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HMCS Regina 334

Photo taken from USS Kitty Hawk 23 Jun 2008


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1942-44,   Mediterranean  1943,   English Channel  1944,   Normandy  1944,   Arabian Sea



Laid down: 06 Oct 1989

Floated up: 25 Jan 1992

Commissioned: 30 Sep 1994

Paid off: 


Regina was floated up on 25 Oct 1991 and provisionally accepted by the Navy on 02 Mar 1994. Following trials off Halifax, she left on 13 Jun for Esquimalt, where she was commissioned on 30 Sep 1994. On 10 May 1995, along with Vancouver, she departed for exercises with Southeast Asian naval units. On 18 Mar 1996, in company with Algonquin, Winnipeg and Protecteur, Regina again headed for the western Pacific, this time to exercise with ships of the Japanese, Russian, Korean and Philippine navies. In the course of this deployment, she made a call at Ho Chi Minh City, the first North American warship to do so since the end of the Vietnam War. Regina returned to Esquimalt on 20 Jul 1995. On 21 Feb 1997, she sailed to join a US carrier battle group in the enforcement of trade sanctions against Iraq. In the summer of 1999 she was back in the Arabian Gulf on the same mission, this time with the USS Constellation Battle Group. She returned home on 17 Dec 1999. 


On 06 Jan 2014, HMCS Regina departed Esquimalt, B.C. for to join the NATO task force deployed in the Arabian Sea as part of Operations ARTEMIS - a multinational task force promoting security in the gulfs of Oman and Aden, the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. On 31 Mar 2014  HMCS Regina intercepted a dhow off the east coast of Africa, apprehended 132 kilograms of heroin and destroyed them at sea. On 30 Apr 2014, after Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, HMCS Regina was assigned to Operation REASSURANCE in the Mediterranean. After 254 days away from home port, HMCS Regina returned to Esquimalt on 17 Sep 2014.


Commanding Officers

Cdr M.H. Jellinek - 02 Mar 1993 CO Designate

Cdr M.H. Jellinek - 24 Jun 1993 - 08 Aug 1995

Cdr T.H.W. Pile - 08 Aug 1995 - 25 Aug 1997

Cdr J.W. Hayes - 25 Aug 1997 - 25 Feb 2000

Cdr K.R. Stewart - 25 Feb 2000 - 14 Aug 2001

Cdr B.F. Truelove - 14 Aug 2001 - Unk


Cdr J. Boyd, RCN - Unk - 29 May 2013

Cdr Daniel Charlebois, RCN - 29 May 2013 - 21 Jul 2015

Cdr Colin Matthews - 21 Jul 2015 - 


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HAUSER, James Edward


died - (accident during a RAS) 10 Oct 1995 


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Barber, Dave


Belich, Edward


Boileau, Richard Leon





Couckuyt, Brian D.







Giblin, Robert


Served in Regina in 2003

Grove, Roger Wayne


Hatch, Chrstian Douglas





Kenney, James Joseph







Myles, Thomas







South, Brandon







Former Crew Members

Gallagher, Jean, Cook





Photos and Documents




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