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HMCS Halifax 330



Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1942-45,   Arabian Sea



Laid down: 19 Mar 1987

Floated-up: 30 Apr 1988

Provisionally Accepted: 28 Jun 1991

Commissioned: 29 Jun 1992

Paid off for refit: 04 Sep 2010

Re-commissioned: 2011

Paid off: 


First of her class to enter service, and the first warship built in Canada since 1971, Halifax was floated up on 30 Apr 1988 and commissioned on 29 Jun 1992. On 02 Apr 1994, she sailed to relieve Iroquois in the multinational arms embargo of the former Yugoslavia. While en route, one of the diesel cruise engines blew and the ship had to proceed on its gas turbine engines. She returned home on 09 Sep 1994. In the spring of 1995 she made visits to several European ports, including Goteborg, Oslo and Gydnia, in connection with the 50th Anniversary of VE Day. Afterward taking part in the NATO exercise Linked Seas 95 off Portugal, she returned to base at the end of June. On 18 Mar 1996, she departed for another tour of duty in the Adriatic, part of the time as flagship. In Mar 1998 Halifax and Iroquois took part in Exercise Strong Resolve off Norway, returning to Halifax on 16 Apr 1998. That fall she had the melancholy duty of assisting at the scene of the crash of a Swissair jet in the sea near Peggy's Cove. Another tour with NATO's SNFL occupied her time between 26 Jul and 15 Dec 2000. On 15 Aug 2001, she left Halifax to join SNFL, but was detached to join in Operation Enduring Freedom against international terrorism. She joined Charlottetown, Iroquois, and Preserver in the Arabian Sea in Dec 2001. She returned home from this endeavour on 11 Feb 2002. On 13 January 2010, Halifax and Athabaskan sailed for Haiti as part of the relief effort, Operation Hestia, after the deadly earthquake. On 15 Apr 1994 HMCS Halifax 33 arrived in the Op Area for Operation Sharp Guard, Yugoslavia.


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Commanding Officers

Cdr R.I. Clayton - 01 May 1989 - CO Designate

Cdr R.I. Clayton - 29 Jun 1992 - 21 Dec 1992

Cdr G.B. Burke - 22 Nov 1992 - 28 Oct 1994

Cdr L.D. Sweeney - 18 Oct 1994 - 03 Jul 1996

Cdr J.E.H.A. Langlois - 03 Jul 1996 - 30 Jun 1998

Cdr G.M. Akins - 30 Jun 1998 - 15 Jun 1999

Cdr J.Y. Bastien - 15 Jun 2000 - 11 May 2001

Cdr P. Ellis - 11 May 2001 - 

Cdr Josée Kurtz - 05 Apr 2009 -


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     

POWER, Robert Francis

CPO2, N24784601

died - 23 May 1992 


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Andrews, Bruce Russell


Served in Halifax 2001-2002

Blake, Douglas Craig

KIA 03 May 2010 

Killed by an IED near Kandahar

Bolt, Randolph Berkley


Burns, Steven




Caisse, Joseph Andre Richard


Served in Halifax as a LSSW

Conrad, Donald Edward


Downie, Robert E.


Dubowski, Thadeus


Commissioning crew

Dunn, Allen



Fox, Robert E.


Gray, Joseph Denis Normand






McDonald, Cyril Anthony


Sauer, Eugene Gilbert


Strybosch, Ingmar D.

Wiper, Stephen Douglas



Photos and Documents


HMCS Halifax 330

Guests at the commissioning ceremony of HMCS Halifax 330, 29 Jun 1992

Courtesy of John Knudsen

Buffer (centre) on HMCS Halifax 330

Courtesy of John Le Forte

RAS team rigging for RAS on HMCS Halifax 330

Courtesy of John Le Forte

Fo'c's'le part-ship hands conducting a light-line transfer during a RAS on HMCS Halifax 330

Courtesy of John Le Forte

HMCS Halifax fo'c's'le RAS team conducting a heavy jackstay with the Kingpost

Courtesy of John Le Forte

HMCS Halifax 330


Slt John Belliveau on HMCS Halifax 330

Courtesy of Gerry Curry

HMCS Halifax 330 in the North Atlantic, 2007

Courtesy of Gerald Doutre, CPO1, RCN


Committal of ashes to the sea from HMCS Halifax 330




On Battle of the Atlantic Sunday, 06 May 2018, a committal of ashes to the sea was conducted on board HMCS Halifax 330 just off the approaches to Halifax Harbour. Chaplain Andrew Cooke (LCdr, ret'd) and Lt (N) Robert Parker, Interim Senior Fleet Chaplain officiating. Below is a list of those who were committed to the sea.


RCN - White Ensign - pre 1965


- LS Ernest Laurent Benson

- PO2 Norman John Chalmers

- LCdr Edward Francis Connolly

- CPO2 Gilles Joseph Doutre

- AB Edward Gorman (Fleet Air Arm)

- L/Sig George Angus Harber

- LS Walter Freeman Harnish

- Lt Jack Lamburne Locke

- Wren Anita Irene MacNeil (née Baribeau) and PO1 Stephen Francis MacNeil

- Stoker PO Douglas Maig McDonald and Mrs. Lillian May McDonald

- Lt John Ernest McLauglin (Fleet Air Arm)

- AB Ivan Morrison

- LS Boris James Syko

- LCdr Sidney Robert Wallace

- LS Alan Schofield Wilkinson

Royal Navy - Union Jack


- PO2 Ian Frederick Grubb

- Cook Peter Skinnider Guthrie and Mrs. Thomasina Patricia Guthrie

- Wren CPO Constance Joyce "Jo" Heath (née Palmer)


Canadian Navy - Canadian Flag - since 1965


- Private William Vernon Cooper

- PO2 William Ross Harvey

- CPO2 William Cecil Hillier

- PO1 Bruce Albert Morash

- PO1 Edward Hannaford Randall

- PO1 Neil Thomas Gordon Rouleau


Courtesy of Bill Gard


Members of the Royal Canadian Navy onboard HMCS HALIFAX, flagship of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two, prepare to depart Rota, Spain during Operation REASSURANCE in the Atlantic Ocean on July 30, 2019.

(Source: Canadian Armed Forces Facebook page)

Members of the Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) aboard HMCS HALIFAX conduct live fire training with the Sig Sauer P226 pistol during Operation REASSURANCE, in the Atlantic Ocean on July 16, 2019.

(Source: Canadian Armed Forces Facebook page)