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Sail Training Vessel (STV) GOLDCREST KC 2355

STV Goldcrest Circa 1985-1990

From the collection of CPO1 Keith Hanna, ret'd

Courtesy of Kevin Hanna

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Commissioned: 03 May 1985


2nd of her name, Sail Training Vessel (STV) Goldcrest is the West Coast Navy's sail training vessel. Acquired in 1985, sea trials were conducted in March of that year in Port Credit, Ontario.  She was assigned as a tender to CFFSE and is used for sail training for junior officers and men and for adventure training.


Commanding Officers




     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Former Crew Members

Hanna, Keith, CPO1, Cox'n - 1985-1990, Commissioning crew





Photos and Documents



STV Goldcrest Commissioning Booklet