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Then Harbour Craft HC 190

Then Alfred & Emily

HMCS Venture


Launched: 09 Jun 1937

Commissioned: 25 Oct 1937

Paid off: 01 Sep 1939

Fate: Sold 10 Sep 1945.  Destroyed by fire at sea on 03 Oct 1951


The only sailing vessel among the thirteen ships serving in the RCN on the eve of the Second World War, this three-masted schooner was built at Meteghan, Nova Scotia, and commissioned on 25 Oct 1937 as a training ship. With war imminent, VENTURE was paid off on 01 Sep 1939 to become an accommodation vessel at Halifax for ratings on the staff of the Rear Admiral, 3rd Battleship Squadron, RN. In Nov 1941, she was commissioned as guard ship at Tuftís Cove, at the entrance to Bedford Basin. She gave up her name on 13 May 1943 to the former yacht Seaborn and thereafter was known as Harbour Craft 190. She served as Harbour Hopper 190 until she was sold to a Halifax firm on 10 Dec 1945. Upon being sold she was renamed to Alfred & Emily and served as a sealing vessel and a coal carrier, which she served as until she was lost in an explosion/fire off of Bellburns, Newfoundland on 03 Oct 1951.


Commanding Officers

Cdr Godfrey Musgrave Hibbard - 08 Jun 1938 - unk

Lt John Campbell McCarty, RCNR - 13 May 1943 - unk

Skpr/Lt Dexter Elisha Freeman, RCNR - 01 Jul 1945 - unk


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


McGrath, Donald King


Served In Venture 06 Jun 1940 - 08 Dec 1940 as Ordinary Sig. Became Sig (T.O.) while on Venture






Powell, Robert Montagu


Draft to Venture 05 Mar 1942 as LCdr, RCNVR, Special Services






Former Crew Members

Anderson, Charles, AB, Torpedoman, RCNVR

Bragg, Percival Dean, Lt, RCNVR - 29 Jun 1945

Smith, Alexander, Skpr/Lt, RCNR - 29 Mar 1943 / 13 May 1943


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