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Motor Launch - Q062

Then Free French Naval Vessel LANGLADE V112 (1942)

Then PTC 762

Then HMCS WOLF 762 (1954)

Fairmile ML Q062

Source: Flickr photo collection of Don Gorham


Laid down: 12 Feb 1941

Launched: 26 Nov 1941

Delivered to the RCN: 18 Apr 1942

Removed from service: 1942

Transferred to Free French Navy: 1942

Re-acquired by RCN: Sep 1949

Returned to service: 1954

Removed from service:

Fate: expended as a breakwater in 1964. Destroyed by ice in the 1970s


Built by Mac-Craft Ltd., Sarnia, Ontario, she was delivered to the RCN on 18 Apr 1942. While she flew the White Ensign, she was not commissioned into the RCN but instead was listed as a tender to HMCS Sambro, the depot ship for escorts (tenders were not commissioned vessels). Q062 was a  "B" Type ML, Displacement: 79 tons, Length: 112 ft, Beam: 17.9 ft, Draught: 4.9 ft, Speed: 20 kts, Complement: 3 officers, 14 men, Armament: 3-20mm. She served with the free French Navy out of St. Pierre et Miquelon (renamed Langlade V112) on the South Coast of Newfoundland from 15 Jan 1943, until the end of the war.  After the was she was sold to Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., New York. Q062 was re-acquired by the navy and became HMCS Wolf  762 in 1954. She was purchased by Orrville Gold in 1964 and was used as a break wall behind the Gold residence on the north shore of lake Eire where it was destroyed by winter ice in the 1970s. 


Commanding Officers

Lt William Lyle Moore, RCNVR - 18 Apr 1942 - 30 Apr 1942

Lt Howard David Pepper, RCNVR - 01 May 1942 - 16 Jan 1943


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Former Crew Members

Browne, Hugh Joseph, Lt, RCNVR - 08 Jul 1942


Moore, William Lyle, Lt, RCNVR - 01 Apr 1942 (Stand by) CO / 18 Apr 1942

Pepper, Howard David, Slt, RCNVR - 01 Apr 1942 (Stand by) / 18 Apr 1942


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