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In January 1943, the RCN sought a new place to train their warships. The existing location, in St. Margaret's Bay and Pictou, Nova Scotia where the heavy weather in winter affected training. Bermuda was suggested as a location. Planning for a base in Bermuda only began in January 1944 and an agreement was reached with the United Kingdom where a base would be lent to Canada. The base, located at Convict's Bay, St. George's Parish, was commissioned on 1 August 1944 and given and named for the alternative name for Bermuda, the Somers Islands. The new base allowed Canadian ships to train in anti-submarine warfare before entering or re-entering service, something that Canadian warships had little chance to do during the war once activated. By May 1945, 119 Canadian ships had passed through the facility. Towards the end of the war, the base was used to prepare frigates for service in the Pacific theatre. The RCN abandoned HMCS Somers Isles at the end of the war, one of eleven facilities that was disbanded by March 1946. Prior to closure, the RCN had intended to keep four motor launches at Somers Isles for target practice, but this idea was abandoned when the base was shuttered and the motor launches were deemed obsolete.



Photos and Documents


Sailors at HMCS Somers Isles Fourth Invaders of Bermuda

Crow's Nest newspaper - Jan 1945



circa 1944/1945

From the collection of Frank Mogensen

Courtesy of Avril Mogensen

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(1) Mogensen, CPO, GM, RCN  (2) Scott, CPO, GM, RCN  (3) Shergold, Mr, Gunner, RCN  (4) Severson, Lt, RCNVR  (5) Wilkins, CPO, GM, RCNVR  (6) Desjardins, CPO, GM, RCN


(7) Wilkinson, AB, Photographer, RCNVR  (8) Lamb, Wren, Special Duty, RCNVR  (9) Summers, LS, LRII, RCN  (10) MacKay, Wren, Special Duty, RCNVR  (11) Stiner, CPO, GM, RCN  (12) Hearn, Wren, Special Duty, RCNVR  (13) Steele, LS, AAII, RCNVR  (14) Baker, AB, QRIII, RCNVR  (15) Sedgeman, AB, QRIII, RCN(T)


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