HMCS HUSKY S06 / Z13 / Z28


Former HC69 (Wild Duck)



HMCS Husky off Sydney, Nova Scotia, October 1940

From the World War II photo collection of Bill

Source: Flickr photo collection of James Tworow



Launched: 1930

Commissioned: 23 Jul 1940 

Paid off: 03 Aug 1945

Fate: Last photographed in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina - tied up and neglected.


Built by Defoe Boat & Engine Works, Bay City, Mich. in 1930 as Xama II. She was acquired by the RCN and named WILD DUCK (HC69). She left Halifax on 30 May 1940, for conversion and arming at Quebec City. Commissioned at Halifax on 23 Jul 1940 as HMCS HUSKY, she was assigned to Sydney Force for A/S patrol duty.  She was transferred in Dec 1940 to Trinidad, but returned to join Saint John, N.B. Force on 24 Sep 1941.  A year late she returned to Halifax Local Defence Force for a few months before being reassigned in Mar 1943, to training duties at HMCS Cornwallis (the located at Halifax).  She moved with the establishment to Digby, and for the remainder of the war exercised with RN submarines in the Bay of Fundy. Paid off to reserve at Sydney on 03 Aug 1945, she was sold into mercantile service in 1946.  After a term as the inspection vessel Good Neighbor for the Port of New Orleans, she was sold in 1968 for use as a sport-diving tender in Honduran waters but has since returned to New Orleans to become a floating restaurant.



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Commanding Officers


Lt Harry (The Horse) Freeland, RCNR - 11 Jul 1940 - 05 Sep 1941

Lt W.E. Harrison, RCNR - 06 Sep 1941 - 18 Oct 1941

Lt A.H. Rankin, RCNVR - 19 Oct 1941 - 30 Apr 1942

Lt James Patrick Kieran, RCNR - 01 May 1942 - 29 Sep 1944

Lt W.E. Jolliffe, RCNVR - 30 Sep 1944 - 12 Nov 1944

Lt E.B. Pearce, RCNVR - 13 Nov 1944 - 30 Apr 1945

Lt Reginald Campion Hayden, RCNVR - 01 May 1945 - 12 Jun 1945

Skpr/Lt Clyde C. Clattenburg, RCNR - 13 Jun 1945 - 03 Aug 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Baley, S., CPO


Bell, S.


Bould, Howard Desmond, Skpr, RCNR - 11 Jul 1940 / Skpr, RCNR - 23 Jul 1940


Bull, Manlius Cornell, SLt, RCNVR - 20 Feb 1943


Cloutier, Jean Paul, Skpr - 11 Jul 1940 / Skpr, RCNR - 23 Jul 1940


Coolen, Wilson Allenby, Sto 1c - Aug 1940 - Dec 1940 (lived in Halifax after the war)


Crane, N.


Eyre, John F. Sr (Jack), OS, (lived in Clearwater, ON after the war)


Gorman, Donald H. P/SLt, RCNVR - 05 May 1945

Harrington, John Eric, Lt, RCNVR - 27 May 1940


Holden, James Albert, Lt, RCNVR - 30 Jan 1942


Houliston, Robert, SLt, RCNVR - 12 Mar 1945


Hughes, Jack, M., XO - 1942 (lived in Thunder Bay, ON after the war)


Hurst, Charles Kenneth, Lt, RCNVR - 05 Feb 1943


Leskiw, Matt


MacPherson, D.


Middleton, Albert E., OS - 30 Sep 1944 - 06 Oct 1944 (lived in Vancouver after the war)


Morrow, Francis Howard, Lt, RCNVR - 26 Jul 1943


Pallot, Vivian Arthur James, SLt, RCNVR - 12 Mar 1945


Publow, J., Sto


Searls, C.A. (Andy), AB.SD (lived in Calgary, AB after the war)


Seager, Roy Benjamin


Shillingford, W.E. (Bill), LS/PO - 1944-1945 (lived in Napanee, ON after the war)


Snow, Frederick William, Ch/Skpr, RCNR - 23 Jun 1942


Watkins, Robert A., OS - Jan 1944 -Mar 1944 (lived in Winnipeg after the war)


Webster, William Francis, A/Wt (E), RCNR - 23 May 1940


Weir, John Arnold, SLt, RCNVR - 31 Jan 1944


Woods, N.



Photos and Documents





Courtesy of the Naval Museum of Halifax 

Joe - Mascot for HMCS Husky

Courtesy of CPO2 Pete Clarabut

HMCS Husky S06

RCN photo # DB-0142-1

HMCS Husky S06

From the collection of Garnet Edward Fagan, Stoker / Diesel Mechanic

Courtesy of Edward Simms

HMCS Husky

From the collection of Garnet Edward Fagan, Stoker / Diesel Mechanic

Courtesy of Edward Simms










(WB01) William Bennett (left) and shipmate by the gun on HMCS Husky  (WB02) William Bennett (left) and shipmates on HMCS Husky  (WB03) Roy Benjamin "Bennie/Benny" Seager sitting on the gun on HMCS Husky  (WB04) Roy Benjamin Seager on the quarterdeck of HMCS Husky  (WB05) William Bennett (left) and Roy Benjamin Seager on HMCS Husky  (WB06) William Bennett (left) and Roy Benjamin Seager on HMCS Husky  (WB07) Roy Benjamin Seager by the depth charge thrower on HMCS Husky  (WB08) Unidentified sailor on HMCS Husky









(WB09) MacDonald and N. Crane on HMCS Husky  (WB10) Sto J. Publow on HMCS Husky  (WB11) L-R: S. Baley, S. Bell, Roy Benjamin Seager (front centre) and William Bennett  (WB12) William Bennett (left) and shipmates  (WB13) William Bennett in the engine room of HMCS Husky  (WB14) L-R: D. MacPherson, William Bennett and N. Woods in the engine room of HMCS Husky  (WB15) HMCS Husky


From the collection of William Bennett

Courtesy of David Bennett









(ES01) Bell of the yacht Wild Duck  (ES02) Yacht Saramar III - Credit: Historical Collections of the Great Lakes - Bowlin Green State University  (ES03-ES04) Yacht Good Neighbor  (ES05) Yacht Good Neighbor, Moss Point, Mississippi badly tattered and torn after Hurricane Katrina


Courtesy Edward Simms

HMCS Husky - location unknown

Courtesy of Eric Ruff