C - Class Destroyer





HMCS Crusader 228, May 1952

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

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Laid down: 15 Nov 1943

Launched: 4 Oct 1944

Commissioned: 26 Nov 1945

Paid off: 15 Jan 1960

Fate: Sold for scrapping in 1963


In Jan 1945, after a year's discussion, the British Admiralty agreed to lend the RCN a flotilla of "C" Class destroyers for use against the Japanese. The Pacific war ended, however, before any of the eight ships had been completed, and only two were transferred. The previous ships to bear their names, Crescent and Crusader, had been lost during the war as HMC Ships Fraser and Ottawa; this time they retained their names although the transfer was made permanent in 1951. Crescent and Crusader were virtually identical to Algonquin and Sioux, differing principally in having only one set of torpedo tubes and in being armed with 4.5-inch guns instead of 4.7-inch. Both ships were commissioned on the Clyde in 1945, Crescent on 10 Sep 1945 and Crusader on 15 Nov 1945. Crusader arrived at Esquimalt in Jan 1946, having made the journey via the Azores and the West Indies and was almost immediately paid off into reserve, a state in which she was to spend several years. After being brought out of reserve, Crusader carried out two tours of duty in the Korean theatre, the first between Jun 1952 and Jun 1953 (click here to read her operational report for this deployment), the second after the armistice, from Nov 1953 to Aug 1954. Reverting then to her former training role, she was paid off on 16 Jan 1960, at Halifax. She had earlier served as a test vehicle for a prototype VDS (variable depth sonar) outfit, a more permanent installation of which was made in Crescent in 1960. Crusader was sold for scrapping in 1963.


HMCS Crusader's tours in Korea:

1st Tour: Departed Esquimalt:  25 May 1952  //  Arrived Op Area:  21 Jun 52  //  Departed Op Area: 18 Jun 53  /  Arrived Esquimalt: 01 Jul 1953

2nd Tour: Departed Esquimalt:  18 Oct 1953  //  Arrived Op Area:  20 Nov 53  //  Departed Op Area:  15 Aug 54  //  Arrived Esquimalt:  03 Sep 1954



RCN Memories:     Haircuts or Chastity Belts


Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell


HMCS Crusader 1952-1953 Korean Tour Crew List          HMCS Crusader 1952-1953 Korean Tour - Operational Summary



Commanding Officers


A/LCdr Michael Grote Stirling, RCN - 15 Nov 1945 - 01 Feb 1946

Cdr Harold Victor W. Groos, RCN - 02 Apr 1951 - 02 Apr 1952

LCdr John Henry G. Bovey, RCN - 03 Apr 1952 - 07 Jul 1953

LCdr John Husher, RCN - 08 Jul 1953 - 20 Jul 1953

LCdr Herbert Hartley Smith, RCN - 21 Jul 1953 - 28 Aug 1953

LCdr W.H. Wilson, DSC, RCN - 29 Aug 1953 - 12 Sep 1954

LCdr Richard Hugh Leir, RCN - 13 Sep 1954 - 17 Mar 1955

LCdr James Butterfield, RCN - 18 Mar 1955 - 31 May 1955

Cdr Latham Brerton Jenson, RCN - 01 Jun 1955 - 05 Jul 1956

Cdr Neville Spencer C. Dickinson, RCN - 06 Jul 1956 - 14 Jul 1957

Cdr Frederick Wilcox H. Bradley, RCN - 15 Jul 1957 - 14 Dec 1958

LCdr A.J. Tanner, RCN - 15 Dec 1958 - 11 Aug 1959

LCdr Christopher Gratrix Pratt, RCN - 12 Aug 1959 - 15 Jan 1960



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten















Emberton, Ivor






































Quick, Fred A.






















Former Crew Members


SC52 = 1952-1953 Korean tour


Ackerman, F., LSVS1 - (SC52)

Adderson, John, LSSM1 - (SC52)

Agnew, I., P1ET4 - (SC52)

Allen, J. - (SC52)

Amy, M., AB(NQ)S - (SC52) 

Anderson, J., ABSMS - (SC52)

Anderson, J.,C2ER4 - (SC52)

Armit, William, P2QM1 - (SC52)

Badenoch, A., ABTDS - (SC52)

Barley, A., ABQMS - (SC52)

Baskerville, D., LSRC1 - (SC52)

Beatty, D., ABSMS - (SC52)

Beaudry - (SC52)

Beck, W., ISAAS - (SC52)

Becken, ABLR2 - (SC52)

Beckwith, J., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Beneman, J., C2SW3 - (SC52)

Bennett, A., P2CV2 - (SC52)

Bennett, K., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Bewley, J., LSCR1 - (SC52)

Biship, C., ABLM1 - (SC52)

Black, J., LSCV1 - (SC52)

Blais, N., P1GA3 - (SC52)

Blaney, W., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Blenkinsopp, J., C2TD2 - (SC52)

Boddy, F., P1QR - (SC52)

Bon, J-N., ABAAS - (SC52)

Booth, Alan, Lt - (SC52)

Booth, J., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Brigden, R., LSCK1 - (SC52)

Briskham, V., LSAAS - (SC52)

Brown, G., ABAAS - (SC52)

Browne, T., LSAAS - (SC52)

Bryan, L., LSRP1 - (SC52)

Bryant, G., ABTDS - (SC52)

Buchanan, W., P1SM3 - (SC52)

Buckley, C., C2TI3 - (SC52)

Bulmer, C., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Cain, A., LSQMS - (SC52)

Cairns, W., ABCK1 - (SC52)

Campbell, C., ABAAS - (SC52)

Cartier, J., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Cherwack, W., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Cherwoniak, N., ABAAS - (SC52)

Chester, J., ABRPS - (SC52)

Christiansen, W., ABAAS - (SC52)

Clark, A., ABRPS - (SC52)

Clarke, E., C2SM3 - (SC52)

Clement, A., LSEG3 - (SC52)

Cochran, D., ABRCS - (SC52)

Cole, D., P2QR1 - (SC52)

Cole, W., P1AW3 - (SC52)

Cook, A., ABQR1 - (SC52)

Coon, G., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Copas, F., Lt - (SC52)

Copland, K., C2ER4 - (SC52)


Corner, Alfred Rogers 

Cosby, D., P2CV2 - (SC52)

Crawford, M., LSEF3 - (SC52)

Crayford, R., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Crothers, C., LT (S) - (SC52)

Dark, G., C2CK3 - (SC52)

Davidge, E., ABRPS - (SC52)

Davies - (SC52)

Davis, J., ABCR1 - (SC52)


Davidige, Eldon - Korean war

Dawson, R., P2PT1 - (SC52)


Day, Lee, AW, RCN


Dodds, E., C2QR2 - (SC52)

Dorken, R., CD Gnr (TAS) - (SC52)

Driemel, H., P1SM2 - (SC52)

Drinnan, S., ABCR1 - (SC52)

Duggan, A., LSCR1 - (SC52)

Dunphy, G., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Dyson, G., C2SH4 - (SC52)


Elias, G., ABCK1 - (SC52)

Elvidge, R., ABTD3 - (SC52)

England, C., P2SM2 - (SC52)


Ewald, F., C1ER4 - (SC52)


Faa, H., P2ED3 - (SC52)


Foley - (SC52)


Foley, H., LSQMS - (SC52)


Ford, G., ABRPS - (SC52)

Frankenfield, T., P2RC1 - (SC52)


Fraser, S., ABTDS - (SC52)


Gates, R., ABLM1 - (SC52)

Godard, G.J., LSSM1 - (SC52)


Gold, Alfred, CBM (Buffer)

Goodwin, L., ABRCS - (SC52)

Goold, J., P2ER3 - (SC52)

Gosselin, P., P2CK2 - (SC52)

Gowel, C., ABTDS - (SC52)

Grant, R., LSTD1 - (SC52)

Graves, D., C2GI3 - (SC52)

Greenfield, W., ABTDS - (SC52)

Grodde, John, ABQMS - (SC52)

Hall, A., P1TA3 - (SC52)

Hamilton, W., ABSM1 - (SC52)


Harris, Joe - 1952

Henderson, A., ABVS1 - (SC52)

Hlasny, S., AB(NQ) - (SC52)

Holland, O., P2VS2 - (SC52)

Holness, D., LSAA1 - (SC52)

Hoover, D., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Hunter, A., LSCK2 - (SC52)

Husher, John, LCdr (G), XO - (SC52)

Hutchings, W., C2SM3 - (SC52)

Jamieson, R., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Jesney, W., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Johnson, D., LSEM1 - (SC52)

Johnston, M., P2AA1 - (SC52)

Jones, K., LSRPS - (SC52)

Jones. E., LCdr - (SC52)

Kanwisher, W., Lt (L) - (SC52)


Karagianis, Aubrey Constantine, Cd (E), RCN - 06 May 1946

Kazmiruk, G., ABSMS - (SC52)

Kelly, C., ABLM1 - (SC52)

Kendall, R., ABSW1 - (SC52)

Kennedy, P1EM - (SC52)

Keohane, J., LCdr (E) - (SC52)

Kochanuk, E., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Konsohrada, E., ABCV1 - (SC52)

Krueger, W., ABCR1 - (SC52)

Kruger, H., ABTDS - (SC52)

Lampert, D., ABAA1 - (SC52)

Langlois, L., P2SM2 - (SC52)

Langridge, H., ABRPS - (SC52)

Langton, R., C1CA4 - (SC52)

Larkey, D., C2CR3 - (SC52)

Larson, I., ABSMS - (SC52)

Lawrence, J., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Lewis, P., PSCR2 - (SC52)

Liesch, L., ABLRS - (SC52)

Logan, C., ABQMS - (SC52)

Loughran, P., LSAAS - (SC52)

Luther, I., LSTDS - (SC52)

MacDonald, D., LSCR1 - (SC52)

MacDonald,J., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Mallet, P2SM - (SC52)

Marchant, F. ABCK1 - (SC52)

Marshall, R., P1QR1 - (SC52)

Martin, J., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

McCauley, C., ABLRS - (SC52)

McCoy, G., ABSM1 - (SC52)

McDowell, R., C2NS3 - (SC52)

McIsaac, AB(NQ)S - (SC52)


McLean, C., LSSW2 - (SC52)

McMullen., C., C2ET4 - (SC52)

McPherson, LSCK1 - (SC52)

Meads, J., C2CV3 - (SC52)

Meko, A., ABLM1 - (SC52)

Menu, M., ABSW1 - (SC52)


Miller, E., ABSMS - (SC52)


Minton, G., P1RT4 - (SC52)


Miron, E., ABRP2 - (SC52)


Miron, M., ABAAS - (SC52)


Morgan, K., P2SM2 - (SC52)


Moore, J., ABSW1 - (SC52)

Moore, W. (Bill), ABAA3 - (SC52)


Morrison, R., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Mortimer, S., P1ER4 - (SC52)


Murray, D., ABQMS - (SC52)

Nelson, J., ABTDS - (SC52)

Neuman, L., ABLRS - (SC52)

Norrington, B., ABTDS - (SC52)

Nyman, R., ABRPS - (SC52)

Olson, R., ABCV1 - (SC52)

Oshanek, J., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Overstud, P2ET - (SC52)


Parent, J., ABQMS - (SC52)

Parkin, T., ABCV1 - (SC52)

Parson, J., ABLM1 - (SC52)

Perrins, D., Ord Lt - (SC52)

Peterson, D., ABRPS - (SC52)

Picton, C., ABCV1 - (SC52)

Pinkus, P1GA - (SC52)

Potter, J., P2SW2 - (SC52)

Prichard, W., P1QR3 - (SC52)

Purdy, D., ABCK1 - (SC52)

Pyette, K., ABSMS - (SC52)


Raven, Donald - Korean war

Reid, R., P2PH3 - (SC52)

Reynolds, AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Rice, R., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Richardson, K., ABRCS - (SC52)


Ridge, Samuel Archibald, A/Gnr (T), RCN - 11 Jun 1945

Robinson, D., LSRP1 - (SC52)


Roche, George Vanstone, Lt (E), RCNVR - 29 May 1945 (Stand by)

Rosbert, E., ABQMS - (SC52)

Ross, F., LCdr - (SC52)

Ross, William T., ABAAS - (SC52)

Schleen, D., P2NS2 - (SC52)

Schrader, G., ABSM1 - (SC52)


Schleen, Donald C. 


Shaw, G., LSRC1 - (SC52)

Sherber, J., LSSWL - (SC52)

Simmons, A., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Simpson, J., Surg-LCdr - (SC52)

St. Pierre, B., P1RT4 - (SC52)


Stevens, LSEM1 - (SC52)

Stuart, W., LCdr (ND) - (SC52)

Sutton, A., LSTDS - (SC52)

Sutton, F., ABQMS - (SC52)

Swedberg, J., LSSM1 - (SC52)

Tanner, A., LCdr - (SC52)

Taylor, R., ABAAS - (SC52)

Tease, L., LSRP1 - (SC52)


Theriault, Robert (Bob), SG, RCN

Thurmeier, J., LSNS1 - (SC52)


Train, Garth., LM, 27254-H 

Trottier, L., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Tyler, R., C2GA4 - (SC52)

Van Hees, F., LSNS1 - (SC52)

Villeneuve, R., AB(NQ)S - (SC52)

Wadlow, A., P2SM2 - (SC52)

Ward, A., ABLRS - (SC52)

Weaver, S., ABRPS - (SC52)

Whatman, R., P1RP1 - (SC52)

White, Ken, ABRCS - (SC52)

Whiteman, A., ABLM1 - (SC52)

Wier, T., LSSM1 - (SC52)

Williams, C2CA4 - (SC52)

Willows, W., ABTDS - (SC52)

Willox, D., ABCV1 - (SC52)

Wilson, John., ABSM1 - (SC52)

Woelfle, F., P2CK2 - (SC52)

Wood, J., LSRW3 - (SC52)



Photos and Documents


HMCS Crusader R20 tied up with the reserve fleet in Esquimalt, 1947 with CNAV Laymore in the foreground


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny


It is not known if these two photos are our HMCS Crescent or HMCS Crusader - circa 1950


From the collection of William C. Dziadyk

Courtesy of Bill Dziadyk

HMCS Crusader's baseball team - circa 1951-1953


Harry Driemel - standing, 4th from right


From the collection of Harry Driemel

Courtesy of Daryl Driemel

HMCS Crusader's baseball team - circa 1951-1953


Front (L-R):  Howe, Norman Louchie, P2RC;  McLean, Forbes (Fuzz), P2SM;  Hatten, Gordon Daryl, P2SM;  Driemel Harry, P2SM;  Dawson, R.R., P2PTI


Rear (L-R):  Unknown;  Reynolds, Harry, AB.NQ;  Unknown;  Booth, Alan, Lt;  Tudor, Maurice (Moe), P2ET;  Hill, David (Bunker) AB.VS1;  Unknown


From the collection of Harry Driemel

Courtesy of Daryl Driemel

Engineers posing for a photo on HMCS Crusader circa 1951-1953


Harry Driemel - rear, right


From the collection of Harry Driemel

Courtesy of Daryl Driemel

Engineroom Blue Watch, HMCS Crusader, Korea 1952

Front:  John Adderson, 1st on left, with ball cap

2nd Row: John Wilson, 2nd from left

Back Row: L-R:  unknown, P1SM Buchanan, Joe Harris, CPO Harry Driemel, unknown, unknown

From the collection of Harry Driemel

Courtesy of Daryl Driemel

HMCS Crusader R20 circa 1950-1952

From the collection of Gordon Howard

HMCS Crusader conducting full power trials, May 1952 - speed 36.9 knots


"We were the fastest destroyer at that time. One CO of the American Squadron asked our CO if we could keep up, and he said Yes and then some."


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader readies to depart "C" jetty, Esquimalt, for Korean theatre - 25 May 1952




Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader Daily orders for 04 Jul 1952 during Korean deployment


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Crusader, Kure, Japan - 02 Apr 1953


"Side by side at a jetty in Kure, Japan, are HMC Ships Athabaskan (left) and Crusader, while their ship's companies unite in divisions alongside. The Crusader, a Crescent class destroyer, has been in Korean waters for eight months, while the Athabaskan, Canadian-built Tribal class destroyer, is on her third tour of Korean duty."


DND / RCN photo

From the collection of Donald Lory

Courtesy of Stuart Lory

Souvenirs from the 1953-1953 Korean tour




Courtesy of Steven Hlasny

"A killick scribe on an A.A. mount?  Ludicrous to say the least..."

LS.AW Lee Day on an AA mount on HMCS Crusader, somewhere tropical - 1958

From the collection of Lee Day, AW, RCN

HMCS Crusader returns to Esquimalt 1964

Source: Library and Archives of Canada MIKAN no. 4377111

HMCS Crusader 228 off Portsmouth

Source: the flickr photo collection of Don Gorham

HMCS Crusader 

Quarter Master, Bosn Mate and two Able Seamen

Source: Flickr photo collection of Don Gorham

HMCS Crusader - 40mm Bofors

Source: Flickr photo collection of Don Gorham

HMCS Crusader "UP Spirits"

Source: Flickr photo collection of Don Gorham

VDS (Variable Depth Sonar) on HMCS Crusader

Courtesy of Peter Magwood


Sailors of HMCS Crusader


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

(1) (L-R) Pinkus, McIsaac and Hlasny, on HMCS Crusader, Jul 1952   (2) Steve Hlasny (L) and John Parent, on HMCS Crusader, Jul 1952   (3) ABNQ Bill Jesney on HMCS Crusader   (4) AB Steve Hlasny, "X" gun, HMCS Crusader, 1952   (5) LS Lanky Inouye, HMCS Crusader, 1952   (6) Cliff Bulme (L) and Steve Hlasny, Yokosuka drydock, 1952   (7) Unknown crew member, 8 mess, HMCS Crusader, 1952  (8) Steve Hlasny holding a 4.5" cordite casing


photo 9

photo 10

photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

photo 14

photo 15

photo 16

(9) Dan McIsaac at AA gun mount, HMCS Crusader   (10) LS Norm Robins, HMCS Crusader   (11) AB Lorne Liesch, HMCS Crusader   (12) AB Cy McCauly, HMCS Crusader   (13) ABQM1 John Parent, HMCS Crusader   (14) P2QR Don Cole, HMCS Crusader   (15) Livingston and Dan McIsaac (right), HMCS Crusader   (16) ABNQ Keith Amy, HMCS Crusader


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny


HMCS Crusader in Yokosuka dry dock for repairs to her sonar dome after grounding

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Cliff Bulme, Yokosuka dry dock, 1952

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

4.5-inch "X" gun, HMCS Crusader

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Catwalk on HMCS Crusader. The catwalk was used in heavy weather

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader's kisby ring at the brow

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

R.O.K. gunboat coming alongside HMCS Crusader

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

13 captured North Korean prisoners - Simmons with cigarettes

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny 

EM's Club, Yokahama, Japan, 01 Nov 1952


(L-R) Norm Robins, George Jones, Steve Hlasny, Cliff Bulmer, Keith Amy


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

LSQR George Walker

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

ABQR Wyber (left) and LSQR G.Walker

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

(L-R) ABQR Wyber, LSQR G.Walker, ABLR Ken Kelbough

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

"Albertans on Destroyer"

Clipping from Drumheller newspaper

AB Steve G. Hlasny and AB Daniel A. McIssac

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Steve Hlasny gets a haircut from P1 Stoker Buchanan

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

AB George Spicer holding a 4-inch shell on HMCS Cayuga circa 1950-1951

George did two tours of duty in Korea - one on Cayuga and one on Crusader

From the collection of George Spicer

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Crusader sailors - Kelbough and Wyber - 1952

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader on night patrol off the west coast of Korean

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Mail being delivered to HMCS Crusader while she is on patrol - 1952

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader doing 30 knots - 1952

Photo taken from X Gun Deck

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

A HMCS Crusader Christmas card - 1952

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent inspecting HMCS Crusader's ship's company in Korea circa 1954

Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

HMCS Crusader fueling in the Yellow Sea. Note "Y" turret iced over

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader, Boiler room - ABSM Kazmiruk, ABSM Cherwack, C2SM Hutchings - Korean tour

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

Cooks for a Day on HMCS Crusader

Source: Crowsnest Magazine

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Crusader returned to Esquimalt from her 1st tour in Korea - 01 Jul 1953








(BT01) HMCS Crusader arrives at Sasebo, Japan, 1953  (BT02) HMCS Crusader in dry dock at Sasebo, Japan, 1953  (BT03) HMCS Crusader's decks awash in rough seas  (BT04) Look astern from HMCS Crusader  (BT05) Christmas onboard HMCS Crusader, Sasebo, Japan, 1953  (BT06) Jenny's Side Party, Hong Kong, 1954





(BT08) HMCS Crusader alongside Tokyo, Japan, 1954  (BT09) HMCS Crusader (foreground) alongside Tokyo, Japan, 1954  (BT07) HMCS Crusader 228 entering Tokyo Harbour, 1954









Comm Rates - HMCS CRUSADER 228

(BT10) Duffy McDougall  (BT11)  Harry Ruppel  (BT12-BT13) Bob (Bud) Theriault - 1953 (BT14) Willie Wilson  (BT15-BT16) John Budris








Comm Rates - HMCS CRUSADER 228

(BT17) Bennie Stipkala  (BT18) Harry Ruppel  (BT19) "The Gang" - Rear: Wilson; Front: Unknown, Yakabuski, Theriault, Duffy McDougal  (BT20) Duffy McDougall, Bennie Stipkala, John Budris  (BT21) Lyle Courtepatte  (BT22) Yeoman Bill Haworth






Comm Rates - HMCS CRUSADER 228

(BT23) Jim Yakaboski  (BT24) Comm Officer Lt French  (BT25)  Duffy McDougall, Bennie Stipkala, John Budris  (BT26) John Budris









(BT27-BT29) HMCS Crusader in dry dock at Sasebo, Japan  (BT30) R&R leave in Sasebo, Japan  (BT31) no caption  (BT32) Bob (Bud) Theriault outside the Mapleleaf Club, Tokyo, Japan  (BT33) Shrine in Japan










(BT41) HMCS Cayuga 218










(BT42) HMCS Cayuga 218 conducting a personnel transfer with HMCS Crusader via jackstay  (BT43) HMCS Cayuga 218  (BT44-BT45) Depth charge exploding astern of HMCS Crusader  







(BT50) HMCS New Glasgow 315  (BT51-BT53) Hula dancers greet HMCS Crusader in Hawaii on her return trip home  (BT54) HMCS Crusader ship's company dance after her Korean War tour


From the collection of Robert (Bob) (Bud) Theriault, P1SG, RCN

Courtesy of Bob Theriault


Unknown sailor from HMCS Crusader ashore on a bike / moped - 1956  Photo likely taken in Bermuda.

From the collection of Francis Gerald (Gerry) Walsh

Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe


Tot time on HMCS Crusader - circa 1956-1958

From the collection of Francis Gerald (Gerry) Walsh

Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe

Jerry Switzter (right) and Gerry Walsh

"Jerry Switzer and I after the monkey ripped my shirt"

Bermuda - BWT - Nov 1956

From the collection of Francis Gerald (Gerry) Walsh

Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe



HMCS Crusader 228

From the collection of Francis Gerald (Gerry) Walsh

Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe


HMCS Crusader 228 alongside Bermuda circa 1958-1959 with a Royal Navy "A" Class sub alongside her

Courtesy of Erling Baldorf

HMCS Crusader 228 - date unknown

Courtesy of Dave Shirlaw

HMCS Crusader 228 off Korea 03 Mar 1954

Catalog #: 80-G-642747 Copyright Owner: US National Archives


HMCS CRUSADER "Y" Gun Crew - 25 May 1952 - 01 Jul 1953


Back L-R: Moore, Parent, Foley, Clark


Centre L-R: Jesney, Tease, Simmons


Front L-R: Livingstone, Charlie Watkins, Keith Amy


From the collection of Keith Amy



Crusader Sailors


L-R: Keith Amy Bill Jesney, Cliff Bulmer - 02 Mar 1953


From the collection of Keith Amy