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Flower Class Corvette



HMCS Saskatoon K158

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Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1942-45



Laid down: 09 Aug 1940

Launched: 07 Nov 1940

Commissioned: 09 Jun 1941

Paid off: 25 Jun 1945

Fate: Sold to commercial interests and converted to a whale catcher, her final disposition is unknown.


Commissioned at Montreal on 09 Jun 1941, Saskatoon arrived at Halifax on 22 Jun 1941. She joined Halifax Force after working up and in Aug 1941 made a trip to the Bahamas, returning at the end of Sept 1941. She remained on local escort duty until Mar 1942, then joined WLEF on its formation. She served with this force on the "triangle run" until the end of the war, becoming a member of EG W-8 when it was established in Jun 1943, and transferring to W-6 in Apr 1944. During her career she had two major refits: at Halifax from 11 Aug to 17 Nov 1942; and at Pictou from mid-Dec 1943 to 01 Apr 1944. Following the latter, which included fo'c's'le extension, she worked up for three weeks at Pictou and another three in Bermuda. She was paid off on June 25, 1945, at Sorel and soon afterward sold for converstion to a whale-catcher. She began her new career in 1948, successively named Tra los Montes, Olympic Fighter in 1950, and Otori Maru No. 6 in 1956, Last appearing in Lloyd's list for 1962-1963. (Source: The Ship's of Canada's Naval Fources 1910 - 1981 by Ken Macpherson and John Burgess)


Notes: (1) The 3rd edition of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-2002 by Ken Macpherson and Ron Barrie has an amended final paragraph for HMCS Saskatoon K158:  She was paid off on 25 June 1945 at Sorel and soon afterward sold for conversion to a merchant vessel. She began her new career as Rio Norte, then the Egyptian-registered Mabruk, and was later taken up by the Egyptian Navy as Misr. She was sunk by collision at Suez, Egypt, on May 17, 1953.  


(2) Online resources list the following as being the former HMCS Saskatoon K158:  Renamed Tra los Montes, she served as a whaler from 1948. Renamed Olympic Fighter (1950), Otori Maru No. 6 (1956), and Kyo Maru No. 20 (1961). Last in Lloyd's Register for 1978.


(3)  Website: Shipwrecks of the Gulf of Suez and the Naval Historical Society of Australia indicate that the Misr was the former HMS Papau not HMCS Saskatoon K158.  The following is from "Shipwrecks of the Gulf of Suez" website:  Misr - Triicoma Class Patrol Frigate/British Colony Class Frigate: (MC Type T. S2-S2-AQ1) Originally authorized as Patrol Gunboat, PG-192; Redesignated as a Patrol Frigate and named Howett (PF-84), 15 April 1943; Laid down under a Maritime Commission contract at Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc., Providence, RI; Assigned to the Royal Navy under the Lend-Lease Program; Launched 10 October 1943; Transferred to the Royal Navy and commissioned HMS Papua (K 588), 25 July 1944; Returned to U.S. custody 15 April 1946; Sold for scrapping to Boston Metals, Baltimore, MD; Resold in 1950 to Khedivial Mail Lines, Alexandria, Egypt and renamed SS Malrouk; Acquired by Egypt, rearmed and commissioned as Misr; Sank after a collision in the Gulf of Suez 17 May 1953.



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Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos



Commanding Officers


Lt Joseph Stewart Scott, RCNR - 09 Jun 1941 - 15 Jan 1942

Lt James Philip Fraser, RCNR - 16 Jan 1942 - 04 Feb 1942

A/LCdr Clarence Aubrey King, DSC, RCNR - 05 Feb 1942 - 14 Feb 1942

Lt Joseph Stewart Scott, RCNR - 12 May 1942 - 20 Apr 1942

Lt Howard Geoffrey Dupont, RCNR - 21 Apr 1942 - 11 May 1942

Lt Joseph Stewart Scott, RCNR - 12 May 1942 - 09 Jul 1943

LCdr Thomas MacDuff, RCNR - 10 Jul 1943 - 14 Jan 1944

A/LCdr Richard Sugden Williams, RCNVR - 15 Mar 1944 - 29 May 1945

Lt Hugh Russell Knight, RCNR - 30 May 1945 - 25 Jun 1945



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


OLIVER, Robert

ERA, V/30100, RCNVR

killed - 26 Feb 1943

WHEELER, Thomas Knowles

Sto 2c, V/22867, RCNVR

died - 23 Mar 1944 



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


(SC1) - Ships Company photo - Halifax, Oct 1943     //     (SC2) = Ships Company Photo - Halifax, May 1945


Adamson, D., Lt (SC1)


Allain, R., AB (SC2)


Allen, Boyd Wellington, Ch/Skpr, RCNR - 10 Jun 1941


Allen, E., AB (SC2)


Allison, W., AB (SC2)


Anderson, F., Sto 1c (SC1)


Armour, J., L/Tel (SC2)


Armstrong, R., AB (SC2)


Aston, A., Sto (SC2)


Austen, E., CPO (SC1)


Baker, E.W., OS (SC1)


Bates, James Ferguson, A/Wt (E), RCNVR - 16 Mar 1944 / Lt - May 1945 (SC1 as SLt) (SC2 as Lt)


Belanger, J.W., AB (SC1)


Bell, R.D., OS (SC1)

Belyea, W., OS (SC1)


Bernard, A., AB (SC2)


Black J., W/Eng (SC2)


Blatchford, LS (SC2)


Blyth, B., Sto 2c (SC1)


Board, N., SPO (SC1)


Bolin, D., Cdr (SC2)


Boyle, J., AB (SC2)


Brooks, S., AB (SC2)


Burchall, Maurice Percival George, A/Lt, RCNVR - 15 Feb 1944


Burgess, R., Sig  (SC2)


Burnham, H., Coder (SC1)


Carson, W., Sto (SC2)


Carter, J., AB (SC2)


Cassin, F., AB (SC1)


Clarabut, H.G., ERA (SC1)

Clarke, E., OS (SC1)


Cloutier, R., Sto (SC2)


Cochrane, R., OS (SC1)


Coombes, R.E., OS (SC1)


Corkum, C., AB - (SC1) (SC2)


Coull, G., Sto (SC2)


Courtois, J., Lt, RCNVR - 20 Mar 1944 (SC2)


Covil, G., Sto 1c (SC1)


Cowley, Hugh E., AB (SC1)


Coxon, J., LS (SC1) PO (SC2)


Davidson, D., Tel (SC1)


Davies, F., RA (SC2)


Dean, C., ERA (SC2)


Dease, C., OS (SC1)


Dolan, O.C, Sig (SC1)


Doughty, J., AB (SC2)


Dresser, A., SPO (SC2)


Dube, T.H., Lt (SC1)


Dunbar, T., Sto (SC2)


Duncanson, John William, SLt, RCNVR - 26 Jun 1943 (SC1) (SC2)


Durant, H., OS (SC1)


Ellis, J., ERA (SC2)


Englefield, H., ERA (SC1)



Ferguson, T., L/Sig (SC1)


Findlater, J., OS (SC2)


Fleming, J. B., AB (SC1)


Flynn, J., Tel (SC2)

Gale, J., O/Stwd (SC1) Stwd (SC2)


Gallant, J., OS (SC1)

Garrett, D., Sto 1c (SC1)

Gilbert, A., AB (SC2)


Goodman, G., L/Sto (SC1)

Gracis, D., AB - (SC1) (SC2)


Graham, G., Coder (SC1)

Gratix, T.A., OS (SC1)

Graydon, W., Sto 1c (SC1)

Gronlund, G., OS (SC1)

Guthrie, K., CPO (SC2)


Halloran, E., AB (SC1)

Hancock, D., SPO (SC2)

Harakas, J., AB - (SC1) (SC2)


Hawkins, D.A., AB (SC1)

Hayes, E., AB (SC2)


Headson, L., SPO (SC2)


Hunt, J., AB (SC2)

Johnston, C., Tel (SC2)


Keith, L., AB (SC2)

Kennedy, R., AB (SC2)

Kennelly, G., Slt (SC2)

King, G., Cdr (SC2)


Kirstien, F., OS (SC1)


Kovochuk, H.G., OS (SC1)

Kreller, L., AB (SC2)

Krupp, J., OS (SC2)

Labbe, P., AB (SC2)


Lafond, A., OS (SC1)

Laing, J., L/SA (SC2)


LaPenna, J., Tel (SC1)


Lavergne, J.A., OS (SC1)

LeBlanc, J.E., OS (SC1)

Linton, W., AB (SC1)

Lister, A., ERA (SC1)


Llewellyn, C., AB (SC2)

Love, G., AB - (SC1) (SC2)

MacInnis, G., AB (SC2)


MacDonnell, H., AB (SC1)

MacDuff, T., LCdr (SC1)

Macintyre, J.F., Lt (SC1)

MacKay, D., Sto (SC2)


MacKay, G., AB (SC1)

MacQuaig, C., Sto 1c ((SC1) L/Sto (SC2)

Makila, O., AB (SC2)


Mallough, D.F., Tel (SC1)

Marcotte, A., AB (SC2)


McAvoy, John Henry Slt, RCNVR - 23 Mar 1942

McClintick, L., AB (SC2)

McDonald, J., Slt (SC2)

McGeachy, R., AB (SC2)

McGurk, D., Sig (SC1)


McIver, J., AB (SC2)


McDonald, John Donald, Slt, RCNVR - 04 Mar 1945


McLeod, D., AB (SC2)


McNab, J., L/Sto (SC1)


McPhee, A., OS (SC1)


McPherson, William Cameron, Slt, RCNVR - 05 May 1942
Mervin, J., Sig (SC2)


Middleton, W., Cook (SC2)

Mills, A., EA (SC2)

Mills, T., Tel (SC2)

Moffat, W., AB - (SC1) (SC2)

Moffatt, E., Sto (SC2)

Moreau, M., AB (SC2)


Morgan, J., AB (SC1)

Morrow, E., Sto (SC2)


Muirhead, J., AB (SC1)

Neil, N., SPO (SC2)

Parker, H., ERA (SC2)

Parsons, G., Tel (SC2)


Patterson, R.E., L/Tel (SC1)


Peavoy, J., Sto 2c (SC1)

Philip, K., Sto (SC2)


Pimlott, Norman Arthur, OS (SC1)


Pimm, Gordon, Sig, RCNVR (SC1)


Pineau, C., L/Sto (SC1)

Pringle, J., Sto (SC2)


Redmond, E., Tel (SC1)

Ritchie, J., Gordon, O/Stwd (SC1)

Robinson, W., L/Sto (SC1)

Robitaille, N., L/SA (SC1)


Scott, Joseph Stewart, Lt, RCNR - 27 Apr 1941 (Stand by) CO / 09 Jun 1941


Shanahan, J.G., Coder (SC1)

Sharpe, L.B., Lt (SC1)

Shaw, H., AB (SC2)


Sibbald, John Edward, Slt, RCNVR - 26 Jul 1943

Smith, R., LCdr (SC2)

Standon, W., SBA (SC2)

Stewart, R., AB (SC2)

Stewart, W., Sto (SC2)

Stranforth, C., LS (SC2)

Wade, R., Sig (SC2)

Walsh, J., Sig (SC2)

Wilcock, P., Lt  (SC2)


Varney, C., SBA (SC1)


Walker, R., Coder (SC1)

Williams, D., Yeo (SC2)

Wilson, R., Sto (SC2)

Winegard, W., Slt, RCNVR - 28 Jan 1945 (SC2)


Wismer, R., AB (SC1)


Wood, G.A., ERA (SC1)

Woodliffe, M.F., LS (SC1) (SC2)

Worden, T., AB (SC2)


Zinkle, M.W., ERA (SC1)



Photos and Documents


Unidentified sailors posing by HMCS SASKATOON's gunshield art

Courtesy of Harold A. Skaarup


Unidentified sailor by HMCS SASKATOON's gunshield art

HMCS Saskatoon K158

Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell

HMCS Saskatoon K158

Source: Flickr photo collection of Ron Bell

HMCS Saskatoon K158

Jacket patch for HMCS Saskatoon K158

From the collection of John C. Orr

Courtesy of John P. Orr

HMCS Saskatoon K158

From the collection of John C. Orr

Courtesy of John P. Orr



photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

(1) Al Mills and Bill M. sitting on Carley floats on HMCS Saskatoon K158  (2) Port bridge wing of HMCS Saskatoon K158 ice covered  (3-4) Removing ice from the radar cover of HMCS Saskatoon K158  (5) 4-inch gun on HMCS Saskatoon K158 iced up  (6) Sailor chipping ice on the fo'c's'le of HMCS Saskatoon K158 (7) Depth charge thrower on port side of HMCS Saskatoon K158 a bit iced up  (8) unknown merchant ship in convoy


photo 9

photo 10

photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

photo 14

photo 15

photo 16

(9) Convoy seen from HMCS Saskatoon K158  (10) View from HMCS Saskatoon K158  (11) HMCS Saskatoon K158 in rough seas - convoy seen on the horizon  (12) HMCS Saskatoon K158 in rough seas. "Old Sasky tried hard to stand on both ends at once in seas like these."  (13) HMCS Saskatoon K158 in rough seas  (14-16) HMCS Saskatoon's whaler returns to ship and is readied to be hoisted back up


photo 17

photo 18

photo 19

photo 20

(17) "Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini" on HMCS Saskatoon K158  (18) Surrendered German U-boat U-889 off Shelburne, NS.  HMCS Saskatoon K158 in background.  (19) U-889 surrounded by ships of the RCN  (20) Five Corvettes - Poem written by Jack Harakas - 1943


From the collection of Hugh Cowley

Courtesy of Scott Cowley


Lt. John E. Heward, HMCS Rockcliffe; Lt. Bob Hunter, HMCS Dunvegan; LCdr Richard (Dick) Williams,  HMCS Saskatoon; LCDR Jim Pratt HMCS Oshawa (OTC), on board U 889 in Halifax May 1945

From the collection of John Edisforth Heward

Courtesy of Roger Heward