Restigouche Class Destroyer





HMCS COLUMBIA 260 - 11 Jul 1970

Photographer: Walter E. Frost

Source: City of Vancouver Archives

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Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1940-44



Laid down: 11 Jun 1952

Launched: 01 Nov 1956

Commissioned: 07 Nov 1959

Paid off: 18 Feb 1974

Fate: Sunk as an artificial reef 14 June 1997


Built by Burrard Dry Dock Ltd., Vancouver, COLUMBIA was commissioned on 07 Nov 1959, and soon afterward was transferred the east coast. In 1960 she represented Canada at Nigerian Independence observances, returning home on 25 Oct 1960. On 29 Apr 1961 COLUMBIA and Restigouche made a port visit at Washington, DC. In Mar 1967 she was transferred to Esquimalt. Paid off on 18 Feb 1974, COLUMBIA was fitted to "no-thrust wheels" so that her engines might be run at dockside. Sold to the Artificial Reef Society of BC on 15 Jun 1996, she was sunk as an artificial reef off Maude Island, Campbell River on 14 Jun 1997.



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HMCS COLUMBIA - Public relations information booklet


HMCS COLUMBIA - First Year 07 Dec 1960 - This is a document put together by the Cox'n of HMCS COLUMBIA for her 1st Anniversary on 7 December 1960



Commanding Officers


Cdr William Prine Hayes, RCN - 07 Nov 1959 - 25 May 1961

Cdr Donald William Knox, RCN - 25 May 1961 - unk

Cdr Alexander Edward Fox, RCN - 05 Jan 1963 - unk

Cdr Peter Robert Hinton, RCN - 04 Sep 1964 - 15 Sep 1965

Cdr Andrew Clark McMillan, RCN - 15 Sep 1964 - 20 Feb 1967

Cdr Richard Dezso Okros, RCN - 20 Feb 1967 - 31 Aug 1968

Cdr Trevor Cole Shuckburgh, RCN - 31 Aug 1968 - 23 Jul 1970

Cdr Eric Arthur Makin - 23 Jul 1970 - 06 Aug 1972

Cdr R.F. Choat - 07 Aug 1972 - 18 Feb 1974



Captain for the day


Captain for the day is a tradition in the RCN where during the ship's Christmas celebrations, the Commanding Officer changes places with the youngest member of the ship's company.


Jim Anderson - 1959


Hogan, Douglas - 1971



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten







































Nickel, Daniel B.















Quinn, Warren J.















Taylor, Douglas F.









Van Wyngaarden, Harold














Former Crew Members


Duhamel, Alfe, LS.SG3


Harrison, Thomas W. - 1963


Holstead, Gordon Ramsey


La Fave, John 33169-H


Logan, Don, Sig - 29 May 1963 - 12 Sep 1963


McFarland, Doug - 1969-1970


Mitchell, Mike

Montgomery, Bill, Hull Mechanic - 1964


Morgan, Tony, FC


Mundell, Robert, LS, 44240-H, RCN - Served in Columbia when the Canadian flag became the Naval Ensign


Quilter, Leslie R., ET


Sleigh, Mike, OSSN/ABSN - 1966-1967


Stow, Peter, NavO - 1965-1967

Stuart, Bob 1969 - 1970


Thome, Robert (Bob) ABRP1 - Nov 1964-Sep 1965. Served onboard for Matchmaker '65


Walsh, Bill, Cook, RCN - 1965


Williams, Brian L.


Wills, Al, FC - Sep 1970 - Feb 1974



Photos and Documents


HMCS COLUMBIA 260 - undated


The youngest sailor is customarily Captain for the Day on December 25. Two of the Atlantic Command Christmas "captains" are shown with a real one, who turned out in square rig for the occasion. Left to right are "Commander" (Ordinary Seaman) Cliff Woodrow, 17, of the Terra Nova; "Ordinary Seaman" (Commander) William P. Hayes, commanding officer of the COLUMBIA, and "Commander" (Ordinary Seaman) Jim Anderson, 17, of the COLUMBIA.

Source: The CROWSNEST Magazine, Vol 12, No. 3 January, 1960


3 mess on HMCS COLUMBIA 260 - circa 1962

Courtesy of Jim Gordon

"Does anyone ever think about "3 Mess" on the cadillacs? I mean before we had bars on the lower deck? Yes, there was a time before duty free bars in our messes, but we had tots and beer issued from the canteen. This pic was taken in 3 mess, circa 1962 in COLUMBIA, photographer had his back against the 3"70 ammunition hoist looking forward. All are very Ordinary Seamen. Funny how it started off with everyone acting like ODs, and remained that way until the very end."

ABSG Don Logan on HMCS COLUMBIA in 1963

Courtesy of Don Logan

HMCS COLUMBIA 260 transiting the Kiel Canal - Jun 1963

From the collection of Peter Pronych

Courtesy of Bill gard

Newspaper article on an party held on HMCS COLUMBIA 260 at Copenhagen, Denmark for children from an orphanage

Able Seaman Thomas W. Harrison is in the photo with one of the children from the orphanage


Source: The Picton Gazette, 26 Jul 1963, Prince Edward County Archives Microfilm collection

Researched and complied by: © John Lyons 2015

HMCS COLUMBIA 260 - Dublin, Ireland 1966.

© 1966 Ken Watson RCN

Ship's badge of HMCS COLUMBIA 260 (centre) in Bermuda

Courtesy of Jim Gordon

Ship's badge of HMCS COLUMBIA 260  (centre) in Bermuda

Courtesy of Claus Mathes

HMCS COLUMBIA 260 - Supply Department photo - Bermuda


Note: this photo has also been added to the Ship's Company photo page for HMCS COLUMBIA 260


Courtesy of Claus Mathes

HMCS COLUMBIA 260 alongside Fort Lauderdale, FL - 1967

HMCS PROVIDER RASing two ships with HMCS COLUMBIA 260 in rescue position

Courtesy of Tony Morgan














Committal at sea for the Last Tot onboard HMCS COLUMBIA on 30 Mar 1972

(TM01) Honour guard for the Last Tot formed up on the quarter deck of HMCS COLUMBIA  (TM02-TM03) Pallbearers carrying the casket of the Last Tot  (TM04) The casket is placed on the committal board - the Ensign is at half-mast  (TM05) The casket is ready for committal to the sea  (TM06) The ship's CO, Cdr Eric Makin, reads the eulogy  (TM07) The CO awards the Tot a service medal - posthumously  (TM08) The CO places the medal on the casket  (TM09) The Last Tot is committed to the deep  (TM10) A moment of silence  (TM11) The Cox'n reads a final tribute to the Tot and Splices the Mainbrace  (TM12) The XO leads the men in prayer for the loss of the Tot


Courtesy of Tony Morgan






Public relations photos

From the collection of Nigel Whiteley, LCdr, RCN, ret'd

DND/RCN photos


Sinking of the former HMCS COLUMBIA as an artificial reef off Maude Island, Campbell River, BC




Source: Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia