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HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257, Lisbon, Portugal, 31 May 1970

Courtesy of Michael Young

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"We are all looking happy because we have just finished a stint of almost six months as the Flagship of STANAVFORLANT under Commodore Boyle. Nipigon, alongside us on our port side, has just taken over and we were a private ship again! We got back to Halifax in late June."


(3) Woolner, Wayne, Slt  (4) Christenson, Will, Cmd O, DeckO  (5) MacDougall, Dave?, Lt, NavO  (6) Young, Michael, Lt, Weapons O  (7) Smythe, Dick, Lcdr, XO  (8) McCullough, Paul, Cdr, CO  (9) Davies, Hal, LCdr, OpsO  (10) Legaarden, John, Lt  (11) Burlett, Jim, Slt  (12) Coates, Bruce, Slt  (13) Parker, Ian  (14) Tennant, Bruce, Slt  (22) Reddy, Jim, Slt  (23) Lajeunesse, Gary, Slt




Beards are back on HMCS Restigouche 1978

When the three service unified in 1968, sailors were no longer allowed to have beards. In 1978, after one month at sea, this picture was taken and published in the Sentinel Magazine. NDHQ Ottawa's response - Make It So!

Courtesy of Jim Johnston


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(1) PO2 Sutherland  (2) AB B. Stuart  (5) MS L. Gjesdale  (6) PO2 Flack  (7) LS B. Bouvet  (9) PO R. Falk  (10) SGT W. Bradshaw  (11) AB D. Shipalesky  (12) AB R Johnston  (13) PO D. McCoy  (14) MS E. Davis  (15) LS Zimmer  (17) LS J. Osbourne  (18) PO2 Griffiths  (20)  Lt Stewart  (21) PO E. Lee  (22) PO2 Parker  (23) PO W. Harkness  (24) MS Gale  (25) MS G Johnston  (28) PO P. Hill  (29) MS Brown  (30) PO M. Wierenga  (31) PO R. Dallin  (33) AB Flavelle  (34) LS Taylor  (36) LS P. Peachey  (39) PO2 Francis  (40) LCdr Foldesi




HMCS Restigouche, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1979

Courtesy of Ronald J. MacDonald




HMCS Restigouche Electrical Dept. 1983

Courtesy of Colin Mackie


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HMCS Restigouche circa 1988/89

Courtesy of  Brian Forsyth

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