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HMCS Fredericton K245

Source: Warships of WWII


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1942-45



Laid down: 22 Mar 1941

Launched: 02 Sep 1941

Commissioned: 08 Dec 1941

Paid off: 14 Jul 1945

Fate: Broken up in 1946


Built at Sorel, Quebec, she was commissioned there on 08 Dec 1941. After arriving at at Halifax on 18 Dec 1941, she was assigned to WLEF until Jul 1942, when she joined Halifax Force (Aruba Tanker Convoys). In Sep 1942, after one round trip to Aruba, she was placed under U.S. operational control to escort New York-Guantanamo convoys. She arrived in New York for the last time on 21 Feb 1943, rejoining WLEF in Mar 1943. After a major refit at Liverpool, N.S., from 09 Jun to 10 Oct 1943, and workups at Pictou, she joined EG C-1 and for the next ten months was employed as an ocean escort. She left Londonderry on 30 Sep 1944, for convoy ON.256 and upon arriving in Canada, went to Saint John, N.B. for two months' refit. This was completed in mid-Dec 1944 and, in Jan 1945, the ship proceeded to Bermuda for three weeks' workups. In Feb 1945 she joined EG C-9, with which she was to spend the balance of the war as ocean escort. Fredericton was paid off on 14 Jul 1946, at Sorel and broken up in 1946. 


On 02 Oct 2011, Bertha (Carrie) Guyett passed away at the age of 103. Bertha christened HMCS Fredericton K245.


Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos


Commanding Officers

A/LCdr J.H.S. MacDonald, RCNR - 08 Dec 1941 - 01 Jul 1942

LCdr John Eric Harrington, RCNVR - 02 Jul 1942 - 20 Jul 1944 

Lt Jack Cranfield Smyth, RCN - 21 Jul 1944 - 14 Jul 1945


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Beales, William Edward


Bleau, Louis


Served in Fredericton 22 Jan 1944 - 08 Jul 1945 as an AB, RCNVR

Burton, Thomas





Clark, Thomas Jr.







Eldridge, Carman Leon


Served in Fredericton as a SD

Finlay, James Clinton






Giles, Bruce


Gordon, Hugh Warwick






Kolbeinson, Ivor


Ryder, Lawrence






Richardson, Charles Walter







Sereda, Joseph







Welsh, George Harrison






Ship's Mascots






Former Crew Members

Cloggie, William Tolmie, A/War (E), RCN - Jan 1945


Ferguson, John Stewart, A/Lt, RCNVR - 16 May 1945


Fyfe, James Gordon, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 22 Jul 1942


Grand, William Martin, Lt, RCNVR - 15 Apr 1944

Hardy, Harold Stevenson, Slt, RCNVR - Jan 1942 / 30 Jul 1943, Lt, RCNVR


Harrington, John Eric, Lt, RCNVR - 18 Feb 1942 


Perdue, Harry Mahan, Lt, RCNVR - 31 Jan 1942

Savage, Roger Fraseer Donaldson, A/Lt, RCNVR - 28 Jul 1944


Torraville, Victor Harrison, Lt, RCNR - Jan 1944


Wilkinson, William Arthur, Wt (E), RCNVR - 13 Apr 1944


Photos and Documents


HMCS Fredericton K245, Nov 1943

Source: National Archives of Canada (item id #GM1149)

Lt. Cdr. John Eric Harrington, Commanding Officer, HMCS Fredericton K245, 1942 - 1944

Source: National Archives of Canada

Poem from the collection of Bruce Giles

Courtesy of Wayne Giles