBOROUGH HEAD was acquired from the RN in 1952, and renamed CAPE BRETON upon commissioning on 31 Jan 1953. She served at Halifax until 25 Aug 1958, as a repair ship and training establishment for technical apprentices. Converted to escort maintenance ship at Esquimalt, she was commissioned there on 16 Nov 1959, for service on the west coast. On 10 Feb 1964, CAPE BRETON was paid off into reserve, but since 1972 she has functioned as a towed mobile support facility and accommodation vessel at Esquimalt, designated Fleet Maintenance Group (Pacific). Finally removed from service, she was sold and sunk as an artificial reef on 20 Oct 2001 near Nanaimo, BC.



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Commanding Officers


Cdr Edward Newton Clarke, RCN - 31 Jan 1953 - 21 Mar 1954

Cdr Daniel Hugh Fairney, RCN - 22 Mar 1954 - 08 Mar 1956

Capt James Stuart Ross, RCN - 09 Mar 1956 - 02 Jul 1956

Cdr (E) Frank Harley, RCN - 03 Jul 1956 - 31 Jul 1957

LCdr K.W. Salmon, RCN - 01 Aug 1957 - 26 Aug 1957

Cdr J.C. Chauvin, RCN - 27 Aug 1957 - 11 Jun 1958

Cdr Harry Romeyn Beck, RCN - 12 Jun 1958 - 01 Aug 1958

LCdr R.P. LeMay, RCN - 02 Aug 1958 - 25 Aug 1958

Cdr M.F. Oliver, RCN - 16 Nov 1959 - 24 Jul 1962

Cdr Ian Archibald McPhee, RCN - 25 Jul 1962 - 10 Feb 1964



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Beanlands, Gordon A.

Bell, Wesley G.

Bergstrom, Lloyd G.

Blosser, Frank E.

Bonner, Albert L.

Brideau, David G.

Brown, William DeW.

Brownsey, Lionel J.S.

Beanlands, Gordon A.

Beck, Harry R.

Christie, Alan E.

Churcher, Walter R.

Clarke, Edward N.

Clarke, Robert

Copley, Lloyd G.

Cox, Peter S.

Curell, Randy

Cuthbert, Lawrence J.

DeCosta, Wilfred H.

Dibben, Basil J. C. D.

Dowdall, James F.

Dunham, Roy O.

Ebner, Ernest F.

Edwards, Charles W.

Fairney, Daniel H.

Fane, Peter E.

Gillespie, Douglas R.

Halderson, James

Hodgkin, William P.

Hoskins, William B.

Hughes, Darrell M.

Ingleson, Terry R.

Inouye, Yeiji

Irwin, Ernest H.

Johnson, Kenneth E.

Jupp, Robert H.

Kellerman, Wilfred H. J.

Kerley, Alfred H.

Kobayashi, John A.

Kovits, William C.

Lees, Arthur L.

Logie, Robert D.

Lysne, Jack M.

MacCullough, Harold A.

Martin, Francis J.

Mason, Eric B.

McCallum, Roy

McCaw, Hubert J.

Mott, Ralph S. W.

Olmstead, Garry I.

Oxborough, Donald C.

Parsons, Harvey

Peressini, Luigi A.

Phillips, Edward C.

Redfern, Michael W.

Rodger, A. Edward

Ross, Sterling M.

Sailor, Frank

Salaga, Steven A.

Salmond, John A.

Schauer, Ralph

Scougal, Gordon J.

Sigurdson, Thomas A.

Smith, S. Kingston

Smith, Thomas G.

Southin, Howard E.

Stenson, Allan E.

Stone, George A.

Sturgess, Ian A.

Taylor, Douglas F.

Verschuere, Julian G.

Walton, Bruce

Webster, Ronald D.

Westover, Darroll E.

Woolverton, Cecil K.

Wright, David L.

Wright, Kenneth L.






Former Crew Members


Berbeck, Robert, Sep 1962 - Jan 1963


Hughes, Cyril


Jacques, Yves - 1961 - 1962 


Mitchell, Mike

Quilter, Leslie R., ET


Scratchley, John


Watts, Randall John



Photos and Documents






(CBN001) HMCS CAPE BRETON 100 - mid-1950s  //  Courtesy of Hugh Muir

(CBN002) HMCS CAPE BRETON 100 - undated

(CBN003) Newspaper article on HMCS CAPE BRETON's basketball victory - The Halifax Mail-Star 22 Nov 1956

(CBN004) HMCS CAPE BRETON Naval Engineering Apprentice program - Entry 4 - 1956  //  Front: Woodcock, Stenson, Zoschke, Pippet, CPO Grant, McRitchie, Elwgren, Sanom, Barnes  //  Rear: Hansen, Christie, Howe, Thomson, Catchpole, Cooper, Mitchell, Armstrong  //  Click here to see Entry 4 course members at their 50th Reunion




The End


Former HMCS CAPE BRETON 100 being sunk as an artificial reef on 20 Oct 2001





Article on the sinking of the CAPE BRETON as an artificial reef.

Source: Facebook post by Earl Broome

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