Algerine Class Minesweeper




Wartime Gunshield




Post wartime badge


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1944-45



Laid down: 06 Jul 1942

Launched: 17 Dec 1942

Commissioned: 18 Nov 1943

Paid off: 07 Oct 1946

Re-commissioned: 01 Nov 1950

Paid off: 24 Sep 1957

Transferred to the Belgium Navy: 31 Jul 1959

Paid off: 1969


Built by Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Port Arthur, she was commissioned at there on 18 Nov 1943. She arrived at Halifax on 13 Dec 1943, and after working up was assigned to EG W-8, Western Escort Force, in Feb 1944.


On 28 Jan 1944, the Empire Manor, part of convoy HX.276 enroute from New York to Liverpool, was rammed by the merchant ship Edward Kavagh which had veer sharply to port. The next day, with the rescue tug Tenacity standing by, the Empire Manor broke in with the stern sinking but the forward section remained afloat. At approx 1300 on the 29 Jan 1944, HMCS WALLACEBURG sank the forward section with gunfire and depth charges. Unbeknownst to the convoy escorts, there was approximately 1 ton of gold ingots onboard the Empire Manor. A coded signal was later received asking about the gold bullion that was onboard the Empire Manor. Long after the war the gold was recovered by Risdon Beazley and delivered to the Bank of England.


In Apr 1944, WALLACEBURG was transferred to EG W-6 as Senior Officer's ship but returned in December to W-8. 


On 20 Jun 1944, HMCS WALLACEBURG, exiting Halifax Harbour at a speed of 10 knots in heavy fog, rammed HMCS TROIS RIVIERES in a head on collision putting both ships out of action for several weeks for repairs.


During Jul and Aug 1945, she was attached to HMCS CORNWALLIS for training, then placed in reserve, first at Sydney and then at Halifax. She was paid off on 07 Oct 1946, but re-commissioned on 01 Nov 1950 for cadet training. WALLACEBURG spent the summers of 1956 and 1957 on the Great Lakes and was paid off on 24 Sep 1957. On 31 July 1959, she was transferred to the Belgian Navy, to serve as Georges Lecointe until she was discarded in 1969.



RCN Memories:     Last North Atlantic Convoy     Steering a Zig Zag Course



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell



HMCS WALLACEBURG Deck Log 12 May 1944 - 07 Aug 1944


Board of Inquiry report into collision between WALLACEBURG and TROIS RIVIERES on 20 Jun 1944


WALLACEBURG Work-ups and State of Efficiency and Readiness Reports - 1944-1946


WALLACEBURG Work-ups Reports and Report on collision with tug GLENADA



Commanding Officers


A/LCdr F.R.K. Naftel, RCNVR - 18 Nov 1943 - 02 May 1944

LCdr Robert Auburn S. MacNeil, RCNR - 03 May 1944 - 09 Jan 1945

A/LCdr Freeman Elkins Burrows, RCNVR - 10 Jan 1945 - 21 May 1945

LCdr John Henry Gordon Bovey, RCNVR - 22 May 1945 - 16 Jul 1945

Lt Raymond Nelson Smillie, RCNVR - 17 Jul 1945 - 19 Aug 1945

Lt A.D. Ritchie, RCNVR - 20 Aug 1945 - 07 Sep 1945

Lt G. Kelly, RCNVR - 23 Oct 1945 - 01 Feb 1946

LCdr Richard Miles Steele, RCN(R) - 03 Jun 1946 - 07 Oct 1946

LCdr J.C. Marston, RCNR - 01 Nov 1950 - 20 Dec 1950

Cdr R.A. Webber, RCN - 21 Dec 1950 - 03 Apr 1951

LCdr John Herbert Maxner, RCN - 04 Apr 1951 - 27 Sep 1951

LCdr I.A. McPhee, RCN - 28 Sep 1951 - 21 Feb 1954

LCdr William Alexander Manfield, RCN - 22 Feb 1954 - 25 Nov 1954

Cdr Francis James Jones, RCN - 14 Apr 1955 - 16 Oct 1955

LCdr D.S. Bethune, RCN - 17 Oct 1955 - 24 Sep 1957



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Amy, M. Keith J.

Anderson, Earle M.

Arthurs, Thomas S.

Bate, Charles D.S.

Beanlands, Gordon A.

Boughton, Benjamin

Boicey, Orville

Book, Kenneth E.

Bovey, John H.G.

Bowditch, William W.

Brown, Raymond B.

Bush, Charles L.

Coady, Francis E. M.

Cook, D. Glenn

Corner, Richard W.

Craddock, G. H. William

Crowley, Michael J.P.

Dewey, Stanley C.

Doherty, Raymond E.

Dougall, William J.

Erlendson, John H.

Exley, Earl W.

Forbes, George S.

Goodchild, Charles A.

Govan, Brian F.

Guile, Gerald E.

Guy, Allan R.

Hoffman, Herman E.

Jenkins, Donald

Jones, George T.

Kemp, Samuel G.

Kilbride, Gerald

Leeming, John M.

Leslie, Gerald G.

Love, Alan T.

Lysens, P. Paul

MacRae, Ralph R.

Mainguy, Daniel N.

Malin, Richard R.G.

Manfield, William A.

Mann, Dennis H.

Massender, Cecil N.

McCaw, Hubert J.

McKnight, Shepherd

Mitchell, John E.

Moore, Douglas C.

Morrison, Keith A.

Norberg, James W.

Okros, Richard D.

Parsons, Wallace W.

Pelletier, Léo O.

Phillips, Edward C.

Reid, John M.

Rhymes, Reginald H.

Roscoe, Joseph F.

Rostek, Arthur

Simpson, Douglas C.

Sipko, Victor D.

Smith, Arthur H. C.

Spence, Cecil E.

Steele, Richard M.

Stitt, Don M.

Tizard, John

Turnbull, David T.

Upton, Harold

Wallace, Sidney R.

Walsh, John F.

Webber, Reginald A.

Weightman, Richard E.

Wood, James C.



Former Crew Members


Blodgett, Albert Lorne Nelson, Lt (S), RCN(R) - 05 Jun 1946


Bosworth, William John, SLt, RCNVR - 12 Feb 1945


Bulmer, OSTR - 1951-1952


Carter, Lionel James 


Craft, ABRP - 1951-1952


Guite, Jean Paul, Lt, RCNVR - 12 Feb 1944


Hlasny, Stephen, OSTR - 1951-1952


Irvine, Daniel John Sylvester, Lt (E), RCNVR - 30 Jun 1944


Jensey, W. OSTR - 1951-1952

Kelly, Edmund Barrie, Lt (E), RCNR - 07 Jun 1943


Kraft, Darryl, ABRP - 1951


Later, ABRP - 1951-1952


MacInnis, Donald Ross, Wt (E), RCN - 14 Jun 1946


McDougall, Graham Robertson, SLt (El) (R), RCNVR - 10 Feb 1944


McIsaas D., OSTR - 1951-1952


McKee, Fraser Murray, SLt, RCNVR - 18 May 1945


McMillan, Norman McLeod, Lt, RCNVR - 26 Jul 1944

Mitchell, Frank Grenfell, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944


Preston, ABRP - 1951


Rogers, John (Jack) Wells, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944


Squires, William Robert, Lt, RCNVR - 23 Mar 1944


Sym, Colin, SLt, RCNVR - 21 May 1945


Tofflemire, Bob, RP


Tyrer, John Campbell, Lt, RCNVR - 27 Jun 1944



Photos and Documents


Article on the Christening of HMCS WALLACEBURG

The Windsor Star 22 Nov 1943



Article on the sinking the Empire Manor and rescue of her crew

The Sault Daily Star 11 Mar 1944

Article on the sinking of the Empire Manor by HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

The Windsor Star 10 Jul 1946






RCN Photo

Gunshield art on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336


From the collection of LS William (Bill) Dougall, RCNVR


Courtesy of Grant Dougall



From the collection of Ivan Chamberlain


Courtesy of Dave Chamberlain



From the collection of John C. Orr


Courtesy of John P. Orr

Lt Douglas C. Simpson on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 - 1944


From the collection of Douglas Simpson


Courtesy of Janet Simpson

Colour photo of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336


Print from a glass negative


Courtesy of Michael Malone








(JM01) Portrait of Surg-Lt John E. Mitchell  (JM02-JM04) The launching of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JM05) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 - 1945







(JM06-JM07) The bridge of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JM08-JM09) HMCS BROCKVILLE J270 Approaches HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 and positions herself for what appears to be a towing exercise.  Note the hawser placed on WALLACE BURG'S foc's'le







(JM11) HMCS PRESCOTT K161 photographed from HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JM12-JM13) Jim McAlister signalling USN Blimp  (JM14-JM15) Depth charges exploding astern of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336




(JM16) Gunnery training on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JM17) Oerlikon crew on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336


From the collection of John E. (Jack) Mitchell, Surg-Lt, RCNVR


Courtesy of John Mitchell








(VS11) Victor Sipko peeling potatoes aboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (VS12-VS15) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 at unknown location







(VS16-VS20) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 at unknown location







(VS21) Searchlight platform on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (VS22) Forward gun with missile racks on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (VS23) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 - boat deck just aft the funnel  (VS24) HMCS WARRIOR and HMCS MICMAC  (VS25) HMCS MICMAC

Note: it is presumed VS24 and VS25 were taken from HMCS WALLACEBURG


From the collection of Victor Sipko, RCNVR


Courtesy of Linda and Ron Matshes






(JW01) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JW02) SD John Walsh painting ship on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  (JW03) John Walsh on HMCS WALLACEBURG with the ship's mascot


From the collection of John Walsh, SD, RCNVR



(WD61) HMCS WALLACEBURG J338 at anchor







(WD62) Gunshield art on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD63) Bingo night on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD64) Fire fighting (training??) aboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336. The officer in the photo appears to be SLt Jarl Ketola

(WD65) Signalmen on the bridge of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD66) Unknown sailor climbing in/out the quarter deck hatch on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336. Note the convoy on the horizon







(WD67-WD68) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 in rough seas.  View from beside the starboard side depth charge thrower

(WD69-WD71) Officers on the bridge of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336







(WD72) The boat's crew of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 pose for a photo

(WD73) Gunnery drills on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336. The gun crew looks pretty happy

(WD74) The Doc and SBA on an AA mount on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD75) Escorts at anchor. Believed to be in Bedford Basin, Halifax, NS

(WD76) Boat crews get in place for a whaler race in Bedford Basin, Halifax, NS







(WD77-WD78) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 conducting a stern fueling from a tanker in convoy

(WD79) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 conducting a stern fueling from a tanker in convoy

(WD80) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 passing near the stern of a tanker in convoy - possibly after completion of a fueling

(WD81) Sailors on WALLACEBURG J336 by the forward gun and below the carley floats







(WD82) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 transferring (receiving) depth charges at sea

(WD83) Convoy seen from HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD84) Looking aft down the port side of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336.  Unknown sailor looking up at the camera

(WD85) Stoker Petty Officer G.A. Jones in the boiler room - believed to be on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD86) Unknown sailor in the engine room - believed to be on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336







(WD87) John Walsh onboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 with ship's mascot

(WD88) Smith onboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD89) HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 digs in and shipping water over her bow

(WD90) Unknown sailor by the signal lamp of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD91) Three members of the gun's crew at the forward gun mount on HMCS WALLACEBURG K336





(WD92) Duty Quartermasters on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 during winter. HMCS MELVILLE J263 in the background

(WD93) Duty Quartermasters on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336. Note: It is still during the period of winter dress, but at least there is no snow on the ship and it looks much warmer than in the previous photo

(WD94) A not to well organized group photo by the after antenna mast on HMCS WALLACEBURG K337







Actress / Movie Star Gail Patrick visits HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

Royal Navy Photograph stamp on back of photos

Passed by Naval Censor July 3, 1944


(WD95) LCdr Robert A.S. MacNeil, RCNVR, CO welcomes Gail Patrick aboard HMCS WALLACEBURG - RCN Neg # HN1110

(WD96) Gail Patrick and LCdr MacNeil hold the 6th Victory Loan pennant while a signalman prepares to hoist it. The 6th Victory Loan drive commenced Apr 1944 - RCN Neg # HN1109

(WD97) Gail Patrick visits the seaman's mess deck - RCN Neg # HN1108

(WD98) Gail Patrick signs the ship's guest book - RCN Neg # HN1112

(WD99) Gail Patrick with 2 unknown officers on the bridge of HMCS WALLACEBURG - RCN Neg # HN1113






Actress / Movie Star Gail Patrick visits HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 circa Jul 1944

Royal Navy Photograph stamp on back of photos

Passed by Naval Censor July 3, 1944


(WD100) Visit over, Gail Patrick, with LCdr Roberts following behind, crosses the boat deck just aft of the bridge of HMCS WALLACEBURG, heading towards the brow by the searchlight platform - No Neg # on photo

(WD101) LCdr Robert A.S. MacNeil, RCNVR, CO salutes Gail Patrick as she departs HMCS WALLACEBURG - RCN Neg # HN1111







(WD102) Boats crew from HMCS WALLACEBURG heading out to another ship in convoy to pick up a casualty

(WD102-WD106) WALLACEBURG'S boat returns and is hoisted up







(WD107) Casualty being brought onboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336







Christmas 1944 aboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336


Historical note: It is a tradition in the RCN on Christmas day for the youngest sailor on the ship to trade places with the Commanding Officer and become CO for the day.


(WD108) The ship's cox'n (centre) addressing "OS" Lorne Main (left) while the CO of the day (right) looks on - RCN NEG # SY 132-12

(WD109) "OS" Main sweeping the seaman's mess while the crew looks on - RCN NEG # SY 132-13

(WD110) CO for the Day (left) and the newly demoted "OS" Main (Lt Lorne Main) - RCN NEG # SY 132-14

(WD111) Ratings in the seaman's mess on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 enjoying a few Christmas snacks - RCN NEG # SY 132-15

(WD112) Christmas ditty bags being handed out to the crew of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 - RCN NEG # SY 132-16




(WD113) The ships cook brings out the Christmas turkey - cooked to a golden brown - RCN NEG # SY 132-17

(WD114) A band for some Christmas music aboard HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 - RCN NEG # SY 132-18


Webmaster's note:  The officer in photo WD75 photo has been identified as Lt Lorne Main, RCNVR.  He was the 1st Lt (XO) of HMCS WALLACEBURG when LCdr Robert MacNeil was the CO.  The Navy List for Jan 1945 Navy does not show LCdr MacNeil as CO of WALLACEBURG and his replacement, LCdr Freeman Burrows was not appointed CO until 10 Jan 1945 leaving Lt Main, XO as the senior officer.  By the looks of the photos, it would appear that LCdr MacNeil left the ship early, perhaps for leave prior to his new appointment to NSHQ Ottawa and that Lt Lorne Main was the acting CO for the period of Christmas 1944.






Work-ups (WUPS) in Bermuda - circa Mar 1945


(WD115) Unknown evolution on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336  The crew seem pretty relaxed - though all are wearing life jackets and carrying their gas masks.  One sailor by the depth charge rails looks very fatigued

(WD116) Two sailors wearing gas masks sitting at after gun on HMCS WALLACEBURG J336

(WD117) Three sailors by the after gun of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 - one looks like he is ready to hit the beach.  WALLACEBURG appears to be moored alongside an island in the harbour

(WD118) Robust Class dockyard paddle tug HMS SANDBOY W12 passing astern of HMCS WALLACEBURG J336


(WD119) HMCS BROCKVILLE J270 tied to a compass buoy, St. George's Harbour, Bermuda - Mar 1945.  BROCKVILLE was in Bermuda for WUPS at the same time as WALLACEBURG







Touring Bermuda - likely after work-ups - Mar 1945


(WD120) Royal Navy Dockyard, Ireland Island, Bermuda with captured German U-boat U-505 secured alongside and a barge outboard of her

(WD121) Sailors off HMCS WALLACEBURG J336 ashore in Bermuda. Bill Dougall is the (only) sailor in the photo wearing sunglasses

(WD122) St. Peter's Church, St. George's, Bermuda

(WD123) Figurehead from HMS IMAUM, Kings Wharf, Royal Navy Dockyard, Ireland Island, Bermuda

(WD124) The Crystal Caves, Bermuda


Historical note U-505: Captured on 4 June 1944 off Mauritania, French West Africa by the warships of Task Force 22.3, consisting of the US escort carrier USS Guadalcanal and the US destroyer escorts USS Pillsbury, USS Chatelain, USS Flaherty, USS Jenks and USS Pope, after being badly damaged by depth charges from USS Chatelain and strafing by two Wildcat aircraft (VC-8 USN/F-1 & F-7). 1 dead and 59 survivors. U-505 arrived in Bermuda on 19 Jun 44. She was used for secret trials and training in Bermuda until May 45. The sub remained hidden in Bermuda for many months, with its capture remaining a secret from the world, and in 1945, the US Navy revealed the story of the capture of U-505 for the very first time, and the sub was moved from Bermuda to Philadelphia. Postwar she was gifted to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and is on display in Chicago, USA.


Historical note HMS IMAUM:  HMS IMAUM was a 72-gun third rate ship of the line that began life in Bombay 1826 as the Liverpool, built for the Imaum of Muscat.  Ten years later, in 1936, she was sailed to England and presented to the Royal Navy as a gift from the Imaum of Muscat. She was re-named HMS IMAUM and served in the West Indies until she was retired in 1863. The figurehead came to Bermuda from the Jamaica Dockyard, and was transferred to Halifax when the Bermuda Dockyard closed.  The figurehead is on display at the Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax.





(WD125-WD127) Touring Bermuda on the Bermuda Railway - likely after Work-Ups - Mar 1945

(WD127) Bermuda Sailors' Home, Hamilton, Bermuda


Historical note:  The Bermuda Railway was a 21.7-mile (34.9 km) common carrier line that operated in Bermuda for a brief period (October 31, 1931 – May 1, 1948). In its 17 years of existence, the railway provided frequent passenger and freight service over its length spanning most of the archipelago from St. George's in the east to Somerset, Sandys Parish, in the west.


From the collection of William (Bill) Dougall, LTO LP, RCNVR


Courtesy of Grant Dougall








(SH06) L-R: Unknown, Daryl Kraft and Steve Hlasny on HMCS WALLACEBURG 172 circa 1951

(SH07) AB.RP Daryl Kraft on HMCS WALLACEBURG 172 circa 1951

(SH08)  AB.RP Preston on HMCS WALLACEBURG 172 circa 1951

(SH09) HMCS WALLACEBURG 172, Halifax, 1951

(SH10) Station card for OS Steven Hlasny





(SH11) OSTR Steve Hlasny on HMCS WALLACEBURG 172, circa 1951

(SH12) AB.NQ Steve Hlasny onboard HMCS WALLACEBURG 172 - Oct 1951

(SH13 HMCS WALLACEBURG 172 at HMCS STAR, Hamilton, Jul 1955


From the collection of Steve Hlasny, CPO2, LT










From the collection of Allan Dougall, LCdr (E), RCN(R)

Courtesy of David Dougall





DND / RCN Photo - Crown copy right

HMCS LABRADOR and HMCS WALLACEBURG in an ice field - date and location unknown


Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum, photo number 2004.471.102