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HMCS Dunver K03


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1943-45



Laid down: 05 May 1942

Renamed: HMCS Dunver

Launched: 10 Nov 1942

Commissioned: 09 Nov 1943

Paid off: 23 Jan 1946

Fate: Sunk as a breakwater in 1948


Laid down as HMCS Verdun, in honour of Verdun, Quebec, her name was changed to HMCS Dunver to avoid confusion with HMS Verdun, already in commissioned.  She was the first frigate launched for the RCN, and was commissioned at Quebec City on 11 Sep 1943. and arrived at Halifax on 03 Oct 1943, having escorted a Sydney-Halifax convoy en route. After working up at Pictou she was allocated to EG C-5, and served continuously on North Atlantic convoys until Oct 1944. In July 1944 she had been Senior Officer's ship while escorting HXS.300, the largest convoy of the war with 167 merchant ships. On 09 Sep 1944, she and HMCS Hespeler sank U-484 near convoy ONE.202, south of the Hebrides. In Oct 1944, she commenced refit at Pictou, completing on 27 Dec 1944, and in Apr, 1945, joined EG 27, based at Halifax, for the rest of the European war. In Jun 1945 she went to the west coast for tropicalization, but this was discontinued in Aug 1945 and she was laid up at Esquimalt. Paid off 23 Jan 1946, Dunver was sold and her hull expended as part of a breakwater at Royston, B.C., in 1948.


Commanding Officers

LCdr W. Woods, OBE, RCNR - 11 Sep 1943 - 06 May 1944

Lt Wilfred Davenport, RCNR - 07 May 1944 - 09 Aug 1944

A/Cdr George Hay Stephen, RCNR - 10 Aug 1944 - 24 Aug 1944

A/LCdr W. Davenport, RCNR - 25 Aug 1944 - 26 Mar 1945

A/Cdr St. Clair Balfour, RCNVR - 27 Mar 1945 - 26 May 1945

LCdr Charles Patrick Balfry, DSC, RCNR - 27 May 1945 - 02 Sep 1945 


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


- Book of Remembrance entry     - Grave or burial information

COLE, Cyril Edward

AB, V72749, RCNVR

MPK - 08 Apr 1945 

PATTERSON, Percy William

L/ Sto, V32359, RCNVR

died - 11 Mar 1945 


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Alguire, Frederick Howard







Devost, Robert Joseph


Served in Dunver as an AB, Submarine Detector. Was on Dunver when U-484 was sunk.

Douglas-Crampton, Richard Daniel






Grelish, Vincent Morton


Huxley, George Ambrose


Commissioning crew





MacDonald, William Frederick







Peck, Clifford Roy


Pippard, Frederick Arthur






Trenholm, Douglas Stuart







Zafeeris, Anthony







U-Boats Sunk

U-484 sunk on 09 Sep 1944 by HMCS Dunver K03 and HMCS Hespeler K489 in position 56-30 N, 07-40 W


Former Crew Members

Beatty, William Earl, Lt, RCNVR - 15 Feb 1944


Blacklock, George, Lt (E), RCNVR - 17 Feb 1945


Bush, Orval Ferguson, Slt, RCNVR - 26 Mar 1943


Cass, Ronald William, Lt (El) (R), RCNVR - 08 May 1944


Kerr, John Roland, Surg/Lt, RCNR - 07 May 1944


MacDonal, John Fyfe, Lt, RCNVR - 27 Mar 1945

Goodwin, Geoffrey Lionel, Lt (SB) (Temp), RCNVR - 27 Jan 1944


Keeley, James Allen, A/Lt (E), RCNVR - 01 Feb 1945


McGibbon, Gordon Armitage, Slt (E), RCNVR - 28 Jan 1943 (Stand by)


Pleasants, Ernest Stanley Nelson, Skr/Lt, RCNR - Jan 1945

Rowsome, Garth Herbert, Lt, RCNVR - 01 Apr 1944


Savignac, Julien, Lt, RCNVR - 06 Jun 1944


Stronach, John Alexander, Lt (S), RCNVR - 28 Apr 1945


Taylor, William MacGregor, A/LCdr, RCNVR - 31 Mar 1944


Woolley, John Thomas, Lt, RCNVR - 27 Mar 1945



Hometown support for HMCS Dunver

"Sink the Bastard" - Friendly Fire in the Battle of the Atlantic

Through The Camer's Lens - Scenes from on board HMCS Dunver


Photos and Documents (below)

Notice of death for Able Seaman Cyril Edward Cole

Source: Through The Camer's Lens - Scenes from on board HMCS Dunver

HMCS Dunver K03, showing off her Barber Pole, doing a light line transfer circa 1944

From the collection of Glendon Oliver

HMCS Dunver K03 pulling away after a light line transfer, circa 1944

From the collection of J.T. Williams

Courtesy of Jim Williams

Newspaper article on the sinking of U-484 by HMCS Hespeler and HMCS Dunver

Original source unknown

Courtesy of John Berard

Newspaper article on two brothers, AB R.J. Devost serving in HMCS Dunver and AB M.E. Devost serving in HMCS Sea Cliff

From the collection of Robert Joseph Devost

Courtesy of Carmen (Devost) Friedrick