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Then Dominican Navy Vessel JUAN BAUTISTA MAGGIOLO (1947)

HMCS Riviere du Loup K357

From the collection of Arthur Siddall

Courtesy of Ray Parker

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Laid down: 05 Jan 1943

Launched: 02 Jul 1943

Commissioned: 21 Nov 1943

Paid off: 02 Jul 1945

Sold: 1947 to Dominican Navy. Commissioned as Juan Bautista Maggiolo

Paid off: 

Fate: Broken up in 1972


Built at Quebec City, she was commissioned there on 21 Nov 1943. She arrived at Halifax on 18 Dec1943 requiring a month's repairs. She carried out working-up exercises in Bermuda early in Feb 1943, returning on 18 Feb 1943 to complete the exercises in St. Margaret's Bay. Continuing mechanical problems necessitated further repairs, which continued at Halifax until early in Aug 1943. Having lost most of her original crew during this period, she had to return to Bermuda to work up again. Early in Sep 1944, Riviere du Loup returned to Halifax and joined EG W-3, WEF. In Oct 1944 she was assigned to EG C-3 and left St. John's on 13 Nov 1944 to pick up her first transatlantic convoy, HX.319. On arrival in the U.K., still dogged by troubles, she underwent a month's repairs at Belfast. Her career as a mid-ocean escort ended with her arrival at Halifax late in May 1945, from convoy ON.304, and she was paid off on 02 Jul 1945 and placed in reserve at Sorel. In 1947 she was sold to the Dominican Navy and renamed Juan Bautista Maggiolo. She was broken up in 1972.


Commanding Officers

Lt Raymond Nelson Smillie, RCNVR - 21 Nov 1943 - 20 Jun 1944

Lt Raymond Nelson Smillie, RCNVR - 19 Jul 1944 - 08 Jan 1945

LCdr Frederick Robb Knyvet Naftel, RCNVR -  09 Jan 1945 - 25 Jan 1945

Lt Richard Dale Weldon, RCNVR - 26 Jan 1945 - 02 Jul 1945


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Graham, Cecil Charles







Katzko, Michael Alexander







Newman, William R.







Siddall, Arthur Charles







Former Crew Members

Keough, Emment James, Slt, RCNVR - 16 Apr 1944


Mills, James Muir, Slt, RCNVR - 27 Apr 1945


Smith, James Douglas, Slt, RCNVR - 29 Jan 1945

Smillie, Raymond Nelson, Lt, RCNVR - 18 Feb 1944


Stewart, James Frederick, Lt, RCNVR - 07 Apr 1945


Watkins, David Lloyd, Slt, RCNVR -30 Jun 1944

Weldon, Richard Dale, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1945


Wismer, William Miller, Slt, RCNVR - 24 Jul 1944


Young, Thomas, Lt, RCNVR - Jan 1945


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