River Class / Prestonian Class Frigate






Post wartime badge


RCN Photo

Crown Copyright - negative # E-7211-8

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Battle honours and awards: Gulf of St. Lawrence  1944,   Atlantic  1945



Laid down: 2 Oct 1943

Launched: 10 Feb 1944

Commissioned: 04 Jul 1944

Paid off: 05 Feb 1946

Re-commissioned: 26 Apr 1947

Paid off: 15 Jan 1954

Re-commissioned: 12 Oct 1957

Paid off: 30 Nov 1966

Fate: Broken up in Japan in 1968


Commissioned at Victoria on 04 Jul 1944, she arrived at Halifax on 22 Aug 1944, and, after undergoing minor repairs, sailed for Bermuda in mid-Oct 1944 to work up. On her return to Halifax on 02 Nov 1944, she joined EG 16, transferring with the group to Londonderry in Mar, 1945. During the next three months ANTIGONISH was employed on patrol and support duty, including two round trips to Gibraltar. She left Londonderry in mid-Jun 1945 and on 03 Jul 1945 began tropicalization refit at Pictou, completing 17 Nov 1945. On 22 Dec 1945 she left for Esquimalt and there, on 05 Feb 1946, was paid off into reserve. She re-commissioned for training on 26 Apr 1947, and was paid off on 15 Jan 1954. The ship was converted, 1956-57, to a Prestonian class ocean escort, and again took up her training role until finally paid off on 30 Nov 1966. She was broken up in Japan in 1968.



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Commissioning Programme - 12 Oct 1957



Commanding Officers


LCdr Raiffe Dillon Barrett, RCNR - 04 Jul 1944 - 04 May 1945

A/LCdr James Alexander Dunn, RCNVR - 05 May 1945 - 22 Jul 1945

A/LCdr Gordon Guthrie Keith Holder, RCNVR - 13 Aug 1945 - 28 Oct 1945

A/Cdr Anthony Hubert Gleadow Storrs, RCN - 29 Oct 1945 - 06 Feb 1946

A/LCdr John Elford Wolfenden, RCNR - 26 Apr 1947 - 16 Aug 1947

LCdr C.A. Law, DSC, RCN - 17 Aug 1947 - 03 Dec 1948

LCdr W.S.T. McCully, RCN - 04 Dec 1948 - 27 Sep 1950

LCdr Raymond Phillips, RCN - 28 Sep 1950 - 03 Aug 1952

LCdr Harry Romeyn Beck, RCN - 04 Aug 1952 - 15 Jan 1954

LCdr Robert William James Cocks, RCN - 12 Oct 1957 - 16 Aug 1960

LCdr G.M. De Rosenroll, RCN - 17 Aug 1960 - 08 Aug 1961

LCdr E.M. Jones, RCN - 09 Aug 1961 - 27 Aug 1963

LCdr H.J. Wade, RCN - 24 Aug 1963 - 26 Apr 1964

LCdr Paul Lancelot Steele McCulloch, RCN - 27 Apr 1964 - 02 Sep 1945

LCdr J.L. Donald, RCN - 03 Sep 1965 - 30 Nov 1966



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten



Adderson, John W.

Amy, M. Keith J.

Andrews, Alfred J.






Beck, Harry R.

Beech, James V.

Bernard, Paul-Andre

Bird, Frederick

Blosser, Frank E.

Bonoyer, Roger A.

Bugslag, John C.







Calderbank, Kenneth R.

Campbell, Albert P.

Campbell, Beverley G.

Chalmers, James H.

Chandler, Thomas H.

Chupick, Michael L.

Clarkson, Henry L.

Cluff, Charles T.

Cocks, Robert W. J.

Colclough, Frederick J.

Costin, Frank W.

Cote, Joseph J. P.

Cox, Peter S.

Crossley, Arthur F.

Crossley, Sidney R.

Crawford, Galered G.

Curry, Walter







Dallin, Robert F.

DeCosta, Wilfred H.

deRosenroll, Glen M.

Dickson, Arthur E.

Dobing, Sidney

Dubowski, Steve J.

Dunn, George E.J.







Eastick, T. Leslie

Embree, Marvin J.

Erickson, Alfred J.

Eldridge, Richard





Farrell, Laurence P.

Ferguson, Elmer A.

Fisher, Eric

Fell, Lloyd A.

Ferris, Leonard R.

Flack, Eddie

Fleming, Joseph E.T.

Fortier, Louis-Philippe

Fortier, Peter C.H.





Gammon, Bryan T.

Gouldie, Gordon C.

Grant, Harold B.

Greengrass, Frederick





Hagen, Barry V.S.

Halliday, Richard G.

Henderson, J. William

Holder, Gordon G. K.

Hood, Donald F.

Huddleston, Lorne

Hughes, Darrell M.

Hughes, William A.






Inouye, Yeiji








Johnson, Robert A.

Jones, Keray

Jones, George T.






Kahler, Lawrence J.

Kenna, Leonard J.

Kirby, Richmond H.






L'Heureux, Edward J.

Larone, Ronald T.

Law, C. Anthony F.

Lawrence, James

Lawrence, John S.

Leigh, Laithwood L.

Lesiuk, Dmeytro

Lesoway, Peter

Logie, David

Lourme, Ernest P.

Lundy, John G.








MacDonald, James H.

Mainguy, Daniel N.

Mason, John W. R.

Massender, Cecil N.

McKay, Graham A.

McCaw, Hubert J.

McLeod, Cathel J.

McLeod, Frank T.

McCulloch, Paul L.S.

McGowan, John J.

McMorris, George C.

Meadmore, William J.

Minchin, Harry L.A.

Morran, Edward A.

Myers, Edgar A.




Orrick, Robert C.

Osburn, Anthony G.

Oxborough, Donald C.






Parsons, Lewis S.

Paterson, William A.

Pederson, Earl L.

Peers, Robert C.K.

Pfister, Robert L.

Phillips, Edward C.

Phillips, Raymond

Poet, David

Porter, Alfred M.





Reddick, Gordon L.

Robertson, James W.

Robertson, Robert

Rolstone, Ivan

Rostek, Arthur

Rowland, Arthur F.

Russell, James







Sauder, Wilton H.

Schauer, Ralph

Sears, Robert J.

Seibel, Arthur J.

Silvester, Henry

Smith, S. Kingston

Smith, Thomas G.

Spark, Gerald G.

Spencer, Donald M.

Stanbrook, Wilfred T.

Stephenson, Herbert C.

Storrs, Antony H.C.

Strain, Robert A.

Stuart, Brian Paul

Sutherland, Raymond M.




Thibadeau, Charles C.E.

Thomas, Charles W.M.

Tilley, Harold R.

Tomlinson, Samuel G.

Turnbull, David T.




Vauthrin, Gordon








Walker, Edward G.

Walls, Bertram R.

Weigand, Edwin V.


Witt, Eugene R.

Wolfenden, John E.

Wright, James E.







Former Crew Members


Abs, Harold, RP


Barrett, Raiffe Dillon, A/LCdr, RCNR - 15 Jun 1944 CO / 04 Jul 1944


Bayliss, Edwin Thomas William, Lt, RCN(R) - 26 Apr 1947


Berbeck, Robert, Dec 1964 - Jul 1966


Burns, Kenneth Harold, Slt, RCNVR - 31 Jul 1945


Butler, Rick


Chandler, Alan Malcolm, Wt (E), RCN - 26 Apr 1947


Cutts, James (Jim) Mortimer, Lt, RCN(R), 02 Jun 1947


Dobing, Jim 


Franks, Frederick Franz, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 16 Jun 1944 / 04 Jul 1944

Gale, Robert Read, Lt, RCNVR - 16 Jun 1944 / 04 Jul 1944


Gardiner, John Douglas, Lt (E), RCNVR - 24 Jul 1944


Helgason, John, ABBN - 1966


Hlasny, Steve, OSTR - 1952


Kilpatrick, Alexander Graham, Lt, RCN - 20 Jul 1948


Lauchlan, Robert, War (SB), RCNVR - 27 Jan 1945


Lesperance, Charles A. 


Marchant, Kenneth Lloyd 


Margetts, Earle Vernon, Lt (S), RCN - 29 May 1950


McDougall, Keith, ABEM2, May 1966 - Sep 1966   

McPhedran, Alexander, Lt, RCNVR - 20 Jun 1944 / 04 Jul 1944


Neveu, John Leo, Lt (S), RCN - 01 Jun 1944


Schleen, Donald C. 


Simard, Pierre Edouard Gerard, Lt, RCN(R) - 26 Apr 1947


Smedley, Ernest, Slt, RCNVR - Jan 1945


Tilford, N. Allan, UNTD - summer 1951


Theriault, Robert (Bob), SG


Whiteford, William Stuart, A/Lt, RCNVR - 15 Jun 1944 / 04 Jul 1944


Wilkens, George Arthur, Lt (E), RCNR - 26 Apr 1944


Wright, John Allan, Lt, RCNVR - 16 Jun 1944 / 04 Jul 1944



Photos and Documents


Christening ceremony for baby Mark Osburn (being held by his mother) on HMCS ANTIGONISH K661, Jul 1944.  His father, Lt Anthony George Osburn, XO of ANTIGONISH, is 3rd from left. 1st on left, Tom Nichol; 1st on right LCdr Raiffe Dillon Barrett, RCNR, CO.

From the collection of Anthony Osburn

Courtesy of Mark Osburn

HMCS ANTIGONISH K661 - 15 Nov 1944

Unknown sailor as Quartermaster on HMCS ANTIGONISH K661

From the collection of Ron Critchley

Courtesy of Diane Brown


HMCS ANTIGONISH pulls away from the jetty - 1948

From the collection of Thomas Smith, C2ET, RCN


HMCS ANTIGONISH in Drydock May 1965

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck


Courtesy of Jim Dobell




HMCS ANTIGONISH 301 - Welcome Aboard Booklet

Jim Dobell on the 4-inch guns of HMCS ANTIGONISH in 1961

Courtesy of Jim Dobell

Larry Dunlop (left) and Jim Dobell at Longbeach, 1961

Courtesy of Jim Dobell


Employment Programme 1961-1962

Courtesy of Jim Dobell

HMCS ANTIGONISH 301 shown approaching HMCS Cape Breton off the West Coast of Vancouver Island during the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' November 1962.

1962 Ken Watson RCN 1961-1968

HMCS ANTIGONISH 301, Esquimalt, Part of the 4th Escort Squadron, circa 1961-1962

Courtesy of Michael Forshaw


Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

Crossing the line on HMCS ANTIGONISH enroute to Rio - Feb 1966

ABBN John Helgason on the right

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck

Left to right: HMCS Cape Scott 101, HMCS Grilse 71, and HMS Acheron. Foreground: HMCS St. Croix (left), HMCS ANTIGONISH (right). Recife, Brazil, Feb 1966

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck


Canadian sailors being tourists on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janerio - Feb 1966

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck

HMCS Grilse 71 and HMCS ANTIGONISH proceeding through the first lock on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal, heading back to Esquimalt - Feb 1966

Courtesy of Robert Berbeck


HMCS ANTIGONISH 301 - 17 Sep 1965

Photographer Walter E. Frost

Source: City of Vancouver Archives

Station Card for OSTR Steve Hlasny, 1952


From the collection of Steve Hlasny, CPO2.LT


From the collection of Sid Dobing

Courtesy of Brian Dobing


From the collection of Laithwood Leigh

Courtesy of Judy Saunders 










(BT01) HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT02) Sigs up the stick on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT03) Time to scrub the yardarm on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT04) Painting the yardarm on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT05) Bob Theriault on the bridge of HMCS ANTIGONISH 301   (BT06) Bob Theriault on the bridge of HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT07) "Dick gave the CO the day off" - Dick in the CO's chair on the bridge of HMCS ANTIGONISH 301









(BT09 Unidentified Sig on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT10) Unidentified rating on 4-inch gun on HMCS ANTIGONISH K301  (BT11) Bob Theriault on 4-inch gun on HMCS ANTIGONISH K301 - 1951  (BT12) The bunting tossers (Signalmen) on HMCS ANTIGONISH K301  (BT13) Jerry Sinclair (Suma Champ) painting the bridge on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT14) Bob Theriault on the bridge of HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT15) Unidentified rating on the bridge of HMCS ANTIGONISH 301








(BT16-BT18) Crossing the Line ceremony on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT19) HMCS ANTIGONISH 301 sailors ashore in Panama  (BT20) "Ready for a diving test". Bob Theriault on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301  (BT21) Bob Theriault by the flag locker on HMCS ANTIGONISH 301 - 1951


From the collection of Robert (Bob) Theriault, P1SG, RCN









(JM190) HMCS ANTIGONISH Crossing the Line (Equator) Certificate - 09 Feb 1960 during the 4th Escort Squadron 1960 South American Cruise

(JM191) HMCS ANTIGONISH Crossing the Line (Equator) booklet - 09 Feb 1960

(JM192) HMCS ANTIGONISH Realm of the Golden Dragon Certificate 28 Jun 1960 - from the 1960 Far East Cruise


From the collection of C1CK John McGowan, RCN


Courtesy of Taryn McGowan