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Then Queen of Nassau

HMCS Canada


Launched: 1904

Commissioned: 25 Jan 1915

Paid off: Nov 1919

Fate: Sank 02 Jul 1926

Displacement: 411 tons

Length: 200 feet

Beam: 25 fett

Draught: 10.5 feet


Built by Vicker's Sons & Maxin, Barrow-in-Furness in 1904, HMCS Canada was originally a Canadian Government Ship that served as a patrol ship in the Fisheries Protection Service of Canada, an enforcement agency that was part of the Department of Marine and Fisheries. She was an armed 3rd class cruiser, twin screw. She is considered to the nucleus of the Royal Canadian Navy for her role in training Canadian naval officers and asserting Canadian sovereignty. After the First World War broke out in Aug 1914, the CGS Canada was officially transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). She underwent a refit to become a naval patrol ship which saw her forecastle raised and the Maxim guns for fisheries patrol use were replaced with two 12-pounder and two 3-pounder naval guns. She was commissioned as HMCS Canada in 1915 and served on the Atlantic coast. HMCS Canada was decommissioned from the RCN in Nov 1919 and she resumed her former civilian fisheries patrol duties as CGS Canada before being retired from government service in 1920. After being laid up in Halifax for four years she was sold and renamed "MV Queen of Nassau", and pressed into service shuttling passengers between Miami, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas. Later, she was resold to Mexican interests, however when she was being delivered, on 02 Jul 1926, she sank in 35 fathoms (64 m) of water off Islamorada. The wreck was located in 2001. Archeologists are working toward designating the wreck a U.S. National Historic Site because of the significance it holds in the evolution of Canada's military.


Commanding Officers

Lt Charles Joseph Stuart, RN - 1916

Lt Herbert Henry De Lally Wood, RNCVR - 17 Jan 1918 - unk

Lt Herbert Henry De Lally Wood, RNCVR - 01 May 1918 - unk


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Bond, James







Dooley, David Vincent


Drafted to Canada on 08 May 1917 and on 01 May 1918 as W. Op 2nd Cl, RNCVR






Field, William Robert


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as A/Gnr, RCN






German, Phillip Barry


Served in CGS Canada as Midshipman, Canadian Naval Force

Horton, Isaiah Walton


Served in Canada in 1915 as Mate, RNCVR





Julian, Charles Otis


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as Lt, RNCVR






Matthews, James Gerrie


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as W. Op 4th Cl, RNCVR






O'Leary, Michael Daniel


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as A/Art (E), RCN

Pellett, Herbert






Rankin, Arthur Glen Ernest


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as Slt, RNCVR

Ross, Alfred Inkerman


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as Ch/Art, RCN





Stuart, Charles Joseph




Vatcher, Louis White


Drafted to Canada on 01 May 1918 as Mate, RNCVR






Wood, Herbert Henry De Lally


Appointed as C.O. on 01 Jan 1918 and 01 May 1918





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