CD 74


Auxiliary Patrol Drifter


(Designated HMCS SEAGULL)




From the Library and Archives of Canada

Courtesy of Bud (Donald) Rose



CD 74 was delivered to the RCN on 17 Oct 1917.  She was present in Halifax at the time of the Halifax Explosion on 06 Dec 1917. It is not know if she sustained any damage as a result.  She was designated HMCS SEAGULL (patrols depot Sydney) on 12 Aug 1918.  Paid off on 31 Jan 1919, her final disposition is unknown.


From "The Seabound Coast" - "the increased number of personnel required for the expanded patrol service led to a reorganization of the service's shore establishments. Whereas all patrol personnel had previously been carried on the books of HMCS STADACONA, commencing on 01 May 1918, the sailors of patrol vessels based at Halifax and Sydney were given their own organizations. At Sydney, the drifter CD 74 was designated HMCS SEAGULL to represent the patrols depot afloat and was placed under the command of the RCN's Lieutenant-Commander J.H. Knight.  All other Sydney personnel remained with the port's shore establishment, HMCS LANSDOWNE." (Source: Quote from The Seabound Coast - The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1867-1939 - by William Johnston, William G.P. Rawling, Richard H. Gimblett, and John MacFarlane)



Commanding Officers


Ch/Skpr John Stevens Tonkin, RCN - 01 Mar 1918 - unk


Capt Walter Hose, RCN - 1918



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Bannatyne, Ninian

Fiddler, Roderick

Gyde, Arnold Charles


Drafted to Seagull (CD-74), D/S, on 23 Jun 1918 as Wt/Shpt, RCN

Hose, Walter

Matthews, Harold Edward


Neilson, Donald Stewart


Drafted to Seagull (CD-74), D/S on 14 Jul 1918 as Clerk, RCN

Osborne, John Leroy


Drafted to Seagull (CD-74), D/S, on 14 Jul 1918

Smith, William Black


Drafted to CD 74 on 01 Mar 1918 as Mate, RNCVR

Tait, Wilfred

Tonkin, John Stevens


Drafted to CD 74 on 01 Mar 1918 as Ch/Skpr, RCN