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DND / RCN Photo

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Built: 1941 

Entered in to service: 01 Dec 1941

Re-designated: 24 Jan 1945 as a defence research vessel

Re-designated: 1950 as CNAV EHKOLI

Removed from service: 31 Dec 1991

Fate: Sold to private interests. Still in  use as of 2022


Built at the Star Shipyards (Mercer's) Ltd., New Westminster, BC, EHKOLI (meaning Whale in Chinook) was one of 6 vessels built for the Fisherman's Reserve as the Nenamook class patrol craft, to replace some of the less suitable vessels. Using blueprints from a redesign of large seiners, the interiors were adjusted to suit a crew of 18. Built for the Fisherman's Reserve, they were equipped for ASW and were armed with depth  charges, ASDIC and small arms. On 08 Feb 1944 a RCAF Hurricane crashed near EHKOLI's patrol area. EHKOLI was order to search for the pilot. The pilot had escaped the aircraft but did not make it to his raft. When found, he was deceased.  His body was recovered and transported back to shore by EHKOLI. On 24 Jan 1944, EHKOLI transferred over from the Fisherman's Reserve and became a defence research vessel. During the war, EHKOLI was fitted as a Bathythermographic vessel. In 1950, as a CNAV, her equipment was upgraded and she continued on in this role providing new charts for the navy. In 1968 CFAV EHKOLI was assigned to the USA for us at the Nanoose Range. She was refitted and entered service at the Nanoose Range in 1970. In 1991 she was declared surplus and removed from service. Soon sold, she was renamed Northwest Explore and later Pacific Spirit I. Resold in 1999 she once gain was named EHKOLI. As of March 2015, she is still in service and was photographed at Sooke, BC



Photos and Documents



Commanding Officers


Jim Patterson - 01 Dec 1941 - unk

Cox'n Harold Bunn, RCNR - 19 Jan 1942 - unk

Skpr Cox'n Bjarne Arnett, (FR), RCNR - dates unk (listed a skipper in Feb 1944)

Lt Allen Frank Denton, RCNVR - 13 May 1944 - unk

Lt Robin Blakeney Hayward, RCN - 1947 - 1951



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Barber, Frederick George, SLt, RCNVR - 08 Mar 1944



Photos and Documents


EHKOLI at Sooke, BC, March 2015


Courtesy of / Chris Cole 2015

Accident report on the loss of Hurricane 5423 and the death of her pilot A.J. Ness J37341 on 08 Feb 1944


Pat Bay Museum and Archives

Courtesy of / Researched by Anne Gafiuk

Skpr Cox'n Bjarne Arnet's report on EHKOLI FY12's response to the downing of Hurricane 5423 on 08 Feb 1944 


Library and Archives of Canada

Courtesy of / Researched by Anne Gafiuk

Ehkoli at the Shelter Island Marina - Jun 2022


Photographer / Courtesy of / Roger Bryenton 2022


(below) EHKOLI - 82 years and still going 


Article from the Western Mariner Sep 2023