HMCS Cordova 158


Laid down: 18 Dec 1943

Launched: 08 Apr 1944 as YMS.420

Purchased by RCN: 03 Dec 1951

Commissioned: 09 Aug 1952

Paid off: 12 April 1956

Fate: Sunk as a diving wreck in 1992


One of hundreds of motor minesweepers built for the USN during the Second World War, Cordova was launched as YMS.420 in 1944 at Chicago. She was purchased by the RCN on 03 Dec 1951, and commissioned as HMCS Cordova from 09 Aug 1952 to 12 Apr 1957, serving primarily as tender to HMCS Discovery. Sold in 1970 to Harbour Ferries, Ltd. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and renamed Harbour Queen No. 1; Renamed Nakaya in 1980. She was sunk in 1992 as a diving wreck at Porteau Cove Provincial Park, located 40 miles north of Vancouver.



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Commanding Officers


Lt David William Hurl, RCN - 28 Aug 1954 - unk


LCdr Arthur Francis Rowland, RCN - 13 Jan 1955 - 31 May 1955


Lt Russell Freeman, RCN - 01 Jun 1955 - 12 Apr 1957



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Photos and Documents


HMCS CORDOVA Christmas Card

Courtesy of Hugh Muir