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Laid down: 10 Jul 1918 as USS Satterlee

Launched: 21 Dec 1918

Transferred to RN / Commissioned on 08 Oct 1940:

Sunk: 31 Jan 1942 by U-82


This page is not meant to be a comprehensive history of HMS Belmont, but a record of sailors of the ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY who served in her, photos they took and stories they may have shared with their families.


The H.M.S. Belmont, commanded by LCdr Geoffrey Harding, R.N., was serving in the 3rd Escort Group when she was torpedoed south of Newfoundland by U82 on January 31, 1942. There were no survivors - 138 officers and men, including 5 from the RCN, perished.


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     

CLARK, William Norman

ERA 4c, 21604, RCN

MPK - 31 Jan 1942

JORDAN, Russell Hugh

Stoker PO, 21169, RCN

MPK - 31 Jan 1942

LAIDLAW, Basil Matthew

Sto PO, 21350, RCN

MPK - 31 Jan 1942

MacDONALD, John Stuart

Sto PO, 21322, RCN

MPK - 31 Jan 1942

PAIGE, John Ernest

Sto PO, 21402, RCN

MPK - 31 Jan 1942