River Class Frigate





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Battle honours and awards:  Arctic  1944,   Atlantic  1944-45,   English Channel  1944,   Normandy  1944



Laid down: 23 Dec 1942

Launched: 11 Jul 1943

Commissioned: 27 Nov 1943

Paid off: 09 Nov 1945

Fate: Still in active service as a luxury yacht


Commissioned at Montreal on 27 Nov 1943, STORMONT arrived at Halifax in Dec 1943, worked up in St. Margaret's Bay and in mid-Mar 1944, sailed for Londonderry to join EG 9. She was present on D-Day, and in Jul 1944 assisted the damaged HMCS MATANE toward Plymouth. In Oct 1944 she escorted a convoy to Gibraltar and, in Dec 1944, escorted convoy JW.62 to Kola Inlet and RA.62 back. She left 'Derry on 09 Dec 1944, for Halifax and tropicalization refit at Shelburne. The latter, begun in Jun 1945, was discontinued on 20 Aug 1945 and the ship was paid off 09 Nov 1945. She was sold in 1947 to a Montevideo buyer for conversion to a merchant ship, but was re-sold in 1951. Converted at Kiel, 1952-54, to a luxury yacht for Aristotle Onassis, she was re-named Christina. After the elder Onassis died in 1975, Christina inherited the yacht, and gave her to the Greek government as a presidential yacht in 1978. She was renamed Argo for a number of years, but was eventually allowed to deteriorate. In 1998, she was purchased by another Greek ship owner, John Paul Papanicolaou, who restored her and renamed her Christina O. She continues to sail.



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Commanding Officers


A/LCdr George Abraham Myra, RCNR - 27 Nov 1943 - 09 Nov 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Allan W., OS

Baillie, J., PO Tel

Beatty, H., ERA

Beaulieu, G.F., CPO, TC

Benner, L., Sig

Blair, M., LS

Blair, M., LS


Boorman, Kenneth Lloyd, Lt, RCNVR - 12 Feb 1945

Borland, J., SPO

Cainflone, F., AB

Campbell, D., AB

Campbell, J., LS Sto

Campbell, Patrick Gregory, SLt (E), A/Engineer Officer - 27 Feb 1944

Carney, G., SPO

Carte, C., OS

Connelly, H.R., SA

Corkum, R., OS


Cross, Robert Errol, AB

Daigneault, M., AB


Dangerfield, Jack Wilbur, Lt, RCNVR - 14 Mar 1945

Davis, C., LS

Delvillano, J., AB

Dickey, H., AB

Dods, G.H., L/Sto

Donmoyer, H., Tel

Earl, E., Sig

Empey, F.,

Evans, E., ERA

Floyd, C., LS

Francis, A., O/Cdr

Fraser, C, SPO

Fraser, R., ERA

Galant, J., AB

Gentles, R., OS

Godfrey, E.D., AB

Goodman, L., PO, Yeo/Sits

Gore, F., L/Stwd

Gray, W.D., LT, NavO

Hagel, W., OS

Hamilton, R.J., PS, HSD

Hammel., ERA

Hartmann, C., LS

Heddern, G.B., LCdr


Higgins, Patrick William Edward, SLt, RCNVR - 29 Jan 1945

Hollinger, F., OS

Hughes, A., Tel

Humeniuk, M., AB


Kamis, W., AB


Keeping, Victor., AB

Kennedy, H., AB


Kilgour, G., PO

Kreller, R., CK(S)

Kristiansen, E., AB

La Fave, R., OS

Laird, C.S., L/Wtr

Lambie, J., Sig.

Lawson, G., Tel

Lawson, G., Tel

Leclair, A., OS

Lyon, H., OS

MacAulay, M., Sto 2c

MacDonald J., LS


MacDougall, John Malcolm, SLt, RCNVR - 10 May 1945

Manahan, W., AB

Martin, G., OS

Martin, G., Tel

Mason, W., Sto 2c

Maxymowich, W., OS

McDonald, A., Shpt

McDonald, C., OS

McDonald, Dl., LS

McDougall, G., OS

McKenzie, G., Sto 2c

McLean, H., Cdr

McLennan, R., Stwd


McClure, Allan Samuel, SLt, RCNVR - 19 Feb 1945

McPherson, D.K., Cdr

McRae, F., Sto 2c

Miller, L.L., OS

Mills, J., OS

Milne, J., Sig

Moores, J., AB

Morriss, D., AB

Morse, D., AB

Munro, R., AB

Murray, A., L/SBA

Murray, A., OS

Murray, J., Sto 2c

Myra, G.A., Skpr Lt, Captain

Nelson, W., Sto 2c

Newell, G., Sto 2c

Nichols, T., Sto 1c

Noble, G.J., Sto 2c

Obermeyer, F., OS


O'Hearn, W.D.A., LT, A/S, CommO

Oliver, K., ERA


Paquin, P., AB

Patterson, F., SP


Paul, R., Sto 2c

Phelan, T., Sto 2c

Pilon, H., AB

Powley, S., EA

Purcell, J., L/Tel

Rath, V.A., PO, QR 2

Robertshaw, E., LS


Ross, A., Sto 2c


Ross, Robert Ian, Lt, RCNVR - 07 Mar 1945

Rowbottom, H., OS

Russell, G., AB

Saunders, D.H., Lt, 1st

Skinner, D., OS


Smith, B.K., Lt (E), Engineer Officer

Smith, C., Tel

Snyder, W., ERA

Soper, R., OS

Steinman, R., OS

Stevenson, J., OS

Stevenson, J., OS

Taylor, William Ronald., Surg-Lt, MedO - Jan 1944

Templeton, W., OA

Turcotte, L., LS

Tyrell, A.H., ERA

Verrault, Y., AB

Waller, Durrant Ewertt, Lt, RCNVR - 24 Mar 1945

Watson, William Wallace, Lt, GunneryO - Jan 1944

Watt, W., Tell

Webb, G., AB

Whitfield, J., AB

Whiting, Douglas Paterson, SLt, RCNVR - 18 Feb 1944


Whiting, G., SLt, TO

Whittaker, M., L/Ck

Willard, R., AB

Wilson, J., Stwd

Wood, E.M., Stwd

Wright, E.C., LS

Young, B., C/ERA



Photos and Documents


HMCS STORMONT conducting a stern fueling from the escort carrier HMS EMPEROR








(RM04) HMCS STORMONT K327 jacket patch

(RM05-RM06) Arriving at Gibraltar

(RM07) Unknown sailors in after gun tub on HMCS STORMONT K327

(RM08) Unknown sailors on HMCS STORMONT K327






(RM09) Sailors on the quarterdeck of HMCS STORMONT K327

(RM10) Sailors on HMCS STORMONT k327

(RM11) Unknown sailor by the forward gun on HMCS STORMONT K327

(RM12) Small craft along HMCS STORMONT K327 at St. John's, Newfoundland




(RM13-RM14) HMCS STORMONT K327 during her tropicalization refit in Shelburne, NS - 1945


From the collection of Roy McAuley, RCNVR


Courtesy of Dave McAuley








(RC01-RC03) The boys on the STORMONT circa 1944-45

(RC01) Back:  Whitfield, LaFave, F. Obermeyer, E. Cross / Front: R. McAuley, J. Scales, LaFave

(RC02) Errol Cross (right) and shipmates

(RC03) Back: Whitfield, Lafave, F. Obermeyer, E. Cross / Front:  Scales, LaFave, unknown

(RC04) F. Obermeyer (left) and Errol Cross

(RC05) Depth charge exploding astern of HMCS STORMONT



(RC06) Searchlights over Gibraltar


From the collection of Robert Errol Cross


Courtesy of Penny Duncan








(JP01) Wheelhouse of HMCS STORMONT, Halifax, Jan 1944. DND/RCN photo

(JP02) Radar on HMCS STORMONT, Halifax, Jan 1944. DND/RCN photo

(JP03) 20 mm Oerlikon hydraulic mount on HMCS STORMONT, Halifax, Jan 1944. DND/RCN photo

(JP04) HMCS STORMONT - date and location unknown

(JP05) HMCS STORMONT at Scapa Flow, 1944



(JP06) Letter to Jeffrey Pierce that was with his certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle while on board HMCS STORMONT while en route to Murmansk.


From the collection of Jeffrey Pierce


Courtesy of Jim Pierce





The former HMCS STORMONT as the luxury yacht Christina O.