Restigouche Class Destroyer









Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1943-44,   Normandy  1944



Laid down: 30 Apr 1953

Launched: 03 Jun 1957

Commissioned: 17 Feb 1959

Paid off for IRE Refit: 09 Sep 1969

Re-commissioned: 14 Apr 1971

Paid off for DELEX Refit: Sep 1981

Re-commissioned 12 Nov 1982

Paid off to reserve category: 24 May 1996

Paid off: 01 Jul 1998

Fate: Broken up at Pictou, N.S., 2009-2010


Laid down at Davie Shipbuilding Ltd, Lauzon, Que., GATINEAU was the first post-war product of Davie Shipbuilding. Launched two years later, she was towed to Halifax for completion to avoid freeze-up and commissioned at HMC Dockyard, Halifax, on 17 Feb 1959. In Jul 1959, GATINEAU, along with KOOTENAY and HMS ULSTER shared close consort duties for the Royal Yacht BRITANNIA during Great Lakes and St Lawrence Seaway portion of the 1959 Royal Tour.  For the next ten years she served at part of the 5th Canadian Escort Squadron (the Barber Pole Squadron). In March 1965, TERRA NOVA and GATINEAU participated in the search for a Royal Canadian Air Force Canadair CP-107 Argus that had disappeared 60 miles (97 km) north of San Juan, Puerto Rico. In Mar 1968 she was the first Canadian warship to become a member of NATO's Standing Naval Force Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT). GATINEAU was transferred west, departing Halifax on 16 Jul 1969; arriving at Esquimalt on 14 Aug 1969 with port visits to Bermuda, Panama, Acapulco and San Diego. On 09 Sep 1969 she began her IRE conversion at Ship Repair Unit (Pacific). The two year conversion introduced the VDS and ASROC to the class and one her re-commissioning on 14 Apr 1971 she was classified as an IRE. She then became part of the Second Canadian Escort Squadron. Her DELEX refit was also carried out at SRU(P) between Sep 1981 and 12 Nov 1982. In Apr 1987 she resumed her duties in Halifax. In Jul 1993, she played host to three visiting Soviet warships and afterward escorted them to sea while carrying out exercises along the way. In the fall of 1993 GATINEAU, along with FRASER and PRESERVE, assisted in the enforcement of UN sanctions off Haiti. Early in 1995 she took part in the NATO exercise Strong Resolve off the coast of Norway, acting as flagship for the four other Canadian ships involved. Apr 1995 found her operating in support of Fisheries and Coast Guard ships off Newfoundland during the "Turbot Dispute" with Spain. She was finally paid off on 01 July 1998. On 18 Sep 2009, DND called for bids for "the removal, dismantling and disposal" of TERRA NOVA and GATINEAU. On 04 Nov 2009, DND announced that Aecon Fabco had won the bid and would tow both vessels to their Pictou Shipyard in Pictou, Nova Scotia. GATINEAU departed Halifax Harbour on 17 Nov 2009, at 10:30am under tow by the tugboat Atlantic Elm and arrived in Pictou on 19 Nov 2009, at 9:30 am for breaking up.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell



Commissioning Book


Acceptance Booklet after IRE Conversion          20th Anniversary Booklet          Re-Activation booklet after DELEX refit


Crossing the Line - Equator - 1981          Ex Far Horizons - 1983          GATINEAU / Huron Coast Transfer - 1987


NATO 1988 Recollections by Phil Miller



RCN Memories:     Just Another Day in the Canadian Navy          Target Practice Gone Wrong          Trip to England - 1968



Commanding Officers


Capt Howard Lee Quinn, RCN - 17 Feb 1959 - 14 Sep 1959

Capt Frank Birch Caldwell, RCN - 15 Sep 1959 - 27 Jan 1961

LCdr Robert Allen Shimmin, RCN - 28 Jan 1961 - 24 May 1961

LCdr  Harold Clarke Macredy, RCN - 25 May 1961 - 24 Aug 1961

Cdr A.H. McDonald, RCN - 28 Aug 1961 - 21 Aug 1962

Cdr J.W. Roberts, RCN - 22 Aug 1962 - 28 Apr 1964

Cdr William Grenville Kinsman, RCN - 29 Apr 1964 - 11 Aug 1965

Cdr James Andrew Fulton, RCN - 12 Aug 1965 - 08 Sep 1966

Cdr William Andrew Hughes, RCN - 08 Sep 1966 - 29 Sep 1969

Cdr Thomas Stanley Murphy - 14 Apr 1971 - 03 Jul 1971

LCdr John Charles Slade - 03 Jul 1971 - 11 Jul 1975

Cdr Leofric Grenville Temple - 11 Jul 1975 - 11 Nov 1977

Cdr J.B. McKenzie - 11 Nov 1977 - 26 Jun 1979

Cdr Cecil Dennis E. Cronk - 26 Jul 1979 - 11 Jun 1981

Cdr David Marshall Robinson - 11 Jun 1981 - 04 Jul 1983

Cdr Thomas Charles Heath - 04 Jul 1983 - 01 Aug 1985

Cdr J.A. Keenliside - 01 Aug 1985 - 21 Apr 1987

Cdr G.G. Jeffrey - 21 Apr 1987 - 04 Jul 1988

Cdr Albert Damein Tanguay - 04 Jul 1988 -  07 Jul 1990

Cdr Robert Henry Edwards - 07 Jul 1990  -  10 Jul 1992

Cdr R.G. Allen - 10 Jul 1992 - 07 Jan 1994

Cdr J.A. Westlake - 07 Jan 1994 - 05 Jul 1995

Cdr D.O. Thamer 05 Jul 1995 - 30 Jun 1996



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


SCHULTZ, Leonard W.

MS, C.A.F. (Navy)

Died: 09 Nov 1979 



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten



























Irvine, Raymond




















Norgaard, Daniel





























Yablonski, Victor







Former Crew Members


Addison, Tim


Alan, Mike - 1968


Baird, Mel, Lt, SYO - 1965


Baker, Gord - 1968


Barter, Bill


Baxter, Colin, Mar Eng (Stoker) - 1969


Beaumier, Francois, LS.RP


Billesberger, Mark, FC - 1979-1982


Borgia, Frankie - 1988


Boulter, Ed


Braham, Mike, SLt - 1965


Cale, Jim, SLt - 1965


Carruthers, Jim, SLt


Chmielewski, P.


Clyde, David C., RM


Courcey, Don - 1968


Cruickshank, George


Czop, CPO1, Cox'n - 1974


Dall, Dave, RP - 1979


Deneau, Marv, SLt - 1965 - 1966


Devos, John, OS.WU - 1965


Dingman, Douglas


Duchesne, Jocelyn - 1981


Duncan, Ian, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Dunn, Mike Anthony


Eaves, Jack, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Farrar, Bob, RCN(R) - 1968-1969


Feres, Joe, RP - 1979


Fiset, Ray, EW - 1979


Fournier, Pierre, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Francis, Hank, RP - 1979


Frigault, Philippe - 1968


Frigault, Pierre - 1968

Fuller, Stanley - 1979


Gabel, John, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Gagnon, Jean, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Gracie, Jim, Lt, NavO - 1965


Greenwood, John - 1968


Gunderson, CPO2


Gunn, Terry, AB.WU


Hatton, Rick, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Healey, Ed, LCdr, EO - 1965


Hemeon, Clarence


Henderson, Harold


Henderson, Wes - 1981


Herdman, Ron, EW - 1979


Holland, Surg-LCdr, RCNR - 1969


Houliston, Peter, SLt - 1965


Hunt, Barry - Commissioning crew


Huston, Sam - 1968


Johnson, MSBN - 1979


Johnston, R.J., MSNWT - Aug 1982 - May 1986 / Jun 1986 - Jun 1987


King, T. Michael, MS.BN


Kloosterman, Jim


Lea, Bill - 1979


LeFleur, Larry - 1981


Lyrette, Jacques, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


MacDonald, Leo, Lt, OpsO - 1965


MacDonald, Ron - 1968


Maloche, Mike, Sig - 1979


Matheson, AB - 1965


Mecredy, Harold C.


Meir, John, SN - 1979


Miller, Duncan E.


Moore, Art D. - 20 Jan 1969


Newbury, George

Oakley, LCdr, XO


Odgers, Dave, MSRP - 1979


Osborne, Joe, Sig - 1979


Osmond, R.J., P1RM, POTEL 1982-1984 


Perry, Hank, CBM - 1968


Pickering, John, Lt - 1969


Quilter, Leslie R., ET


Rioux, Sylvain - 1974


Rogers, Reg - 1982 - 1984


Silvester, Henry Charles - 1969


Spence, Hugh, SLt - 1965


Stathan, Dave, Lt - 1969


Stevens, OS


Stevens, Colin - 1969


Stuart, Bob - 1989


Taylor, Barry, Midshipman, RCN - Jun-Jul 1966


Taylor, Mark, LCdr - 1969


Thompson, Lloyd, Lt - 1969


Tilleczek, Norbert L.


Tootle, Bill - 1968


Turner, Les


Tyre, Dave


Walker, Denny - 1965


Walzak, Al, Lt, WpnsO - 1965


Ward, Mike, RP - 1979


Waterfield, (Swampy), Lt, RCNR - 1969


Wills, Al, FC - Sep 1984 - Apr 1987


Wylie, Doug, Sig - 1979


Young, R.



Photos and Documents


Newspaper article on Capt. Quinn being appointed CO of HMCS RESTIGOUCHE just prior to her commissioning


Halifax Chronicle Herald 14 Feb 1959


Research by / Courtesy of George Newburg

HMCS GATINEAU 236  - undated


RCN photo # DNS-24209


Courtesy of the Comox RCAF Museum

HMCS GATINEAU 236 - undated


Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe

HMCS GATINEAU 236 (stern seen on right hand side of photo) along with HMS ULSTER F83 at Fort William, ON.  HMCS GATINEAU, HMS ULSTER and HMCS KOOTENAY were close escorts for the Royal Yacht Britannia during the 1959 Royal Tour


Courtesy of Tom Laporte

Battle board for HMCS GATINEAU 236


Courtesy of Clarence Hemeon

HMCS GATINEAU 236 - date unknown


From the collection of Sid Dobing


Courtesy of Brian Dobing

LCdr Gerry Hill, XO, HMCS GATINEAU presenting a C.D. to an unknown Leading Seaman on HMCS GATINEAU c1964-65


From the collection of LCdr Gerry Hill, RCN


Courtesy of Geoff Hill

Tot Time in the Weapons Mess, HMCS GATINEAU 236 circa 1965-1966


L - R: Larry Plant (SN), Fred Gobielle (WS), Bill Mercer (WU), Peter Jamieson (WU), Hector Brokenshire (SN), Bob Gould (WS), Sam Winia (WS), Dennis Norquay (WU), Vic Barnes (SN), Dave Gordon (SN), Deslaurier (WU), Gene Tapscott (WS), Serink (WS), Peter Campbell (WU).  The two in the centre bottom, unknown


Courtesy of Peter Campbell

Londorry, Ireland 1965


L-R: Stu Patterson (RM), Larry Plant (SN), Ed Teague (FC), Dave Gordon (SN), Peter Campbell (WU)


Courtesy of Peter Campbell

Midshipman training n HMCS GATINEAU - Summer 1966


Back Row: Jim Hatton 67, Barry Taylor 68, Pierre Fournier 67, Ian Duncan 67, Slt Marv Deneau (ship's company) 


Front Row: Jacques Lyrette 68, Me 68, Jack Eaves 68, Jean Gagnon 67. Graduation year after each name. The photo was taken in late June, early July.


Courtesy of John Gabel

HMCS GATINEAU 236 in Dublin Ireland - 1966


Courtesy of Terry Gunn

Map of HMCS GATINEAU'S deployment 18 Apr 1966 - 15 Jul 1966


Courtesy of Terry Gunn

HMCS GATINEAU 236 alongside in Sarnia, Ontario - 1966


From the collection of Walt Nicholls


Courtesy of Bill Gard



Courtesy of Raymond Cumby

Don Courcey and Gord Baker on HMCS GATINEAU in 1967


Courtesy of Ron MacDonald

HMCS GATINEAU 236 - refit in 1967


Courtesy of Ron MacDonald

HMCS GATINEAU 236, Montreal Expo '67 - 23 Oct 1967


Courtesy of Richard Larcheveque

Hank Perry, the Buffer on HMCS GATINEAU, Exercise Maple Spring 1968


Courtesy of Ron MacDonald



Courtesy of Ron MacDonald



Courtesy of Ron MacDonald

HMCS GATINEAU - Virgin Islands - 11 Mess Party - Maple Spring 1968


Courtesy Ron MacDonald

John Greenwood, Sam Huston, Mike Alan, Ron MacDonald


HMCS GATINEAU - San Juan, Puerto Rico - 1968


Courtesy of Ron MacDonald

John Greenwood, Sam Huston, Bill Tootle


HMCS GATINEAU - San Juan, Puerto Rico - 1968


Courtesy of Ron MacDonald

HMCS GATINEAU 236 coming alongside Jetty 3, Halifax.  HMCS BONAVENTURE alongside at Jetty 4

The Minister of National Defence paid a short visit to HMCS GATINEAU - Aug 1971


Aug 1971 the Minister of National Defence paid a short visit to GATINEAU. The photo shows him greeting some of the crew (right to left): CPO2 Treichel (CBM), CPO1 Fisher (CERA), CPO1 McCleave (Cox’n), Lt(N) Tardie, Lt(N) Lynch, Lt(N) Kolisnek (NavO), Lt(N) Gabel (A/OPS), LCdr Shead (OPSO), Right Honourable Donald Macdonald (MND) and Cdr Murphy (CO)


Courtesy of John Gabel

HMCS GATINEAU leaving Sydney, Australia for Brisbane during Ex RIMPAC 1972


Photo taken from HMCS PROVIDER


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny, CPO2LT


GATINEAU leaving Pearl Harbour for Ex RIMPAC 1972


GATINEAU leads Blue Force in Rimpac 1972: from front t rear: GATINEAU, HMAS MELBOURNE, USS TICONDEROGA, HMAS SUPPLY, HMCS PROVIDER, HMAS PERTH, and US Coast Guard Cutter


Courtesy of John Gable


Some of HMCS GATINEAU'S wardroom - Australia / New Zealand trip - 1972


Front row: Dusty Rhodes (Sqn Engineer), Jim Dodgson (Sqn WO), George Kolisnek (GU Nav O)


Seated Middle row: Brian McKenzie (GU WO), Norm Davies (Sqn Ops)


Standing Back row: Ken Bowering (GU CSE), John Bell (GU A/WO), Geoff Archbold (Deck O), Gord Balfour (XO); Capt (N) Mike Martin (Sqn Cdr), George Jackson (Sqn COS), John Gabel (GU A/Ops)


At the Back alone: Lupeti Vi (Tongan Army Officer who we were taking to New Zealand for naval training). Tonga was buying a fast patrol boat, as they had no maritime training capability, and he was the CO designate)


Courtesy of John Gable







(FC03) Floyd Coughlin on HMCS GATINEAU

(FC04) Floyd Coughlin (left) and shipmate on HMCS GATINEAU

(FC05) Floyd Coughlin on the bridge wing of HMCS GATINEAU

(FC06) A couple of HMCS GATINEAU shipmates ashore in New Orleans

From the collection of MS BN Floyd Coughlin, RCN / C.A.F. (Navy)

Courtesy of Nancy Coughlin


Crossing the Line on HMCS GATINEAU - 1981


That's my Father In-Law, as King Neptune. Bill Tindell (RIP) Stoker's Reg Chief 1981. Larry Lefleur, Jocelyn Duchesne, Wes Henderson as Aphrodite


Courtesy of Darrell Cameron

SWIM EX (aka hands to bath) off HMCS GATINEAU

George Cruickshank with the FN


Courtesy of Ty Le Mercier


Courtesy of John Le Forte

Piping party on HMCS GATINEAU


Courtesy of John Le Forte

HMCS GATINEAU 236 coming alongside for a RAS during Exercise Teamwork 88. Photo taken just south of the Arctic Circle during her NATO (STANAVFORLANT) deployment Jul-Dec 1988


Courtesy of Ron Eccles

Ceremonial divisions on HMCS GATINEAU


Courtesy of John Le Forte

Cod fishing on HMCS GATINEAU circa 1988


Frankie Borgia with his catch of the day


Courtesy of Geno Tremblay

Christmas 1974 on HMCS GATINEAU


Cox'n CPO1 Czop standing, Sylvain Rioux sitting in front of Coxn


Courtesy of Denis Legault

GATINEAU'S Commanding Officer, LCdr JC Slade serving Christmas dinner in the Junior ranks mess, 1974


Courtesy of Denis Legault

HMCS ATHABASKAN breaking away from PROVIDER and GATINEAU off the coast of California in spring of 1977. WESTEX 77, first 280 in the Pacific Ocean.


Courtesy of Michael Cowen


Photo restoration by Art Turner

HMCS ATHABASKAN with GATINEAU astern off the coast of California in 1977. On the occasion of the first 280 class frigate to sail in the Pacific Ocean as part of WESTEX ‘77. Photo taken from Kiwi frigate HMNZS OTAGO by a much younger (then SLt) Mike Cowen. We really did believe that we were “Sisters of the Space Age”! 


Courtesy of Michael Cowen


Photo restoration by Art Turner

HMCS GATINEAU 236, the last Improved Restigouche Class to enter the Inner Harbour, Victora, BC, August, 1981. Because of increased draught after refit, the class will be unable to enter these shallow waters.


DND / RCN Photo


Courtesy of Hugh Muir

HMCS GATINEAU Incident Board dated 1992

HMCS GATINEAU 236 - departing Esquimalt


DND / RCN Photo



DND / RCN Photo


DND / RCN Photo



Popular Mechanics Magazine article on HMCS GATINEAU - March 1959




(note: the entire article is not available here - the last two pages are missing form the submission)



A few photos on, from and of HMCS GATINEAU


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

(1) AB Matheson, 12 Mess, HMCS GATINEAU - 1965  (2) AB.WU Gunn painting ship, HMCS GATINEAU - 1965  (3) Gun's Crew, HMCS GATINEAU - 1965  (4) HMCS GATINEAU conducting a jackstay with HMCS Provider - 1965  (5) HMCS GATINEAU conducting a RAS with HMCS Provider - 1965  (6 & 7) Debris recovered from downed Argo off Puerto Rico - 1965 


photo 8

photo 9

photo 10

photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

photo 14

(8) HMCS GATINEAU conducting a RAS with HMCS Bonaventure - 1965  (9) HMCS GATINEAU  (10) Fo'c's'le RAS team on HMCS GATINEAU  (11) Helo making a delivery to HMCS GATINEAU  (12) HMCS GATINEAU, HMCS Terra Nova and, HMCS Columbia - Battle of Atlantic Sunday, Bermuda - 1966  (13) HMCS GATINEAU, HMCS Columbia and, HMCS Skeena, Helsinki - 1966  (14) OS.WU Terry Gunn and OS.WU John Devos ashore - 1965


Courtesy of Terry Gunn


 HMCS GATINEAU 236 Daily Orders - 02 Jul 1966 - At Sea


A Dog's Life in the Royal Canadian Navy




This write-up was from HMCS GATINEAU'S Daily Orders - the author is unknown


Courtesy of Terry Gunn








(TR09) HMCS GATINEAU  (TR10) HMCS GATINEAU - Crossing the Line (Equator) booklet - 1981  (TR11) Crossing the Line ceremony on HMCS GATINEAU - 1981  (TR12) Crossing the Line ceremony on HMCS GATINEAU - 1981.  Kip Rumble is the sheriff with the banner across his chest


From the collection of Thomas (Kip) Rumble, C2RM


Courtesy of Sharon Ruble



Exercise Valiant Heritage - Spring 1979







(CH01) HMCS GATINEAU 236 taking a roll en route to San Diego  (CH02) Whaler Rowing - Boat crew of HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH03) EW Ray Fiset on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH04) EW Ron Herdman on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH05) Bill Lea and Joe Osborne on HMCS GATINEAU 236







(CH06) Sigs at work - Joe Osborne and Doug Wyile on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH07) Jenny's Side Party at Tamar, Hong Kong  (CH08) OOW Manoeuvers with allied warships - Photo taken from HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH09) MSRP Dave Odgers on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH10) Sig Mike Maloche on HMCS GATINEAU







(CH11) RP Joe Feres and SN John Meir on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH12) Stan Fuller doing maintenance in the workboat on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH13) MSBN Johnson in charge of top part ship on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH14) Lizard Stations on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH15) Port Visit to Tia Juana







(CH16) Port Visit to Tia Juana  (CH17) Damage to HMCS GATINEAU's VDS caused by a storm en route to San Diego  (CH18) Bosn George Roper on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH19) RP Mike Ward and RP Dave Dall on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH20) Stanley Fuller on HMCS GATINEAU 236





(CH21) EW Ray Fiset, EW Ron Herdman and RP Bill Lea on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH22) Sig Joe Osborne on HMCS GATINEAU 236  (CH23) RP Hank Francis on HMCS GATINEAU 236


Courtesy of Clarence Hemeon







(JF01) Fleet in the Strait of Juan de Fuca returning from Exercise Valiant Heritage - Spring 1979 - HMCS GATINEAU 236 lead ship  (JF02-JF04) OS.RP Joe Feres reporting from the SPS 10


Courtesy of Joe Feres








(SH408) Newspaper article on HMCS GATINEAU'S re-activation after her DELEX refit

(SH409) Exercise Far Horizons  1983 Certificate

(SH410) Steve Hlasny on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983.  "Week one - First beard since Aug 1958. First leg of trip enroute to San Diego"

(SH411) Steve Hlasny, Tyre, Gunderson on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983.  "Week two - A few beer with Guns, his last trip"

(SH412) Enroute to Pearl Harbor with US Task Force - 1983.  Vertep with helo from USS Kansas City







(SH413) USS Kansas City and aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea. Nose HMCS GATINEAU in the foreground - 1983

(SH414) Fueling the fleet enroute to Pearl Harbor - 1983. USS Kansas City refueling USS Coral Sea

(SH415) HMCS GATINEAU arrives along STBD side of USS Kansas City for RAS. USS Coral Sea already RASing on the PORT side - 1983

(SH416) (Standing) J. Osmond, R. Young, P. Chmielewski, Ed Boulter on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983

(SH417) "Guns retires and flies home from Pearl Harbour".  A mess dinner for Guns and presentation from the Chief and POs of HMCS GATINEAU - 1983







(SH418) Mess diner in honour of Guns on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983.  "Take the picture and lets eat"

(SH419) Mess diner in honour of Guns on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983. Gunderson, LCdr Oakley, XO, D. Tyre, J. Ovens

(SH420) "Coming up on Diamond Head on last time" - 1983.  CPO2 Gunderson

(SH421) CPO2 Gunderson being piped ashore from HMCS GATINEAU - 1983

(SH422) LS.FC Buck Taylor - the East Pig - on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983







(SH423) Exercise Far Horizons 1983 - Third leg of trip, heading north to the Aleutians.  Task Force destroyers astern of HMCS GATINEAU (foreground)

(SH424) USS Roark in heavy seas approaching the port side of HMCS GATINEAU - 1983

(SH425) USS Coral Sea and USS Midway - 1983

(SH426) HMCS GATINEAU exercising with USS Enterprise - 1983








(SH428) Steve Hlasny on HMCS GATINEAU - Week 3 of beard growth - 1983

(SH429) Toyohiko Kotegawa, Japanese Navy, and Steve Hlasny on HMCS GATINEAU - 1983.  Toyohiko is visiting GATINEAU for a few days enroute from Kure to Yokosuka, Japan

(SH430) JDS Komana - 1983

(SH431) Three ships of the JDS - our host ships at Yokosuka, Japan - 1983

(SH432) Don Duncan and Steve Hlasny - 1983.  "Same Jetty and Bridge where we tied up at 31 years ago, in 1952, when I was on the CRUSADER







(SH433) HMCS GATINEAU hosting the families of the JDS host ships - 1983.  Dave Cowling, Dave Tyre, Kotegawa and his wife and children, Earl Sornsen, C1WS/Cox'n, Frank Reeves, P2RM,  Steve Hlasny, Gord Spargo

(SH434) HMCS GATINEAU hosting the families of the JDS host ships - 1983.  JDS Chief, Dave Cowling, Dave Tyre, Kotegawa's wife and children, Earl Sornsen, C1WS/Cox'n, Frank Reeves, P2RM,  Steve Hlasny, Gord Spargo

(SH435) The next day we were hosted by the Chiefs and POs of the JDS - 1983

(SH436) Invited out for an evening at Kotegawa's - 1983

(SH437) Hiroshima from the station - 1983







(SH438) Monument at the site of the Atomic Bomb drop - 1983

(SH439)  Bomb that remained standing after the atomic bomb was dropped - 1983

(SH440) Out with a bunch of our mess mates the night before sailing for Shanghai - 1983

(SH441) Arriving in Shanghai 06 May 1983 for port visit 6-9 May. First Canadian warship to visit Shanghai since HMCS Crescent in 1949

(SH442) Our bus tour of Shanghai and our Chinese tour guide - 1983







(SH443) In front of our tour bus - Chinese sailors wanted a photograph taken

(SH444) Tour of Shanghai - 1983.  Touring Shanghai - they close two road lanes to vehicle traffic. Don and Earl up ahead breaking traffic for me

(SH445) Tour of Shanghai - 1983.  On our way to the Gardens. Does anyone work?

(SH446) Tour of Shanghai - 1983.  In front of the Peace Hotel

(SH447) Tour of Shanghai - 1983.  Peace Hotel souvenir







(SH448) Shanghai memorabilia

(SH449-SH451) Luncheon at the Peace Hotel.  Earl, how did we end up with all the Grimes?

(SH451) L-R:  Duncan, Parish, Cowling, Gray, Cram, Powell, Bruuels, Holm, Steve Hlasny, Earl taking photo

(SH452) Leaving Shanghai.  "Looking back at Shanghai with the Bun and the Peace Hotel as we leave"







(SH453) Steve Hlasny bids farewell to Shanghai

(SH454) Leaving Shanghai.  Chinese Patrol boat 687 and Ex-Soviet Romeo Class submarine "patrol type"

(SH455) Leaving Shanghai.  Luda Class DDG 131, speed 36 knots. 1st Chinese design and build. Completed 1974

(SH456) Exercise Far Horizons 1983 - 5th leg of the trip.  Port visit Pusan, Korea, 11-13 May 1983.  Korean War memorial at entrance to the UN Cemetery in Pusan

(SH457) Wreath laying ceremony - 13 May 1983.  CPO1 Hunter, CPO2 Hlasny and Capt. George D2 lay a wreath in honour of the war dead







(SH458) Wreath laying ceremony - 13 May 1983.  Wreath laying party representing Capt. George D2

(SH459) Wreath laying ceremony - 13 May 1983.  Commanding officers of 2nd Sqn ships on the right. Gen Withers CDS, WIP's and D2 on the left

(SH460) Wreath laying ceremony - 13 May 1983.  General salute to the war dead

(SH461) Port visit Chinhae, Korea 13-15 May 1983.  Busing the baseball team out to the game

(SH462) Earl - "Here comes da coach"







(SH463) "Runners Up"  HMCS GATINEAU'S baseball team

(SH464) Port visit Chinhae, Korea 13-15 May 1983.  Sightseeing and shopping - A Turtle ship.  Bottom photo - Harry Holm, Steve Hlasny, Bob Morrow

(SH465) Exercise Far Horizons 1983 - 6th leg of the trip.  Port visit Hong Kong - 19-23 May 1983.  Ships berthed at HMS Tamar

(SH466) The new Prince of Wales building at HMS Tamar

(SH467) Hong Kong - Kowloon - Jenny's Side Party painting our ships - May 1983







(SH468) Kowloon - May 1983

(SH469) Floating restaurant at Aberdeen, Hong Kong.  Duncan, Olsen, Hlasny, Reeves, Sullivan

(SH470) Exercise Far Horizon 1983 - 7th leg of the trip.  Port Visit Manila, Philippines - 25-28 May 1983

(SH471) Decorative shuttle taxis, Manila, Philippines, May 1983

(SH472) Steve Hlasny and Bill Tindell with their shopping hosts - PO1 Pilar H Pojol, CPO Elu, Manila, Philippines, May 1983






(SH473-SH476) Exercise Far Horizons 1983 - 8th leg of the trip - Manila to Pearl Harbor.  At sea, enroute to Pearl Harbor after departing Manila - Hand to Bathe. Water temp 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The ship's boat was for safety and there was a marksman with a rifle on the bridge for sharks.







(SH477) "My first Vertrep". Steve Hlasny gets hoisted aboard a helo off HMCS GATINEAU. "Earl and I get a ride into Pearl Harbor 1 day early"

(SH478) HMCS GATINEAU (closest ship)

(SH479) HMCS PROVIDER being screened by the ships of the 2nd Squadron

(SH480) 3 Mess HMCS GATINEAU - Mike Burns, Henry Smith, Mike Eakins, Bob Dunn, Knobby Clarke, Earl Sorensen, Rich Staff, John Tata, Steve Hlasny, Doug Bullens, Bob Morrow and a token American

(SH481) 11 Mess (Stoker`s Mess), HMCS GATINEAU in 1985




(SH481) Memorial for USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor

(SH482) Exercise Far Horizons - Final leg of the Voyage.  Course North East, with following seas - "Pineapple Express"


Courtesy of Steve Hlasny, CPO2LT



The End





Former HMCS GATINEAU 236 under tow to Pictou, Nova Scotia to be broken up - 17 Nov 2009


Source: Shipping News from Halifax by Mac Mackay




Former HMCS GATINEAU 236 at AECON/FABCO Fabrication & Module Yard in Pictou, NS just prior to being broken up. Photo taken 05 Jul 2010

Photographer: Barry Gerrard

Courtesy of / © Barry Gerrard 2010


Click on the above photo to view a larger image