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George Arthur Tunn


Born: 06 Nov 1910


Died: 14 Dec 1991, Galt, Ontario


As the story goes my Grandfather was a barber by trade at the time and and was assigned to Lady Nelson as the barber. From what I was told my grandfathers nick name was Quarters because that's what got for each cut. After his time there he came back to Galt and opened a barber shop - and when soldiers were returning from the war, to help them look good for interviews for jobs, he gave them free haircuts. (Submitted by Mark Tunn)


Ships served in:

Hospital Ship LADY NELSON


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(1) George Tunn - front, eyes closed  (2) George Tunn  (3) George Tunn (left) with his father  (4) George Tunn, his son, Edward John Tunn, and his wife  (5) George's barbershop in Galt, Ontario and a barber who worked for him.



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