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Raymond Gérard Joseph (Ray) Baillargeon


Leading Seaman, Engineering Mechanic, 29070-H, RCN / C.A.F.


Born: 21 Jul 1938, Buckland*, Quebec


Died: 05 Dec 2004 age 66


* While most people call it Buckland is official name is "Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice-de-Buckland"


Ray served for 15 years in the RCN. He was the youngest seaman aboard HMCS Magnificent when she went to Egypt.  He served in several ships,  the last one being HMCS Ottawa when she became the first French speaking unit in the Navy.  He left the Navy as a Leading Seaman in the engineering branch. 


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Ships served in:

HMCS MONTCALM - Served in Montcalm 01 Aug 1955 - 31 Jul 1955.  Enlisted 01 Aug 1955

HMCS D'IBERVILLE - Served in D'Iberville 01 Aug 1955 - 19 Jan 1956

HMCS ST LAURENT - Served in St Laurent 04 May 1956 - 05 Jul 1956 as an OS, RCN

HMCS BUCKINGHAM - Served in Buckingham 22 Aug 1956 - 30 Oct 1956 as an OS, RCN

HMCS MAGNIFICENT - Served in Magnificent 20 Dec 1956 - 31 Mar 1957 as an OS and OSEM1, RCN.  Rated OS.EM1 01 Jan 1957

HMCS BUCKINGHAM - Served in Buckingham 24 May 1957 - 29 Sep 1957 as an AB.EM1, RCN

HMCS RESTIGOUCHE - Served in Restigouche 28 May 1958 - 06 Nov 1958 as an AB.EM1, RCN

HMCS COLUMBIA - Served in Columbia 07 Nov 1959 - 16 Jun 1960 as an AB.EM1, RCN

HMCS QUINTE - Served in Quinte 12 Aug 1960 - 23 Apr 1961 as an AB and LS.EM1, RCN. Rated LS.EM1 01 Sep 1960

HMCS HURON - Served in Huron 30 Oct 1961 - 13 Jan 1963 as an LS.EM2, RCN

HMCS CHAUDIERE - Served in Chaudiere 17 Jan 1966 - 20 Apr 1967 as an LS.EM2 and LS.ER, RCN

HMCS OTTAWA - Served in Ottawa 22 Jul 1968 - 02 Apr 1970 as an LS.ER, C.A.F.

* Honourably Released 31 Jul 1970







(RB01-RB04) Certificate of Service  (RB05) Record of Service in HMC Ships - Engineering trades







(RB06) Ray Baillargeon - Feb 1958  (RB07) A young Raymond Baillargeon in his uniform marrying his young bride Norma Hiltz,  February 15, 1958, the officiate is R.C. Padre Pelletier, ceremony was at the chapel at HMCS STADACONA  (RB08) Raymond Baillargeon with his new Bride Norma Hiltz  (RB09) St. Pierre de Rome - 1956  (RB10) LS Ray Baillargeon on HMCS CHAUDIERE- location unknown






(RB11) Ray Baillargeon and shipmate off HMCS ST LAURENT ashore - possibly in England - May-Jul 1956  (RB12) HMCS ST LAURENT 205  (RB13) HMCS ST LAURENT, escort to the Royal Yacht BRITANNIA, departing Mildelborought (?sp) Fort, Stockholm, Sweden - 1956  (RB14) HMY BRITANNIA - 1956








(RB15) HMCS MAGNIFICENT in Halifax just prior to departing for Egypt during the Suez Crisis  (RB16) HMCS MAGNIFICENT loading up in preparation for her deployment to the Suez Crisis  (RB17) Divisions on HMCS MAGNIFICENT enroute to Egypt  (RB18) HMCS MAGNIFICENT at Port Said, Egypt  (RB19) Ships in Suez Canal after rebellion





(RB20) Vessels sunk in the Suez Canal  (RB21) Article on AB Ray Baillargeon and AB Gaston Beaulieu taking a ride on a camel in Cairo during MAGNIFICENT's deployment to the Suez Crisis. In the photo Ray is sitting behind the cameleer  (RB22) HMCS Magnificent from a US tanker in the Black Sea during her deployment for the Suez Crisis from Dec 1956 - Mar 1957



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