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HMCS Cayuga 218 - 11 Jun 1955

Photographer: Walter E. Frost.

Source: City of Vancouver Archives

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Battle honours and awards:  Korea  1950-52



Laid down: 07 Oct 1943

Launched: 28 Jul 1945

Commissioned: 20 Oct 1947

Paid off: 1952

Re-commissioned:  23 Feb 1953

Paid off: 27 Feb 1964

Fate: Broken up in 1965


Commissioned at Halifax on 19 Oct 1947, she sailed on 04 Feb 1948, for Esquimalt, her assigned base. On 13 Jan 1950 HMCS Cayuga made a run from Esquimalt at the height of one of the worst blizzards to hit the West Coast. The Tribal class destroyer is the only ship to put out of Vancouver Island during the gale, and when she docks at Vancouver, her superstructure is covered in two inches of ice. Despite a rough passage and up to 65-knot winds, Cayuga carries the Navy's junior hockey team safely to Vancouver for a featured exhibition game, and returns home the following day with Army personnel participating in an exercise appropriately named Operation Brass Monkey. At 0815 on 14 Feb 1950, HMCS Cayuga was ordered to proceed with all dispatch to a search area off the Queen Charlotte Sound and Hecate Strait to search for USAF B36 2075 which had gone down in the early morning hours. This was a BROKEN ARROW (a missing nuclear weapon). HMCS Cayuga remained on station as OTC co-ordinating the search on Princess Royal Island until 22 Feb 1950 when the search was called off. All but 5 of the crew were found. (Note: the crash site was not found till several years later. click here to read the Crowsnest article on the search) On 05 Jul 1950, Cayuga departed Esquimalt, as Senior Officer's ship of the first three Canadian destroyers to serve in Korean waters. During her first tour 1950-51, she went into drydock in Sasebo, Japan - once to have the sonar dome checked and ship painted; and a 2nd time to check the screws for damage as she backed over the ship's whaler. She carried out three tours of duty there, the last in 1954 after the armistice. In 1952, between the second and third tours, she was rebuilt as a destroyer escort. For four years after her return from Korea in Mid-Dec 1954, Cayuga carried out training on the west coast. On 16 Jan 1958, she departed Esquimalt in company with HMCS Crescent 226, HMCS Fraser 233, HMCS Margaree 230, and HMCS Skeena, to take part in a Far-East training cruise. In Jan 1959, she transferred coasts and served in the same training capacity as she did on the west coast. In Apr 1963, 12 RCN ships, Algonquin, Micmac, Cayuga, St. Croix, Terra Nova, Kootenay, Swansea, La Hulloise, Buckingham, Cape Scott, CNAV Bluethroat and CNAV St. Charles, took part in NATO Exercise New Broom Eleven, an exercise designed to test convoy protection tactics (click here to see the newspaper article). In Oct 1963, Bonaventure, Algonquin, Cayuga, Micmac and Saskatchewan took part in a NATO exercise in which all participating ships were battered by a severe North Atlantic storm (click here to see the newspaper article). Paid off at Halifax on 27 Feb 1964, she was broken up at Faslane, Scotland, the following year.


HMCS Cayuga's tours in Korea


1st Tour: Departed Esquimalt: 05 Jul 1950  //  Arrived Op Area: 30 Jul 50  //  Departed Op Area: 16 Mar 51  //  Arrived Esquimalt: 07 Apr 1951

2nd Tour:  Departed Esquimalt: 19 Jun 1951  //  Arrived Op Area: 20 Jul 51  //  Departed Op Area: 01 Jun 52  //  Arrived Esquimalt: 14 Jun 1952

3rd Tour: Departed Esquimalt:  25 Nov 1953  //  Arrived Op Area: 01 Jan 54  //  Departed Op Area: 22 Nov 54  //  Arrived Esquimalt: 16 Dec 1954


Commanding Officers

Cdr Owen Conner Struan (Robbie) Robertson, GM, RCN - 20 Oct 1947 - 01 Jan 1949

Cdr M.A. Medland, RCN - 15 Sep 1949 - 04 Jul 1950

Capt Jeffry (Jeff) Vanstone Brock, DSO, DSC, RCN - 05 Jul 1950 - 24 May 1951

Cdr James Plomer, OBE, DSC, RCN - 25 May 1951 - 18 Jun 1952

Lt Frederick Little, RCN - 18 Jun 1952 - 14 Jul 1952

LCdr William Prine Hayes, RCN - 23 Feb 1953 - 31 Dec 1954

Cdr Geoffry Huntley Davidson, RCN - 01 Jan 1955 - 16 Oct 1956

Cdr Patrick Campbell Benson, RCN - 17 Oct 1956 - 16 Apr 1958

Cdr George Albert Hoyte, RCN - 17 Apr 1958 - 23 Jun 1958

Cdr Michael Henry Elvy Page, RCN - 24 Jun 1958 - 01 Mar 1959

Cdr Evan Petley-Jones, RCN - 02 Mar 1959 - 13 Dec 1960

LCdr Francis John Dunbar, RCN - 14 Dec 1960 - 02 Aug 1961

Cdr A.H. MacDonald, RCN - 03 Aug 1961 - 01 Feb 1962

Cdr William Marshall Beckett, RCN - 02 Feb 1962 - 27 Feb 1964


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


- Book of Remembrance entry     - Grave or burial information

LISKA, Vince

AB, 6164-E, RCN

Lost at sea - 04 Dec 1950 


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Anderson, Hugh Lorne


Arcand, Paul A.V.


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an ABVS1

Bartram, Ronald Eric


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an ABCR1

Bell, James Duncan


Bell, Joseph A.


Bell, Walter Emerson


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as a P1CA3

Benjamin, Gordon


Benson, Patrick Campbell


8th Commanding Officer

Bernays, Max Lepold


Bjola, Leonard N.J.


Served in Cayuga as a gunnery rate

Bond, James Mason


Last XO

Bond, Jean-Noel


Boughton, Benjamin


Bowditch, William Watson


Drafted to Cayuga 31 Jul 1948 as Cd/Gnr, RCN

Bradford, Sydney Howard


Bridge, Wilfred


Served in Cayuga during the Korean war. Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an P1SM2

Brock, Jeffry Vanstone


3rd Commanding Officer





Callaghan, Brian


Campbell, David


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as ABTDS

Cathcart, Donald Stuart


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an OS

Coates, Allen Arthur


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as LSCR1

Cook, Fred C.


Cunningham, Norman Arthur


Curleigh, Colin M.


Served in Cayuga in 1959

Davies, Omer (Bud)


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as OSSMS

Davis, Stanley William


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an ABCR1

Dayton, Arthur David


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as a LSSM1

deRosenroll, Glen Michael


Desjardins, Romeo E.


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as a P2SM2

Dunbar, Francis John


12th Commanding Officer

Dunbar, Hugh C.




Ebner, Ernest Fredrick


Edwards, Charles William


Eldridge, Richard


Served in Cayuga in 1949 and 1951

Erickson, Alfred Jerome


Served in Cayuga during WW2

Etherington, Jack E.


Fast, Allen


Fell, Lloyd Allan


Ferguson, Elmer Alexander


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as a LSEM2

Finch-Field, Reginald Dale


Foster, Kenneth Sinclair


Fraser, Robert Neilson







Gammon, Bryan T.


Gillespie, Robert Dale


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as ABQRS

Ginter, Arthur Samuel


Gordon, Raymond Turner


Gould, Sidney Charles


Served in Cayuga in 1960 as CommO

Hayes, William Prine


6th Commanding Officer

Hendry, Ian G.


Heseltine, James Chapman Walter


Served in Cayuga in 1955 as Lt, RCN, Squadron Ordnance Officer

Hotchin, Robert H.


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as P2MA2

Howarth, William


Huxtable, John Charles







Irwin, Ray


Served in Cayuga during 2nd Korean Tour

James, William Stanley Gordon


Served in Cayuga in 1950 as a PO

Jenson, Latham Brerton


Drafted to Cayuga in 1946 as XO




Kahler, Lawrence John


Kirwin, James Terrance


Kostiuk, Bohdan John Peter


Krieger, Willy


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as ABTDS

Kruse, Gerald Kitchener


Lambie, Vincent Frederick


Lane, Robert L.


LaRose, Denton


Legge, Charles Edwin


Little, Vernon Earle


Lockhart, Douglas McKenzie


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as P2SM2

Luna, Kay






Mackie, Edward


Marcus, Robert Charles Jackson


Martin, Michael Arthur


Drafted to Cayuga 13 May 1948 as a A/Slt, RCN and 23 Jun 1950 as Lt, RCN

McClelland, James Stanley


McCulloch, Paul Lancelot Steele


Drafted to Cayuga on 09 May 1948 as A/Slt, RCN

McGowan, Harold Austad


McLeod, Cathel James


Miles, Warren


Montgomery, Robert G.


Muster, Edward


Newton, J. David


Served in Cayuga as Engineering Officer in 1952

Norman, Raymond


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an ABSMS





Panteluk, William


Payne, Gerald


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll 30 Jun 1951 as, ABAAS, 5666E

Plomer, James


4th Commanding Officer




Reitsma, Gerard


Reitsma, Gord


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll 30 Jun 1951 as ABCR1

Renwick, Donald William


Roberts, Joseph


Robertson, Owen Conner Struan


1st Commanding Officer

Rowse, Arthur William


Served in Cayuga in 1954 as NavO






Sauder, Wilton H.


Seibel, Arthur J.


Snider, Stewart Gordon


Sowassey, Paul


Served in Cayuga during the Korean war

Speight, Tom


Stanbrook, Wilfred Thomas


Served in Cayuga 13 Oct 1953 - 30 Apr 1954

Stevens, Ronald Gerald


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll 30 Jun 1951 as ABAAS

Still, Wilfred Eric


Drafted to Cayuga on 05 Jan 1952 while in Op Area during 2nd Korean War tour.

Smele, Edwin George


Sommerville, Wilfred J.


Swonnell, Horace Walter Edwin


Taggart, Norman Reid


Taylor, Roy Edward


Served in Cayuga during Korean War as LSM1

Thibedeau, Francis Joseph


Served in Cayuga during the Korean War

Tobias, James J.



Vergouwen, Peter J.


Volker, William George


Vondette, Henry William





Waller, James


Walls, Bertram Robert


Ward, Ricahrd Martin


Served in Cayuga during her 1st and 2nd Korean War tours.

Wareham, Earle A.


Watt, George T.


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as an OSS.

Watts, Albert (Bert) James


Webster, Ronald D.


Wheatcroft, Ernest Albert


Wilson, William Hugh


Wright, James Edward


Wyatt, Ernest Charles


Listed on Cayuga's nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951 as ABTDS






Zerbin, Helmut







Former Crew Members


(NR) = crew members listed on the nominal roll for 30 Jun 1951

Abs, Harold, ABRPS, 10262E (NR)


Acheson, Arthur, OS, 8525E (NR)


Anderson, Robert, OS, 8957H (NR)


Armit, James, LSTDS, 4996E (NR)


Arthurs, William ABQRS, 10334E (NR)


Atkinson, James, OS, 9711E (NR)


Baker, John, OS, 8530E (NR)


Banter, Robert, LSCV1, 5068E (NR)


Bastow, Ernest, OS, 13603H (NR)


Baynham, Frank, OSSWS, 7665E (NR)


Beattie, William, OS, 10376E (NR)


Bell, George, LSCR1, 6614E (NR)


Belleau, Joseph, OS, 14064H (NR)


Benwell, Dennis, OSEMS, 9707E (NR)


Bird, Frederick, P1QR2, 3345E (NR)


Black, Gordon, OS, 8967H (NR)


Black, Leland, OSSMS, 11261E (NR)


Blais, Walter, ABSWS, 8730E (NR)


Blythe, Jeremiah, C2SM3, 21614E (NR)


Bolick, Edwin, ABVS1, 10947E (NR)


Bolick, Elmer D.


Boudreau, William, OS, 8943H (NR)


Bourque, Victor, OSCKS, 8937H (NR)


Bowack, Robert, P2QR1, 4465E (NR)


Bowick, "Buster" - 1951-1952


Bowness, K., AB - Feb 1950


Bradley, Wilton, ABRPS, 10340E (NR)


Brahan, James A., PO - 1951


Bridgman, James, ABAAS, 11229E (NR)


Brooking, John William, Cd (E), RCN - 24 Jul 1947


Brouillard, Norman, OSEMS, 8803H (NR)


Brown, Harry, C2ET1, 4240 (NR)


Brown, James OSSMS, 11260H (NR)


Buchan, William, OSSMS, 7723E (NR)


Buckingham, George, P1CV3, 3369E (NR)


Butterworth, Stuart, P2AA1, 11012E - 1951-1952 (NR) 


Carigan, Alexander, OS, 8946H (NR)


Carle, Gordon, OS, 14703E (NR)


Cartwright, William, ABRPS, 8212E (NR)


Casler, James, ABTDS, 11026E (NR)


Cassie, PO - 1959


Churcher, Walter, P2RT3, 6312E (NR)


Clark, William, P1SM2, 23197E (NR)


Coghill, George, P2CR2, 6323E (NR)


Connelly, Russell, ABAAS, 11242E - 1953 (NR)


Cooper, Glen, P2VS2, 50437E (NR)


Court, Frederick, LSCK1, 11144E (NR)


Craig, John, ABNQ, 23259E - 1950-1951 / LSSM1 (NR)


Cropt, Aleck, C1SM3, 21545E (NR)


Cunningham, Donald, OS, 10935E (NR)


Cyr, Joseph Claude, Surg/Lt, RCN - 15 Jun 1951


Davidson, Desmond, (Des), ABAAS, 51826E - 1950-1951 (NR) 


Davies, John, C2ER4, 22096E (NR)


Davies, Ralph, C2CR3, 3232E (NR)


Deakin, Walter, ABCR1, 7651E (NR)


Deane, Donald, ABQRS, 9932E - 1950-1951 (NR)


Dempster, "Moose" - 1950-1951


Deschenes, Maurice, OS, 8961H (NR)


Desmanche, Rock, OSEMS, 14013H (NR)


Dobson, Allan, OSEMS, 7698E (NR)


Doe, John, P1ET3, 4799E (NR)


Doherty, William (Willie), ABAAS, 6712E - 1950-1951  (NR)


Donald, Murray, P2QR1, 6379E (NR)


Doyle, William, ABNQ, 8766E 1950-1951 (NR)


Duff, Jack, ABSMS, 7572E (NR)


English, Thomas, C2SM3, 21536E (NR)


Fenwick, Raymond, ABLRS, 10247E (NR)


Fishers, George, ABSM1, 9301E (NR)


Follick, William, OS, 10923H (NR)


Forster, Gerald, ABTDS, 11010E (NR)


Fowler, Arthur, LSSM1, 51966E (NR)


Fraser, Gordon, C1ER4, 22264E (NR)


Fraser, "Pancho" - 1950-1951


Fraser, Roy, ABAAS, 999E (NR)


Gardiner, Donald, OSSMS, 8483E (NR)


Gardner, Thomas, LSRPS, 6699H (NR)


Garvin, Wesley, ABCR1, 11255E (NR)


Gerrard, William, OS, 10924H (NR)


Gessell, John, LSLR1, 5004E (NR)


Goddard, Ralph, ABNS1, 10004E (NR)


Gordon, Roy, ABSMS, 9642E (NR)


Graham, Roderick, OS, 14363H (NR)


Grahame, John, C2GA4, 4083E (NR)


Grant, Jack - 1950-1951


Grant, Roderick, OS, 14541H - 1950-1951 (NR) 


Grant, William, ABLRS, 8347E (NR)

Grondin, William P1SM2, 23004E (NR)


Grosvenor, Jack, OS, 11837H (NR)


Grotke, George, C2ER4, 23118E (NR)


Groves, John, P2SM2, 4850E (NR)


Hainsworth, OSEMS - 1959


Hamilton, Francis, OS, 10900H (NR)


Hamsen, Harold, LSSM1, 11152E (NR)


Harris, William Frederick, A/Lt, RCN - 23 Jun 1947 (Stand by)


Hartley, Larry, ABSWS, 51840E (NR)


Henebry, Thomas, ABCK1, 10162H - 1959 (NR)


Hewlett, William, ABRPS, 8365E (NR)


Hiebert, Edwin, LSEM2, 5771E (NR)


Hodgkin, Phillip, P1AW3, 51284H (NR)


Hoffman, Kenneth, ABTDS, 11222E (NR)


Holman, ABNQ - 1950-1951


Holness, David, ABAAS, 8344E (NR)


Hooke, Russell, P2TD1, 6254E (NR)


Hudson, Joseph, OS, 10073E (NR)


Huggard, Hubert, ABRPS, 7639E (NR)


Hughes, Clifford, OS, 11886H (NR)


Hughes, F., ABLR - 1950-1951


Hurrell, Edward, ABQRS, 8330E (NR)


Hutcheson, William, ABSMS, 9708E (NR)


Irwin, Garnett, P2PT1, 5472E (NR)


Jackson, Arnold, OS, 8526E (NR)


Jenkins, Cyril, C2ET4, 3801E (NR)


Jodoin, Ernest, AB(NQ), 13081E (NR)


Johnson, George - 1950-1951


Jorgenson, Lysle, P2SM2, 6980E (NR)


Jupp, Edward, C2QR2, 3683E (NR)


Kelly, David, ABSMS, 23250E (NR)


Kennedy, Duncan, C1GI3, 2915E (NR)


Kingdon, Donald, ABCR1, 10323E (NR)


Kipp, John, P2SM2, 7780E (NR)


Kirkness, George, ABAAS, 5963A - 1951 (NR) 


Kirton, Kenneth, ABRCS, 6891E (NR)


Kobayashi, Akimitsu, AB(NQ), 9312E (NR)


Kostek, Michael, ABAAS, 51644(E) (NR)


Kozub, Thomas, P2CK2, 50260E (NR)


Kurlicki, Vincent, C2ET4, 3131E (NR)


Lacey, Alfred, P1CK3, 50893E (NR)


Landsburg, James, OSEMS, 8443E (NR)


Larue, Perry, ABSWS, 8220E (NR)


Latimer, Ivan, LSET3, 5222E (NR)


Lavery, Thomas, P2ET4, 6400E (NR)


Lemieux, Gilles, OS, 8945H (NR)


Little, Thomas, P1RT4, 4089E - 1950-1951 (NR) 


Loucks, Kenneth, OSSMS, 1?344E (NR)


Lousier, Joseph, ABSM1, 7644H (NR)


Lovering, Lawrence, OSSM3, 9323H (NR)


Lucky, Fred, P2PW2, 50499E (NR)


MacIntyre, George, C1CK3, 40547E (NR)


MacIntyre, Thomas, C1CV3, 2898E (NR)


MacMillan, William, AB(NQ), 7639E (NR)


MacMillan, Russell, P2RP1, 50546E (NR)


Malin, Richard, C1T13, 3145H (NR)


Marcus, Robert (Bob),ABAAS, 6779E - 1950-1951 (NR)


Martin, Norman, P1SM2, 23012E (NR)


Matte, Alex, PO - Feb 1950


Maxwell, Patrick, ABCV1, 7656E (NR)


McCanny, John, ABAAS, 7562E (NR)


McDonald, Ralph, ABCR1, 7534E (NR)


McDougall, Keith, OSEMS, Jul 1959 - Jan 1960   


McGillvary, Archibald, C2ER4, 8246E (NR)


McGinnis, Ruben, ABAA1, 11203E (NR)


McKay, ABNQ - 1950-1951


McKay, Walter, ABAAS, 11025E (NR)


McKee, Dan - 1950-1951


McKee, Donald, LSTD1, 50486E (NR)


McKee, William, OSSMS, 8506E (NR)


McKeown, Douglas, LSCV2, 6310E


McLean, Dennis, LSCK2, 50405E (NR)


McNeil, Ralph, AB(NQ), 10339E (NR)


Metz, Walter, ABLRS, 12063E (NR)


Meyers, Edward, ABCK1, 9685E (NR)


Middleton-Sharpe, Theodore, OSAAS, 7660E (NR)


Mielin, Vincent, PO - Feb 1950


Miller, Murray, C1QM2, 3090E (NR)


Miller, William, ABSMS, 9956E (NR)


Milne, John, P2SM2, 22176E (NR)


Minchin, Harry, P1SM2, 22249E (NR)


Moorse, ABNQ - 1950-1951


Moran, Clayton, ABVC1, 7600E (NR)


Mots, Raymond, ABSM1, 7569E (NR)


Mourner, Gustave, P2ER4, 17147E (NR)


Muldoon, John, LSSM1, 9926E (NR)


Murphy, Barry, ABCV1, 7624E (NR)


Murphy, Francis OSEMS, 10290E (NR)

Murray, Gerald, ABRC1, 9470E (NR)


Murray, Norman, LSSM1, 23178E (NR)


Naysmith, Raymond, C2SM3, 21669E (NR)


Nelson, David, C1CA4, 40613E (NR)


Nelson, Norman, ABLRS, 7174E (NR)


Norton, Neil St. George, A/Slt, RCN - 09 May 1948


Olsen, Wayne, OSEMS, 11186E (NR)


Olson, Esque, ABLRS, 8387E (NR)


Padget, C.J., CPO - Feb 1950


Padley, John, LSCV2, 6088E


Painter, Leslie, ABRPS, 11232E (NR)


Paproski, John, ABRPS, 9941E (NR)


Parham, Edward, P1TA3, 4784E (NR)


Parker, Charles Roger, LCdr, XO - Feb 1950


Pastuk, M., LS - Feb 1950


Patterson, William, ABAA1, 5267E (NR)


Paul, Joseph Morrison, Lt, RCN - 07 Jun 1948


Paull, Donald, 11198E ABAA, 1950-1951 / ABAAS, (NR)


Pellettier, Maurice, ABQRS, 7492E (NR)


Perras, Jean, P2CK2, 50970E (NR)


Petersen, Jerry, ABCRS, 6855E (NR)


Pfister, Robert, OSSMS, 8505E (NR)


Phillips, John, OS, 8956H - 1950-1951  (NR) 


Pierson, Dennis, ABCV1, 7627E (NR)


Pitts, J.M., PO - Feb 1950


Porter, Alfred, P1CA3, 5999E (NR)


Poulton, Geoffrey, LSCR1, 5718E


Rae, Kenneth (Ken), P1LR2, 3674E (NR)


Rands, Allan, ABCRS, 6830E - 1952 (NR) 


Reding, Earl, OS, 11099E (NR)


Reichert, Phillip, C2SW2, 40428E (NR)


Renton, Robert, C2VS3, 40537E (NR)


Richard, Allan, OSCKS, 8927H (NR)


Rideout, Allan, P1AA2, 8280E (NR) - Feb 1950


Rideout, LSQR - 1950-1951


Ridgeway, Maurcie, P2RC1, 4881E (NR)


Rhodes, Robert, ABQRS, 9924E (NR)


Roberts, William, LSTD1, 6524E (NR)


Robinson, "Red", 1950-1951 


Robson, Walter, AMSMS, 7590E (NR)


Rose, George, OSSWS, 11088E (NR)


Ross, John R., CPO - 1951


Rowe, Robert, OSSMS, 8499E (NR)


Sanford, W., AB - Feb 1950


Savignag, Willard, OS, 10081E (NR)


Schmitz, Arthur, ABTDS, 1123E (NR)


Scott, Lawrence, LSRCS, 6789E (NR)


Scott, ABNQ - 1950-1951


Sherred, Ross, ABAAS, 6552H (NR)


Shumaker, Burness, P2SW1, 5087E (NR)


Simpkins, Laurence E. (Ted), ABNS1, RCN


Slade, Ed, Korean war -


Sloan, James, ABSMS, 11197E (NR)


Smith, Freeman, OS, 12626H (NR)


Smylski, Murray, ABRP1, 5245E (NR)


Sobczak, Carl, P1NS2, 40905E (NR)


Spicer, G., ABNQ - 1950-1951


Stein, Zand, ABQRS, 8264E (NR)


Sterling, ABNQ - 1950-1951


Stewart, Hugh, ABAW1, 8349E (NR)


Stewart, John, P2RC1, 4016E (NR)


Strachen, Jack, PO - Feb 1950


Sullivan, Elmer, OSSMS, 11076E (NR)


Sutherland, Gordon, P1ER3, 23001E (NR)


Taylor, Garnet, ABTDS, 7612E (NR)


Teasdale, Roy, OSSMS, 9729E (NR)


Thompson, P2RP2, 4578E (NR)


Trueit, James, ABSMS, 23022E (NR)


Tucker, Thomas, OS, 14359H (NR)


Turcotte, Joseph, P1RC2, 4163E (NR)


Tyler, William, ABSWS, 12168E (NR)


Tyre, James (Jim), LSAA1, 6092E - 1950-1953 (NR) 


Uniac, Gerald, OS, 14366H (NR)


Veinpel, Anthony, ABCV1, 11554E (NR)


Waddell, John, OS, 7733E (NR)


Walden, Donald, ABAAS, 5691E (NR)


Walls, Bertram, P1SM3, 22251E (NR)


Watson, ABNQ - 1950-1951


Weir, Andrew Bonthron, Surg-LCdr - Feb 1950


Wells, Leonard, ABCR1, 7525E (NR) 


West, Robert, P1ER4, 23154E (NR)


Wheeler, Roy, P2CV2, 6152E (NR)


Wiggins, James, C2RT4, 3200E (NR)


Wittchen, Edwin, ABTDS, 51614E (NR)


Wood, Archibald, LSWS1, 22477E (NR)


Wood, Frederick, P1ER4, 22218E (NR)


Worrall, George, P2CV2, 3192E (NR)


Wright, Frederick, C2SH4, 40976E (NR)


Young, Vernard, OS, 9453H (NR)


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