Bird Class Patrol boat



HMCS LOON 780, 29 Feb 1962


Launched: 04 Oct 1954

Commissioned: 30 Nov 1955

Placed in reserve status: 15 May 1963

Paid off: 30 Aug 1965

Fate: Sank of Eastern Shore, N.S.


On 15 May 1963, LOON was placed in reserve status. The Navy turned LOON, MALLARD and CORMORANT over to the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation in the 1960s. The late Winston Lyons lived in LOON with his family alongside the Sambro Government Wharf for a few years. He was a seaman in the Coast Guard Lifeboat 117 at the time. He sold LOON and she went down on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia someplace.



Commanding Officers


C1QI Thomas Alfred Henry Dicks - 14 Apr 1958 - unk

C1Q1 R.H. Player, RCN - 15 May 1960 - unk

CPO1 T. Lovekin, Bosn, RCN - 1962 - 15 May 1963

Lt MacDonald, Leo, RCN - 1965

Lt (N) William (Bill) Shead - Summer 1966



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Photos and Documents


HMCS LOON 780 - undated

DND / RCN photo