CD 26


Auxiliary Patrol Drifter



CD 26 off Newfoundland

From the collection of William Herbert Rose and Marmaduke Rose

Courtesy of Bud (Donald) Rose



CD 26 was sheltered in Dartmouth Cove when the Halifax Explosion occurred on 06 Dec 1917. As a result of her sheltered position she suffered no damage or injuries to her crew.



Commanding Officers


Bos'n James Roach, RCN - 01 Mar 1918 - unk



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Haughn, Creighton Anley


Drafted to CD 26 on 01 Mar 1918 as Mate, RNCVR

LeBlanc, L. Anaclet

Roach, James O.


Drafted to CD 26 on 01 Mar 1918 as Bos'n, RCN, CO and 01 May 1918 as Bos'n, RCN