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Minesweeping Trawler - TR 14

TR 14, Toronto, Ontario, 07 Mar 1918

Source: flicker photo collection of Ron Bell


Launched: 1917

Completed: 22 Jun 1918

Paid off: 01 Jul 1919

Sold to civilian use: Aug 1926

Fate: Ran aground 03 Dec 1931


Built by Thor Iron Works, Toronto, Ont., she was completed on 22 Jun 1918. Her specifications were: Displacement: 275 tons, Length: 125 ft, Beam: 23.5 ft, Draught: 13.5 ft, Speed: 10 kts, Armament: 1-12pdr. Paid off on 01 Jul 1919,  TR 14 was sold in 1920 to Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co. Ltd., Inverness for lay up and possible re-classification as a steam trawler. In 1921 she was transferred to Inverness as the expense of the Admiralty. She was re-sold for commercial use in Aug 1926. On 03 Dec 1931 she was homeward bound with a hold full of herring from NW coast of Ireland with Skpr J. James and 11 crew on board. She approached the Isle of Man in severe weather conditions with driving rain and heavy seas. At slow ahead she ran ashore at 6.00 a.m. on sand at Jurby Head, Isle of Man. The crew were rescued; the vessel was declared a total loss.


Commanding Officers

Skpr (Temp) David Faulkner Douglas - 30 Apr 1918 - unk

Skpr (Temp) David Faulkner Douglas- 16 Jun 1918 - unk

Skpr David Faulkner Douglas, RCN - 22 Jun 1918 - unk

Skpr (Temp) David Faulkner Douglas - unk - 07 Jan 1919


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Douglas, David Faulkner


Commanding Officer

30 Apr 1918, 16 Jun 1918, 22 Jun 1918 and in 1919






Hills, William Spencer


Served in TR 14 - 01 Aug 1918 - 07 Jan 1919 as Mate, RNCVR, 2nd in command.