Restigouche Class Destroyer




DND / RCN photo


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1939-45,   Normandy  1944,   Mediterranean  1944,   North Sea  1944,   Biscay  1940



Laid down: 15 Jul 1953

Launched: 22 Nov 1954

Commissioned: 07 Jun 1958

IRE Refit commenced: 03 Aug 1970

IRE Refit completed: 12 May 1972

DELEX Refit commenced: 03 Dec 1984

DELEX Refit completed: 29 Nov 1985

Paid off: 31 Aug 1994

Fate: Scuttled off Acapulco on 11 Jun 2001 in 65 meters of water


Built by Canadian Vickers Ltd., RESTIGOUCHE suffered portside damage in a collision with the freights Manchester Port in Nov 1957 while still in the hands of her builder. She was finally commissioned at Montreal on 07 Jun 1958. She was present at the formal opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, and at a mini-UN naval review in Toronto the following month, immediately afterward carrying the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland on a tour of that province's northeast outports. On 29 Apr 1961, RESTIGOUCHE and Columbia 260 made a port visit to Washington, D.C. She underwent her IRE modernization in 1970-72 at Halifax Shipyards.


In Jun 1972, HMCS RESTIGOUCHE was damage as a result of a barge fire alongside her.(1)  LSFC Bryan Watson was Bos'n Mate at the time of the incident. "We were at the sub jetty across from Fleet Maintenance Facility with the wheeler barge on our starboard side. I was the Bosnís mate and at approx. 1230 I observed two dockyard workers go into the barge. About 5 minutes later there was a loud whoosh and the barge erupted in flames. I was about 20 feet from the flames so I closed the Bosnís mate shack and activated the action alarm, making the pipe fire, fire, fire on the wheeler barge, this not an exercise! The Fire Department was called and the fire tug along with two pup tugs to tow the bar into the middle of the harbour were dispatched." 


In 1973 she was transferred to the west coast, arriving at Esquimalt on 02 Aug 1973. Between 03 Dec 1984 and 29 Nov 1985 she completed her DELEX refit at SRU(P). On 08 May 1986, HMCS PROVIDER 508, HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257, HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 and HMCS KOOTENAY 258, departed Esquimalt for Exercise RIMPAC 86 and returned on 21 Jun 1986. Upgraded (as per TERRA NOVA) for possible service in the Persian Gulf, in Mar 1991 she instead joined SNFL, the first west coast based unit to do so. On 24 Feb 1992, RESTIGOUCHE was dispatched to the Red Sea to assist a multinational force convened to ensure that Iraq did not resume hostilities. She returned to Esquimalt on 18 Aug 1992. She was paid off on 31 Aug 1994. RESTIGOUCHE was sold in December 1998 to American Dick Crawford for $113,055.50. On 06 Nov 2000, she and her sister, Kootenay, departed Esquimalt in tow for Mexico, where RESTIGOUCHE was sunk off Acapulco on 11 Jun 2001.


The sinking of the RESTIGOUCHE - the RESTIGOUCHE was about 80% prepared for sinking purposes when an approaching hurricane force them to move the ship across the harbour so it would be in the lee of the storm. It was done very quickly and the harbour master was cautioned against towing the ship by the stern because of the hull cuts in preparation for scuttling. While under tow, she listed to port, pulling the diver access holes below the waterline which resulted in her sinking at a depth of about 60 feet.



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Crossing the Line (Equator) booklet - 30 Jan 1966          20th Anniversary Booklet          25th Anniversary Booklet          Re-Activation Booklet after 9-month refit


My Final Voyage          NATO 1991 Commemorative book          STANAVFORLANT in 1970: The First Canadian Command


The Restigouche Horn - The Crews Paper - NATO 1970 - Port visit Portland



Commanding Officers


Cdr John William McDowall, RCN - 07 Jun 1958 - 04 Aug 1960

Cdr William Wyness MacColl, RCN - 04 Aug  1960 - 08 Aug 1962

Cdr Bernard.Charles Thillaye, RCN - 08 Aug 1962 - 19 May 1965

Cdr Henry William Vondette, RCN - 19 May 1965 - 10 Aug 1966

Cdr R.A. Evans, RCN - 10 Aug 1966 - 03 Jan 1968

Cdr Paul Lancelot S. McCulloch, RCN - 03 Jan 1968 - 03 Aug 1970

Cdr Richmond Hill Kirby - 12 May 1972 - 07 Sep 1972

LCdr R.C. Burnip - 07 Sep 1972 - 02 Apr 1973

Cdr Robert James Deluca - 02 Apr 1973 - 15 Jul 1973

Cdr Clifford James Crowe - 15 Jul 1975 - 27 Jan 1977

Cdr Robert Gordon Balfour - 27 Jan 1977 - 27 Mar 1977

Cdr Clifford James Crowe - 27 Mar 1977 - 29 Apr 1977

Cdr Henry Timothy Porter - 29 Apr 1977 - 29 Jul 1978

Cdr John Roger Anderson - 29 Jul 1978 - 29 Sep 1980

Cdr D.A. Henderson - 29 Sep 1980 - 10 Jan 1983

Cdr S.J. Jessen - 10 Jan 1983 - 06 Jul 1984

Cdr H.C. Silvester - 06 Jul 1984 - 07 Jul 1987

Cdr Ronald (Ron) Douglas Buck - 07 Jul 1987 - 09 Mar 1989

Cdr B.E. Mathews - 09 Mar 1989 - 19 Jun 1989

Cdr G.C. Oakley - 19 Jun 1989 - 23 Aug 1991

Cdr D. Baltes - 23 Aug 1991 - 04 Jan 1993

Cdr Richard K. Taylor - 04 Jun 1993 - 31 Aug 1994



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten



























Irwin, Ernest H.








Jackson, Kenneth









































Young, John







Former Crew Members


Abraham, John M. 


Adamthwaite, Dave V., Slt, DeckO 1966-1969 


Addams, William Darrell


Barclay, Jim, P2FC - 1973


Beaumier, Francois


Berbeck, Robert - Jan 1981 - Jun 1983


Biccum, Terry


Bouvet, B., LS - 1978


Bradshaw, W., Sgt. - 1978


Brown, MS - 1978


Dallin, R., PO - 1978


Davis, E., MS - 1978


Dingman, Douglas


Earl, Bill, LS - Mar 1976 - Jul 1979


Falk, R., PO - 1978


Finlayson, Moody, ABBN - 1966


Flack, PO2 - 1978


Flavelle, AB - 1978


Foldesi, LCdr - 1978


Francis, PO2 - 1978


Gagne, Alain, LS, Mar Eng Mech - 1978 - 1982


Gale, MS - 1978

Gjesdale, L., MS - 1978


Griffiths, PO2 - 1978


Harkness, W., PO - 1978


Hollands, Fred, WU


Holstead, Gordon Ramsey


Hopkins, Ted


Hoskins, Andy AB-LSBN / P2-P1BN


Johnston, G., MS - 1978


Johnston, R.J., AB-LSWS / MSNWT - Dec 1977 - Jan 1982


Kaye, Steve


Kimber, Norman, LSWU - 1969


Klughart, Alvin (Al), ABSN1 - late 1963


La Fave, John 33169-H, Cox'n - 1982-1985


LaChance, Yvon, Stoker - 1970


Lee, E., PO - 1978


Malcomson, Al, LSFC - 1973


McCoy, D., PO - 1978


McFarland, Doug - 1975-1976


Mitchell, Mike


Olsen, Darren Mark


Osbourne, J., LS - 1978


Parker, PO2 - 1978

Peachy, P., LS - 1978


Peacock, Robert (Bob)


Ritchie, Eric, ET, early 1960s


Roberts, Jim, LSFC - 1973


Rourke, Les, LSWS - 1973


Schwartz, Morley Graham, RP - 1959


Seymour, Doug, PO2 - Apr 1973 - Sep 1977


Shipalesky, D., AB - 1978


Spooner, Brent, LSWS - 1973


Stewart, Lt - 1978, 


Stuart, Bob - 1977-1980


Sutherland, PO2 - 1978


Sutherland, David, P2WU - 1973


Taylor, LS - 1978


Tiffin, Rick - 1978-1980 / 1992-1992


Towes, Gary


Vermette, Dennis, ABBN - 1966


Watson, Bryan, LS, FC - 1971-1973 (Halifax), 1975-1977 (Esquimalt)


Watts, Randall John


Wierenga, M., PO - 1978


Zimmer, LS - 1978



Photos and Documents


Article on HMCS RESTIGOUCHE from the March 1959 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine (pdf file)

ET Eric Ritchie (left) and ET Dave Rushton holding up the leaning tower of Pisa - early 1960

From the collection of Dave Rushton

Courtesy of Brian Lapierre 


Painted by Rick Beresford circa 1959-60

Armourer's Mate on HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257

Courtesy of Tony Beresford

HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257 arriving in Halifax harbour


Photo prior to Feb 1965 as she is still flying the White Ensign

HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257 doing 20 plus knots in the Inner Leads in north Norway and pointing at land!

This photo gives an idea of how confining these waters can be.

Courtesy of Michael Young

HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257 in drydock inside a mountain at Haakonsvern, Bergen, Norway


RESTIGOUCHE in drydock inside the mountain in the Norwegian Naval Base at Haakonsvern, Bergen. It was taken at Easter 1970 when we went in to paint ship over a 36 hour period on the weekend. The water was not drained from the dock. The crew worked around the clock to paint and the result is obvious! The reason we were there was that Commodore Boyle RCN, COMSTANAVFORLANT, was not happy with the appearance of his flagship! We had come out of refit in the fall of 1969. We worked up in January then sailed across the Atlantic in nasty weather to join the Squadron. There was little chance to really get the ship looking good again. The RNoN offered us that weekend in "the cave" and we took it. The Commodore seemed pleased with the results!


Courtesy of Michael Young

Banyan on HMCS RESTIGOUCHE off Bermuda, July 1973

Left to right: P2WU Dave Sutherland (back to camera), P2FC Jim Barclay, LSWS Herb Theriauf, LSFC Jim Roberts, LSWS Brent Spooner

Courtesy of Al Malcomson

Banyan on HMCS RESTIGOUCHE off Bermuda, July 1973

Left to right: LSWS Les Rourke on top of chaff launcher, Dave Sutherland, Jim Barclay, Herb Theriauf, LSFC Al Malcomson, Brent Spooner

Courtesy of Al Malcomson

MS Don Little giving Engineroom tours during a dependants day cruise - 25 Mar 1974

Courtesy of Don Little

1978 cruise of HMCS RESTIGOUCHE - Crossing the Line Ceremony (Equator) - List of Shellbacks and Tadpoles

Courtesy of Jim Johnston


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HMCS RESTIGOUCHE opens fire on the gun range in the Hawaiian islands in 1983. Photos taken from the starboard bridge wing

Photographer / © Colin Mackie - 1983

Courtesy of Colin Mackie

HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257 firing an ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rocket) - Apr 1983

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck



HMCS RESTIGOUCHE hosts children's party in Japan


Article 1 - Master Seaman Kent Wilkins presented a British Columbia Indian print on behalf of RESTIGOUCHE, to the Senior teacher of the Jinpu-En Home.


Article 2 - The children laugh as Ordinary Seaman Mike Walker tries his best sign language to explain the mementos presented to the children.


Article 3 - Able Seaman Ken O'Brien and Master Seaman Kent Wilkins look on as the Director of the Jinpu-En Refugee Home, Satoshi Tarumoto and three of the children cut cakes made for the party.


Courtesy of Chris Kenney

Credit: Esquimalt Lookout Newspaper June 8, 1983

Photographer MCpl Sartori







(AM111) CANCORTRON 3 - MAPLE SPRING 66 Certificate - HMCS ANNAPOLIS, HMCS RESTIGOUCHE, HMCS SKEENA  (AM112) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257 - Crossing the Line (Equator) booklet - 31 Jan 1966  (AM113) Chief MacArthur's Crossing the Line Certificate - 31 Jan 1966  (AM114) Chief MacArthur's Crossing the Line certificate - wallet size card.  Note: If a ship crossed the line and a sailor was not able to produce his card or certificate that he had been initiated, then he would have to go through the ceremony again as a tadpole








(AM115) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE  (AM116-AM120) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE iced-up (webmaster's note:  I bet the crew was looking forward to a trip south for exercise Maple Spring)








(AM121) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE fueling from Station 3 on HMCS PROVIDER  (AM122) Personnel transfer by jackstay from HMCS RESTIGOUCHE to HMCS PROVIDER  (AM123-AM124) The results of a mortar firing on HMCS RESTIGOUCHE  (AM125) Unknown location  (AM126) USS TRITON 586 alongside submarine tender USS FULTON  11 at the State Pier, New London Connecticut








(AM127) Amtrak Bridge, New London, Connecticut  (AM128) HMCS PROVIDER  (AM129-AM130) unknown port  (AM131) USS YELLOWSTONE 27 berthed with destroyers USS JOHN CRAIG 885, USS BARTON 722, USS JOHNSTON 821 and USS CONE 866 - location unknown  (AM132) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE departing Puerto Rico - Castillo San Felipe del Morro coming up on the starboard side







(AM133-AM135) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE departing Puerto Rico - Castillo San Felipe del Morro up on the starboard side  (AM136-AM137) Unidentified cruise ship passing HMCS RESTIGOUCHE as she departs Puerto Rico.  Cruise ship seen in the distance of photo "AM134"








(AM138) HMCS ANNAPOLIS 265 approaching HMCS RESTIGOUCHE to conduct jackstay  (AM139) Jackstay between HMCS RESTIGOUCHE and HMCS ANNAPOLIS - you can see the jackstay lines between the ships.  (AM140-AM141) Jackstay complete - HMCS ANNAPOLIS picks up speed and moves off  (AM142) HMCS ANNAPOLIS 265  (AM143) Bermuda Island








(AM144) Bermuda Island  (AM145) Two sailors from HMCS RESTIGOUCHE, Elbow Beach, Bermuda  (AM146) Elbow Beach, Bermuda,  with the Elbow Beach Surf Club in the background  (AM147) Elbow Beach, Bermuda  (AM148) Looking aft from the flag deck on HMCS RESTIGOUCHE  (AM149) A choppy day at sea







(AM150) Unknown location  (AM151) Choppy seas  (AM152) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE during river transit - Dunc Bishop on right  (AM153-AM154) Sunset at sea







(AM154) Family Day cruise - Aug 1966 - HMCS SKEENA seen from HMCS RESTIGOUCHE  (AM155) Demonstration of rescue by helo - Family Day cruise - Aug 1966  (AM166) Sea King Helo - Family Day Cruise - Aug 1966  (AM167) Invitation to Ship's Company Dance 01 Dec 1967  (AM168) Chief MacArthur, Chief ET on HMCS Restigouche, receives the award for the best illuminated ship, Christmas 1967








(AM169-AM174) Expo '67, Montreal

(AM169-AM171) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE alongside Montreal for Expo '67  (AM172) Archie MacArthur with his wife Ora, son Barry and daughter Colleen, Expo '67  (AM174-AM174) The Schooner Bluenose at Montreal for Expo '67


From the collection of CPO1 Archie MacArthur, RCN


Courtesy of Colleen Coons



Standing Naval Force Atlantic

NATO Squadron - 1970










(YL01) NATO Squadron alongside  (YL02) Quarterdeck area of HMCS RESTIGOUCHE  (YL03-YL05) NATO Squadron at sea  (YL06-YL07) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE (inboard) and HMCS NIPIGON alongside Lisbon (for turnover)  (YL08) American carrier anchored at Lisbon

















(YL09-YL12) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE prepares for her good-bye sail past from the NATO Squadron  (YL13-YL16) NATO Squadron from up astern of HMCS RESTIGOUCHE -HMCS NIPIGON, RESTIGOUCH's relief, is lead ship  (YL17-YL22) NATO Squadron salutes HMCS RESTIGOUCHE with her good-bye sail past  (YL23) Sail past complete - NATO Squadron steams on ahead of HMCS RESTIGOUCHE


Courtesy of Yvon Lachance



The End


HMCS RESTIGOUCHE is towed to Mexico and scuttled


Former destroyer escorts HMCS Kootenay (right) and HMCS RESTIGOUCHE (left) are towed out of Esquimalt Harbour Monday to begin an 18-day journey to Acapulco. The ships will be sunk to create reefs for divers. An effort to keep the ships as an attraction in B.C. waters fell short.


Credit: Darren Stone / Times Colonist

Newspaper article on the bungled artificial reef project for the former HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257 and the former HMCS KOOTENAY 258


Laredo Morning Times, Friday, June 15, 2001



Former HMCS RESTIGOUCHE sinking off Acapulco


Credit: Swiss Divers Association


Foot notes - (1) The Chronicle Herald," Halifax, N.S., Tuesday, June 21 1972, p. 1.