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Hospital Ship LADY NELSON

Photo taken from HMCS Suderoy V

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Completed: 1928

Acquired by RCN: 1939

Returned to owner:

Re-acquired by RCN: 1942

Entered service: 22 Apr 1943 as Hospital Ship Lady Nelson

Paid off: 1946 - returned to previous owner

Fate: Broken up in Egypt in 1968 


At 04.49 hours on 10 Mar 1942, U-161 fired two torpedoes into the harbour of Port Castries, St. Lucia. The first torpedo hit the Lady Nelson, which caught fire and sank by the stern in shallow waters. The second torpedo struck the Umtata, which sank by the stern. However, both vessels were later salvaged and repaired. Three crew members and 15 passengers of the 116 crew members, 110 passengers and two gunners aboard Lady Nelson and seven dock workers were lost. On 16 Apr, the ship was salvaged, temporarily repaired and left for Mobile on 11 May. Later converted to a hospital ship for 518 patients and commissioned on 22 Apr 1943.


After the war she again became S.S. LADY NELSON (1946). Sold to Egypt she became GUMHURYAT MISR (1953), and then later re-named ALWADI (1960). She was broken up in Egypt in 1968.



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The Life and Times of Captain Morris O’Hara (Isaacs Harbour, NS), Master of Lady Nelson during the Second World War



Commanding Officers


Captain Morris O'Hara - 1943 - 1946



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

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Etter, Phillip - The Memory Project


van Audenhove, Julien J. - The Memory Project



Photos and Documents


Hospital Ship Lady Nelson

From the collection of Roy Cardy

Courtesy of Dennis Cardy

Hospital Ship Lady Nelson

From the collection of William Connor

Courtesy of Jason Slater

Hospital Ship Lady Nelson

From the collection of John Brodie, HMCS Nanaimo

Courtesy of Bill Brodie 

Newspaper Article on Captain Morris O'Hara, O.B.E., Isaac Harbour, Guysborough Co., NS who was Master of the Lady Nelson during WW 2

Date: 18 Mar 1950

Courtesy of / Researched by Gerry Madigan

Nursing sisters of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.) aboard the hospital ship LADY NELSON, Naples, Italy, 29 January 1944.


Nursing Sisters R. MacLennan, J. Goodston, Reta Moffat, E. Covey, D.E. MacTier, E. Bateman, Y. Carr, J. Jackson, Captain C.I. Nixon (Matron), M. McLeod, R. Hughes, H.J. Battram, E.K. Sutherland and M.B. Meisner.


Credit: Lieut. Frederick G. Whitcombe / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-163661

Soldiers and Nurses aboard the Lady Nelson

Courtesy of Neil O'Connor








(FM793-FM797) Canadian Hospital Ship LADY NELSON


(FM795) LADY NELSON - 1945  (FM796) LADY NELSON with what appears to be a Merchant Aircraft Carrier astern  (FM797) LADY NELSON returning with the wounded - Feb 1944





(FM798) Lady Nelson - Apr 1944  (FM799) Lady Nelson - Sep 1944  (FM801) Lady Nelson (right hand side of photo) with unknown troopship astern


From the collection of François Messier, AB, RCNVR


Courtesy of Denis Messier



Lady Nelson End Mercy Ship Career - Hospital Ship Docks at Halifax on Final Run


Courtesy of Hugh Muir