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Fisherman's Reserve Vessel MARAUDER FY03

Fisherman's Reserve Vessel Marauder Fy03

Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw, Seawaves Magazine, RCN News


Acquired by RCN: 

Fate: Unknown


Ship's History:


Photos and Documents


Commanding Officers

Skpr/Coxn Duncan Alexander Sim (FR) RCNR - 01 Jan 1941 - unk

Cox'n Patrick Hope, RCNR - 12 Jan 1942 - unk

Cox'n Wallace Garnet Grant (FR), RCNVR - 22 Jul 1942 - unk

Cox'n Angus Neish, RCNR - 16 Apr 1943 - unk


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Former Crew Members

MacLeod, Joseph Harold, Cox'n, FR, RCNR - 26 Jun 1943

Mulhern, Thomas Arthur, Cox'n, FR, RCNR - 29 Jun 1942


Photos and Documents


Marauder FY 03