Algerine Class Minesweeper




Post wartime badge



Battle honour and awards:  Atlantic  1944-45



Laid down: 27 Jan 1942

Launched: 05 Aug 1942

Commissioned: 24 Jun 1943

Paid off: 01 Dec 1946

Re-commissioned: 07 May 1949

Paid off: 01 Oct 1958

Fate: Broken up in 1960


Commissioned at Port Arthur on 24 Jun 1943, this was the first Algerine class ship to join the RCN. Originally intended to be named THE SOO, she was renamed owing to objections from her namesake city. SAULT STE MARIE arrived at Halifax on 08 Aug 1943, and proceeded to Bermuda for workups in Sep 1943. On her return she joined EG W-9 of Western Escort Force, serving as Senior Officer's ship until mid-Apr 1945. She then transferred as S.O. to W-7 until the group was disbanded in Jun 1945. After a short period in reserve at Sydney she was ordered to the west coast, arriving at Esquimalt on 12 Dec 1945. She was paid off into reserve on 12 Jan 1946, but re-commissioned for reserve training on 07 May 1949. In July 1950, HMCS SAULT STE MARIE was in the San Diego area on minesweeping exercise with the USN. After an enjoyable port visit she departed San Francisco and headed on into gale force winds up to 68 knots. For three days, all hatches were battened down, and everyone stayed below decks. At one point she only made 3 nautical miles in a 15-hour period hour period, before she settled down to following seas just 200 miles south of Esquimalt. Then she had a pea soup fog the rest of the way home. She returned to the east coast in mid-Dec 1955, and spent the summers of 1956 to 1958 on the Great Lakes. She was paid off on 01 Oct 1958, and broken up in 1960 at Sorel.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell


Nominal Roll, Ratings - 15 Nov 1943          Brave sailor remembers war, HMCS SAULT STE MARIE



Commanding Officers


LCdr Reginald Jackson, RCNVR - 24 Jun 1943 - 11 Feb 1944

A/LCdr Arthur Moorhouse, RCNR - 12 Feb 1944 - 05 Jul 1945

Lt Donald Davis, RCNVR - 06 Jul 1945 - 28 Jul 1945

Lt Arthur Dudley Ritchie, RCNVR - 07 Sep 1945 - 12 Jan 1946

Lt Arthur Owen Gray, RCN - 07 May 1949 - 04 Dec 1949

Lt A.R. Heater, RCNR - 05 Dec 49 - 1921 Oct 1951

LCdr B.T.R. Russell, RCN - 22 Oct 1951 - 11 Jun 1953

Lt David Edward Rigg, RCN - 12 Jun 1953 - 09 Aug 1953

Lt H.J. Andrews, RCN - 10 Aug 1953 - 11 Oct 1954

LCdr E.T. Coggins, RCN - 12 Oct 1954 - 06 Dec 1954

Lt T. Elworthy, RCN - 07 Dec 1954 - 10 Jan 1955

LCdr K.A. Stone, RCN - 08 Nov 1955 - 25 Oct 1956

LCdr R.M. Greene, RCN - 26 Oct 1956 - 24 Sep 1957

LCdr William Van Arnam Leslie, RCN - 01 Apr 1958 - 01 Oct 1958



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Arab, Joseph T.

Beech, James V.

Bing, John B.

Bond, Jean-Noel

Bryson, G. Scott

Cameron, J. Robert

Clark, Arnold M.

Clark, Ernest W.

Copland, Hugh J.

Cunningham, Norman A.

Curry, Walter

Danby, Percy C.F.

Dembiski, Russell

Desjardins, Romeo E.

Driemel, Harry H.

Duffus, Alexander F.

Eldridge, Richard

Fotheringham, James B.

Fox-Decent, Norman W.

Freeman, Cable

Frizzell, Wayne

Gibb, Ernest

Golby, James W.

Hall, Gordon F.

Hendry, Ian G.

Hodgkin, William P.

Jack, Andrew M.

Jackson, Ernest J.

Jaeger, Albert

Kelbough, Kenneth M.

Kennedy, John

Logie, David

Logie, Robert D.

Machan, Harold F.

MacKay, Donald

MacKenzie, Lawrence

McLeod, Frank T.

McWilliams, Warren F.

Mills, Frank W.

Moir, Harvey R.

Newbold, Norman

Nicholson, Walter J. M.

Nieforth, Angus W.

Off, John G.

Orrick, Robert C.

Peerless, George E.

Perkins, Donald R.

Pfister, Robert L.

Porter, Alfred M.

Prokopow, Thomas K.

Richardson, Harry H.

Ross, Clayton L.

Sansom, Bernard

Silvester, Henry

Smart, John M. G.

Sommerville, Wilfred J.

Spicer, George

Squire, Thomas A.

Sutherland, Neil M.

Tyre, James A.

Walker, N. Roger

Walls, Bertram R.

Whittier, Harold W.

Witwicki, A.




Former Crew Members


NL1 = Nominal Roll, Ratings, 15 Nov 1943


Anderson, Robert, A/ERA4c, V44333, RCNVR (NL1)

Archer, Percy, SPO, V30068, RCNVR (NL1)

Ayling, Reginald, CK(S), V46754, RCNVR, (NL1)

Baggett, George, ABSD, V43557, RCNVR (NL1)

Bartusek, Milton, Sto 1c, V39395, RCNVR (NL1)


Bedwell, George E. 


Bennard, Albert, Sto 1c, V38103, RCNVR (NL1)

Bennett, Frederick, Sto 1c, V36520, RCNVR (NL1)


Bent, Louis Milner, ERA3c, V48975 - Jan 1944 - Jul 1945

Bergern, Eugene, L/Stwd, V23455, RCNVR (NL1)


Blanchard, Jonathan Ewart, Slt, RCNVR - 05 May 1943 (Stand by) / 24 Jun 1943


Bonnyman, Howard, ABLTO, V11596, RCNVR (NL1)


Boulet, Joseph Ernest Frederick, Ch/Skpr, RCNVR - 02 May 1944


Bower, Frank, L/Sig - 1945 (of Shelburne, NS and Halifax, NS)


Bradley, Byron, Sig, V32198, RCNVR (NL1) - 1943-1945 (of Ottawa, ON)

Buchanan, William, Sto 1c, V37588, RCNVR (NL1)

Butler, Albert, LSQR2, V11288, RCNVR (NL1)


Butters, Ian, Lt Torpedo Officer (1948-1949)

Byers, Lloyd, OSRDF2, V52589, RCNVR (NL1)

Campbell, Ralph, Coder, V18642, RCNVR (Nl1)

Catton, Gordon, Sto 1c, V47306, RCNVR (NL1)

Christison, James, ABAA3, V416, RCNVR (NL1)

Civitarese, Luigi, Sto 1c, V41743, RCNVR (NL1)

Clements, John, L/Tel WT3, V30044, RCNVR (NL1)

Cole, George, Yeoman of Signals, VS2, V14204, RCNVR (NL1)

Collins, Gordon, OS, LR3, V43765, RCNVR (NL1)

Cowhig, Clarence, SA, V10177, RCNVR (NL1)


D'Amour, Albert, ABSD, V42362, RCNVR (NL1)

Dalton, George, Shpwt, V49329, RCNVR (NL1)


David, Charles Frederick, Lt, RCNVR - 24 Jun 1943


Densen, Norman, Stwd, 40907, RCN (NL1)


Donovan, Daniel James, Lt, RCNVR - 05 May 1943 (Stand by) / 24 Jun 1943


Doughty, Edward, L/Sto, V30226, RCNVR (NL1)


Duck, Donald, A.ERA4c, V16806, RCNVR (NL1)


Duffus, Allan Ferguson, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944


Elcomb, Frank, A/ERA4c, V6349, RCNVR (NL1)

Emde, Frederick, CK(S), V45685, RCNVR (NL1)


Farley, Robert, SBA, V45832, RCNVR (NL1)

Finlay, James, AB, V38446, RCNVR (NL1)


Flannagan, James Warren, Slt (SB), RCNVR - 03 Feb 1944


Forrest, Archie, Tel, V45582, RCNVR (NL1)

Forster, George, A.ERA4c, V56989, RCNVR (NL1)


Garten, Karl Anthony, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 06 Feb 1944


Gervais, Nelson, OS, V33555, RCNVR (NL1)

Giddens, William, LSVS3, 3354, RCN (NL1)


Gordon, William, Sto 1c, V11473, RCNVR (NL1)

Gray, Norman, OS, V55308, RCNVR (NL1)

Greenaway, Kenneth, ABST, V43481, RCNVR (NL1)

Greenhalgh, Alfred, SPO, A3180, RCN(R), (NL1)


Grimes, J., (of Sarnia, ON)

Guay, Joseph, ERA3c, A1501, RCN(R) (NL1)


Harley, John Edmund, Lt (E), RCNVR - 01 Feb 1943 / 24 Jun 1943


Heaney, William, So 1c, V42394, RCNVR (NL1)

Henderson, John, OSSD, V54881, RCNVR (NL1)

Hornsby, Edwin, SPO, A3431, RCN(R) (NL1)

Ingram, Charles, Coder, V12956, RCNVR (NL1)

Johnson, Clarence, ABST, V39063, RCNVR (NL1)


Kayes, Sam, AB, Gunner - Jun 44 - Jun 45


Kayes, William Joseph, Slt (E), RCNVR - 30 Jun 1944


Kells, John, A/LSQR3, V11288, RCNVR (NL1)

Kerluck, Steve, SPO, A4171, RCN(R), (NL1)

Kettlewell, Robert, SPO, V33531, RCNVR (NL1)

King, Frank, EA4c, V30935, RCNVR (NL1)


Kupisz, Melvin, AB, Torpedoman - Jun 44 - Jun 45, (of Florida, USA)

Langstone, Glifford, AB, V36721, RCNVR (NL1)

Lavis, Donald, OSSD, V45640, RCNVR (NL1)

Law, Kenneth, SPO, A4047, RCN(R) (NL1)

Lear, Gordon, Stwd, V35959, RCNVR (NL1)

LeClair, Charles, LSHSD, V17434, RCNVR (NL1)

Lee, Douglas, A/EA4c, V45586, RCNVR (NL1)

Lenaghan, Robert, CPO TC, A488, RCN(R) (NL1)


Lindberg, Don, Comms - Jun 1943 - Nov 1943 (of Thunderbay, ON)


Lyon, Hugh (of Stoney Creek, ON)


MacLean, Wallace, SPO, V19059, RCNVR (NL1)


MacLean, Wally, Sto, RCN - circa 1948-50

MacNeil, James, AB, V36106, RCNVR (NL1)

Mason, Thomas, Sig (T.O.), V8289, RCNVR (NL1)

Masters, Robert Earl, ABAA3, V16781, RCNVR (Dec 1943 - Mar 1945) (NL1)


McCurdy, Jack K., AB RAD3 - 27 Dec 1943 - 19 Oct 1944 (of London, ON)


McGill, Allan, Tel, V31281, RCNVR (NL1)

McIntrye, Walter, Coder, V38955, RCNVR (NL1)

McQuiston, John, ABLR3, V42895, RCNVR (NL1)


Montanti, Luigi, Sto 1c, V41389, RCNVR (NL1)


Morrison, Robert John, Slt, RCNVR - 05 May 1943 (Stand by) / 24 Jun 1943


Moskven, Peter, ABAA3, 4473, RCN (NL1)

Muir, Thomas, Sig, V30729, RCNVR (NL1)

Murray, John, ABAD, V518, RCNVR (NL1)

Nadon, Ross, L/Ck(S), V32395, RCNVR (NL1)

Neill, William, Tel (T.O.), V4475, RCN (NL1)

Nieman, Arthur, POAA2, 3459, RCN (NL1) - 1943-1945 (of Calgary AB)

Norman, Cicil, OSRDF2, V48751, RCNVR (NL1)

Ollson, Carl, AB, V17628, RCNVR (NL1)

O'Mara, James, Sto 1c, V31540, RCNVR (NL1)

Petrumia, Peter, A/LS, V30827, RCNVR (NL1)


Pitchford, Ken, AB - 1945 (of Toronto, ON)

Raymond, Harvey, ABRDF2, V19427, RCNVR (NL1)

Read, Lawrence, ABSD, 4220, RCN (NL1)


Richards, Alan John, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 16 Mar 1945


Rippon, thorton, AB, V35889, RCNVR (NL1)

Ritchie, George, A/PO LTO V10324, RCNVR (NL1)

Ross, Donald, L/Tel WT3, V9699, RCNVR (NL1)

Ryan, Thomas, Sto 1c, V33142, RCNVR (NL1)

Sands, James, Sto 1c, V16787, RCNVR (Nl1)

Saunders, Donald, ABRDF2, V23762, RCNVR (NL1)

Serutton, Donald, Sto 1c, V60804, RCNVR (NL1)


Shaw, William Charles (Bill) (of Victoria, BC)

Shepherd, Kenneth, Chief Stoker, V8325, RCNVR (NL1)


Smith, Bernard C. (Barney), EA4 - 27 Mar 1943 - 25 Aug 1943 (of Calgary AB)


Smith, Carleton George, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1944


Smith, Thomas J (Snuffy) - 1956


Stapleton, John Greenwood, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 12 Apr 1944


Stewart, Frederick Roy, AB


Stickney, Charles, O/Sig, V51980, RCNVR (NL1)


Stokes, William Robert A/Lt, RCNVR - 07 Apr 1945


Strachan, Ralph, OSRDF2, V52764, RCNVR (NL1)

Taylor, Roy, ABAA3, V40728, RCNVR (NL1)

Thomson, James, ABRDF2, V31752, RCNVR (NL1)

Thurber, Lloyd, Sto 1c, V12789, RCNVR (NL1)


Vanalstine, Robert Stacey, Lt, RCNVR - 27 Mar 1944


Whitfield, Leo, CK(S), V6658, RCNVR (NL1)

Whitfield, William, L/Sto, V17731, RCNVR (NL1)

Whyte, Robert, AB, V1834, RCNVR (NL1)

Williams, Thomas, SyPO, 40808, RCN (NL1)

Wright, Arthur, ABLR3, V2681, RCNVR (NL1


Zuckert, Jim (of Puslinch, ON)



Photos and Documents






(CF01) Crew of HMCS SAULT STE MARIE (CF02) Back of photo 2  (CF03) Same as photo 2 - without arrow pointing to Cable Freeman









CF04-CF10:  HMCS SAULT STE MARIE J334 - WUPS in Bermuda - 1943


(CF07) Allied submarine in Bermuda  (CF10) HMCS Riviere de Loup K357 in Bermuda









(CF11-CF19)  HMCS SAULT STE MARIE J334 - WUPS in Bermuda - 1943  (CF16) Copie (possibly L/Coder Hugh Copeland) (note: it is not known which one of the two sailors is Copeland)  (CF17) Ship's workboat - possibly in Bermuda






(CF18) Frank (left) and Cabe (Cable Freeman)  (CF19) Russell (possibly Russell Damiski, Stoker)  (CF20) Russ (left) and Lavy (Laveaw/Laveow) Lost on the VALLEYFIELD.  Webamaster's note: the is no record of anyone by the name Laveaw / Laveow or anything similar having died when HMCS VALLEYFIELD was sunk  (CF21) Back of photo # 20


From the collection of Cable Freeman, SD, RCNVR


Courtesy of Lana James




From the collection of William (Bill) Dougall, LTO (LP), RCNVR


Courtesy of Grant Dougall

HMCS SAULT STE MARIE transiting the Detroit River, the Ambassador Bridge in the background, while approaching the city of Detroit, Michigan.


From the collection of Frank W. Mills, ERA


Courtesy of Mike Harrison

Russell Dembiski with Skippy, the ship's mascot for HMCS SAULT STE MARIE


From the collection of L/Sto Russell Dembiski


Courtesy of Debbie Elickson

Six sailors on HMCS SAULT STE MARIE - Russ Dembiski 2nd from left


From the collection of L/Sto Russell Dembiski


Courtesy of Debbie Elickson

Nominal Roll, Ratings - for HMCS SAULT STE MARIE - 15 Nov 1943

Courtesy of Blake Morley

Sweet Sue Mad

Newspaper article on U-boats keeping clear of HMCS SAULT STE MARIE

Crow's Nest newspaper - Apr 1945

Newspaper article from the Picton Gazette on the visit of HMCS SAULT STE MARIE 176 to Picton, Ontario, 11 Jun 1958


Source: Prince Edward County Archives Microfilm collection

Researched and complied by: John Lyons 2014

Newspaper article from the Picton Gazetteon the visit of HMCS SAULT STE MARIE 176 to Picton, Ontario, 11 Jun 1958


Source: Prince Edward County Archives Microfilm collection

Researched and complied by: John Lyons 2014

HMCS SAULT STE MARIE 176 - circa 1950

Stoker Wally MacLean on HMCS SAULT STE MARIE circa 1950


Courtesy of Len Burton

HMCS SAULT STE MARIE 176 circa 1950

Courtesy of Len Burton


Sailors off HMCS SAULT STE MARIE in Kure, Japan 16 Mar 1954


From the collection of Donald Perkins, P2WS, RCN / C.A.F. (Navy)


Courtesy of Andrea MacLellan

Located at the Royal Canadian Legion Br 25 Military Museum on Great Northern Rd, SAULT STE MARIE, Ontario. The 12 PDR Gun is from the HMCS SAULT STE MARIE, a 225' Algerine Escort Mine Sweeper that served in action during the battle of the Atlantic from 1943-1945.



Newspaper article from the Picton Gazetteon the visit of HMCS SAULT STE MARIE 176 to Picton, Ontario, 06 Jun 1958


Source: Prince Edward County Archives Microfilm collection

Researched and complied by: John Lyons 2014