River Class Frigate





Jacket patch (1)



Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1944-45



Laid down: 

Launched: 12 Jun 1943

Commissioned: 11 Dec 1943

Paid off: 15 Oct 1945

Fate: Broken up 1947


Launched at MONTREAL on 12 Jun 1943, she was commissioned there 12 Nov 1943. She arrived at Halifax on 29 Nov 1943, worked up locally and on 25 Feb 1944 left St. John's for Londonderry to join EG C-4. She was employed continuously on convoy duty until late Sep 1944, when she joined EG 26, then forming at 'Derry. On 17 Dec 1944, she rescued survivors of U 1209, wrecked on Wolf Rock southwest of Land's End. MONTREAL remained in U.K. waters, and for short periods early in 1945 was based at Portsmouth and at Plymouth. She left 'Derry for the last time on 12 Mar 1945 as escort to convoy ON.290. Arriving at Shelburne, N.S., On 31 Mar 1945, she completed tropicalization refit there at the end of Aug 1945 then performed odd jobs out of Halifax until paid off 15 Oct 1945 to reserve in Bedford Basin. Sold in 1947, she was broken up at Sydney.



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Commanding Officers


LCdr Ronald James Herman, OBE, RCNR - 12 Nov 1943 - 04 Jul 1944


LCdr Stanley Warren Howell, RCNR - 05 Jul 1944 - 26 Nov 1944


A/LCdr Claude Lane Campbell, RCNVR - 27 Nov 1944 - 26 Jul 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Drope, John Ross Gooderham, Slt, RCNVR - 16 Apr 1945


Finch-Noyes, Edward (Ted) William, LCdr - 19 Apr 1944


Goodchild, John Wesley Ferguson, Lt (S), RCNVR - 05 Jul 1945


Irwin, Patrick Hamilton, Lt, RCNVR - 28 May 1945

Jeffrey, Stanley, SBA - 25 Feb 1944 - 21 Sep 1944


Lloyd, John McFarlane, Slt, RCNVR - 09 Apr 1945


McAlister, John Scotland, Slt, RCNVR - 24 Apr 1945


Perry, Henry



Photos and Documents



Photo taken from HMCS Wentworth K331

From the collection of Gerald Jenson

Courtesy of James Jenson

HMCS MONTREAL K319 jacket patch


Courtesy of Ron Csomany, LCdr, RCN(R), ret'd


The story behind the patch:  The patch was given to my mother-in-law by a rating in 1941 or '42 when she was a Wren W/T operator at Ste Hyacinthe. Apparently, the radio station had a complement of 100 Wrens and 3,000 men so the girls always had a date, but not necessarily with the guy they wanted. Her daughter - my wife, Kathie, also LCdr (W), RCN(R), ret'd, - showed it to to one of the speakers at a shad Senior Officers' Conference at Royal Roads in 1984. That gentleman was apparently adamant that this patch (embroidered felt though it is) was actually stitched [painted] onto a canvas gun cover - that is, not a jacket patch.


Webmaster's note: Anecdotal evidence from this and other sources indicates that HMCS MONTREAL K319 had gunshield art resembling the patch, but to date, no photo of the artwork has been found








(FY10) John Young on HMCS MONTREAL  (FY11) John Young (right) and unidentified shipmate on HMCS MONTREAL  (FY12) John Young (right) and unidentified shipmates on HMCS MONTREAL (FY13) Unidentified sailors on HMCS MONTREAL  (FY14) John Young (centre) and unidentified shipmates on HMCS MONTREAL  (FY15) Sailors from HMCS MONTREAL ashore, location unknown.  John Young, standing, 2nd from left


From the collection of John Bruce Young, AB, RCNVR


Courtesy of Greg Young