CNSS Lady Hawkins

Photo courtesy of Steamship Historical Society (http://www.sshsa.org)


Completed: 1928

Fate: Sunk on 19 Jan 1942 by U-66 


RMS LADY HAWKINS was a steam turbine ocean liner. She was one of a class of five sister ships popularly known as "Lady Boats" that Cammell Laird of Birkenhead, England built in 1928 and 1929 for the Canadian National Steamship Company (CNS). The five vessels were Royal Mail Ships that CN operated from Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Caribbean via Bermuda.


At 07.43 hours on 19 January 1942 the unescorted LADY HAWKINS (Master Huntly Osborne Giffin) was hit by two stern torpedoes from U-66 and sank after 30 minutes about 150 miles east of Cape Hatteras. The master, 86 crew members, one gunner and 163 passengers (including four DBS) were lost. The chief officer, 20 crew members and 50 passengers were picked up after five days by the Coamo and landed at San Juan, Puerto Rico on 28 January.



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten