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Thomas August Sigurdson 


Lieutenant-Commander (S), O-66953, RCN


Born: 14 Jun 1927, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Died: 08 Nov 2019, Ottawa, Ontario


SIGURDSON, Thomas August - An obituary is often the first thing my father read in the newspaper each day - and, as he used to joke, it will likely be the last thing written about his life. With that said, it is with sadness that the family announces the passing of Tom (Dad and Granddad) in his 92nd year. Son of Augustus Sigurdson and Sarah Buckley. A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, upon obtaining his degree from the University of Manitoba Tom joined the Canadian Navy, retiring after many adventures as a Lieutenant Commander at Shearwater Naval base in Nova Scotia. Tom immediately obtained his MBA from Dalhousie University and joined the Department of National Defence where he worked tirelessly for his country in Ottawa until his full retirement. As Tom used to say, "I have witnessed incredible changes in our world". Tom will be remembered by his children - Jon, Eric (Karen), Paul and Katherine. Tom will also be fondly remembered by his six grandchildren - James (Monica), Samantha (Andrew), Cecelia (Austin), McKenzie, Thomas, and Cassandra. Tom will also be remembered by his sister Grace. Tom was predeceased by his sister Pauline. A heartfelt thank you to Nurse Debra James and the wonderful staff at Tom's long term care facility (Garry J. Armstrong) in Ottawa. No formal funeral services will be held in respect to Tom's wishes. Memorial donations in celebration of Tom's life can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society in his name. (Ottawa Citizen 15 Nov 2019)


Ships served in:

HMCS CHIPPAWA - Listed as a Cdt (S), RCN(R), ON # U-68000 (seniority 15 Feb 1949) (Navy List Jul 1950)

HMCS CHIPPAWA - Appointed to Chippawa 19 May 1951  as a SLt (S), RCN(R) (seniority 19 May 1951) (Navy List Apr 1952).  Appointed Lt (S), RCN(R) (Seniority 19 May 1943) (Navy List Oct 1953)

RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN Barracks Esquimalt 20 Nov 1953 as a Lt (S), RCN (SSA) (Navy List Jan 1954)

RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN Barracks Esquimalt 05 Nov 1954 as a Lt (S), RCN (SSA) for Supply Officers' Technical Course (Navy List Apr 1955)

HMC NRS ALDERGROVE - Appointed to Aldergrove 01 Jun 1955 as a Lt (S), RCN (SSA), Supply Officer (Navy List Jul 1955)

HMCS OSHAWA - Appointed to Oshawa 25 Nov 1957 as a Lt (S), RCN (seniority 19 May 1953) (Navy List Jan 1958)

RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN Barracks Esquimalt as a Lt (S), RCN, Add't (Navy List Jan 1959)

HMCS CAPE BRETON - Appointed to Cape Breton 16 Nov 1959 as a Lt (S), RCN, Deputy Supply Officer (Navy List Jan 1960)

HMCS HOCHELAGA - Appointed to Hochelaga 24 Apr 1961 as a LCdr (S), RCN, Training Officer (Navy List Oct 1961)

HMCS FORT ERIE - Appointed to Fort Erie 25 Jun 1962 as LCdr (S), RCN, Supply Officer and Squadron Supply Officer (Navy List Oct 1962)

HMCS STADACONA - Appointed to Stadacona 22 Nov 1963 as a LCdr (S), RCN, Training and Transient (Navy List Apr 1964)

SENIOR NAVAL OFFICER AND BASE SUPERINTENDENT, SYDNEY (SUPSYD) - Appointed to SUPSYD, Naval Supply Depot, Sydney 07 Jul 1964 as a LCdr (S), RCN (Navy List Oct 1964)

FLAG OFFICER ATLANTIC COAST - Appointed to Staff of FOAC 26 Feb 1965 as a LCdr (S), RCN (Navy List Oct 1965)



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